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Wingstop Is Dropping 6 NEW WING FLAVORS Throughout July

Sure, Wingstop will periodically drop a new flavor or two, but in honor of their 25th anniversary, they’re dropping six new flavors this July.

That’s as many flavors as Infinity Stones, but thankfully you don’t have to scour the galaxy to find these wings. You do, however, have to wait a little bit to try them all, as they’re not all dropping at once, instead releasing two at a time throughout the month.

On July 5, the duo debuts in Lemon Garlic and Dragon’s Breath. On July 12, the second batch drops in a Bayou BBQ flavor and Mango Volcano. The last batch will consist of a Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ flavor, releasing July 19.

The new Lemon Garlic and Dragon Breath wings

The Lemon Garlic is sure to make you gargle mouthwash for 25 minutes, as it will consist of a blend of their lemon pepper and garlic parmesan, while the Dragon’s Breath will be a blend of their spicy Korean wings, topped with crushed red pepper, chile de arbol, habanero, and cayenne.

The Bayou BBQ and Mango Volcano wings

The Bayou BBQ will combine their classic bbq wings with a dash of Cajun seasoning, while the Mango Volcano sounds like a slightly less spicy version of the Mango Habanero, as it is combined with a sweet Hawaiian drizzle.

The Hot Lemon sounds like a match made in heaven, as they’ll be sprinkling their Original Hot flavor with Lemon Pepper seasoning. The sixth wing, Atomic BBQ, will combine their Hickory Smoked BBQ and Atomic, which just might make it a little more tolerable than the standard Atomic flavor.

The Atomic BBQ and Hot Lemon wings

The wings aren’t coming to the party empty handed, as they’re bringing along two spicy ranch flavors, one blended with Harissa chile, and the other being an Atomic Ranch dip. And because you were probably going to ask them to season your fries like this regardless, there will be Lemon Parmesan Fries available on the menu.

All six flavors will disappear July 29, which happens to be National Chicken Wing Day. If you do buy your wings on July 29, Wingstop will also give you five free wings, and donate $1 to Wingstop Charities to support youth in the local communities where Wingstop operates for every order placed on that day, up to $100,000.

Feels like it’s going to be a pretty wild July for wing fans.

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Wake Up Early And Get An IHOP Short Stack for 59 Cents

Every year, IHOP likes reminding you how old it is by dishing out short stacks at the same price as its age.

With the pancake house turning 59 this Tuesday, you’ll be able to roll down there and munch on three of their fluffy little cakes for 59 cents. A short stack at IHOP usually costs about $5.79, so you can see the deal you’re getting here.

Of course, the drawback is that everyone else is going to try to scratch their pancake itch, and there’s probably going to be a line out the door the size of  Kanye West’s ego.

Anytime you can get food for under $1 these days, though, you kind of have to go for it.

Here’s the deets:


What: 59-cent short stacks (1 per person)

Tuesday, July 18 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: All participating IHOP locations

Why: Because it’s their 59th anniversary and they celebrate big baller-style

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For One Week, Church’s Chicken Is Selling 65-Cent Fried Chicken

Who: Church’s Chicken

What: The fried chicken chain is celebrating their 65th Anniversary this week. This means patrons will be able to purchase fried chicken legs and thighs for 65 cents each during the restaurant’s Happy Hour.

To clarify, you can’t buy an unlimited amount of fried chicken for 65 cents. Rather, you can buy as many 65-cent pieces of chicken as you want between the hours of the deal.

Where: Any participating Church’s Chicken location throughout the United States.

When: The deal will be available between April 17 – April 21 2017. Happy Hour times are from 2pm through 4pm.


Our New Favorite Dessert Portmanteau – Birthday Cake Pie from Marie Callender’s


The choice between cake and pie has never been a particularly difficult one. Cakes are for parties, for birthdays and weddings. Pies . . . are for potlucks? Which is a shame because pies are delicious, and surely deserve a little more time out in the (key) limelight.

For those who aren’t quite ready to redefine their preconceived notions of traditional dessert fare, however, might we suggest a compromise?

In honor of Southern California-based chain Marie Callender’s 65th anniversary, the Celebration Cake Pie is this month’s cronut. According to Los Angeles Magazine, the birthday cake x pie mash-up is made up of “layers of white cake with vanilla cream and vanilla frosting in a flaky crust, finished with fresh whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles,” and will be available until the end of June for $6.50.

It’s all the sweetness of a creamy cake with the crunch of a well-crafted crust. It’s just too bad “pake” isn’t super catchy.

H/T LA Mag + Picthx Marie Callender’s FB


Pizza Hut Offers Large Pizzas for $5.55 to Celebrate 55th Birthday Bash


Pizza Hut is turning 55, so now through June 15th, they’re running a carry-out special of large one-topping pizzas for $5.55.  After all, what kind of birthday cake is better than cheap pizza?

This deal holds true for Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza, and its Thin ‘N Crispy and Hand-Tossed crusts. Seems like Pizza Hut’s catering to the starving college kids’ need to satisfy their munchies on a budget. We dig it.

I guess it’s time to crank out the candles then — all 55 of them — and ring in this momentous birthday with gooey, cheesy goodness instead of the boring, too-cold ice cream cake.  Because let’s be real, no one enjoys anything more than an economical, greasy pizza purchase on a whim.