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Here’s Exactly What Happens If You Microwave Yourself

Would you ever microwave yourself? All things considered, it’s not the most brilliant idea that comes to mind if you want to cool off. Though we’d be liars if we say we hadn’t thought about it before.

So what would actually happen?

YouTube channel Meet Arnold created an animated video to show what would happen if you tried to dry yourself off in a microwave oven. A hypothetical situation is presented where fictional cartoon character Arnold is drenched to his bones. He then wonders if he should just step into the microwave for a quick drying.

Here’s exactly what happens if you microwave yourself:

As you can see from this video, definitely do not try this at home. Modern microwave ovens will cause your skin to heat up and your retinas to burn. Your blood will curdle and cause you to cook from the inside out. Finally, you’ll get a 100 percent body burn and die from shock. Yikes.

Perhaps, we’ll just stick to microwaving food.

In addition, in case you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be swallowed alive, check out this other popular Meet Arnold video.

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There’s A Great Cause Behind This Bob’s Burger Funko Pop

As if there wasn’t enough reason to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day. What if you enjoyed the scrumptious burger holiday knowing it’s for a great cause?

Fox Consumer Product teamed up with BoxLunch for a limited time Bob’s Burgers collaboration that drops September 18: National Cheeseburger Day. The cause-driven pop-culture gift store is teaming up with Feeding America and Funko for an exclusive Tina Belcher toy. The smart, strong, and sensual woman is arguably one of the best characters of the series. She’s like a charm bomb waiting to explode.

Tina’s Funko Pop will sell for $12.90. For each purchase, BoxLunch will donate 11 meals to Feeding America. This will all take place during the foundation’s Hunger Action Month which is intended to bring awareness to food insecurity in the United States.

Shoot, we were going to buy one anyways. Glad to see our money’s going somewhere needed.


Animated Short Shows Exactly What Happens To Cows Raised For Beef

The life of a beef cow is tragic one. The majestic bovine’s entire existence is centered around providing us carnivores with delicious red meat to grill, braise, and roast.

Sam O’Nella Academy created an animated video summarizing some common industry practices of raising and slaughtering cattle. The YouTuber notes, however, that no two farms are alike and that this video is merely a summary.

The slightly not-safe-for-work short follows a calf named Craig from birth to death. After the first ten months of his life, Craig is auctioned off to a feedlot until he is fully grown. He then goes to a packing plant to complete his life cycle and become beef.

After becoming stunned, or killed, the beef cows undergo an electrical stunning to speed up the process of rigor mortis. A few other things happen to Craig that we won’t go into detail with, but eventually he’s butchered into cuts and sent off to suppliers.

Check out the animated video to get an idea of what the life of a beef cow looks like. Their sacrifices will not go unappreciated.

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How Caffeine Keeps Us Awake, Explained In A Whimsical Animated Short

Have you ever wondered how the world’s most widely-used drug works? While some of us consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis as if it were water, we don’t actually know what it does to keep us awake on our morning commute.

Ted-ED created a whimsical animated short that explains in detail the science behind caffeine.

The video (which can be seen above) explains the origins of the chemical, how it acts as a stimulant for the nervous system, and how caffeine blocks the body’s sleep-inducing molecule adenosine. Ted-Ed also goes into deeper detail on the positive and negative affects of the chemical stimulant.

So now the next time you’re about to down a hot cup of coffee, trying to keep awake after a night of restless sleep, you’ll know exactly that your body goes through once that first drop of coffee touches your lips.

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What Actually Happens To You If You Only Ate Human Flesh [WATCH]

Sure, a series like Hannibal can make something as horrifying as cannibalism seem nonchalant. The reality is, there are many terrible things that could happen to your body if you only stuck to a diet of human flesh.

AsapSCIENCE created a video that detailed exactly what would happen to humans if they ate a diet based on a buffet of bodies.

For starters, you can run the risk of contracting any blood borne disease (hepatitis, ebola) the person you’re chowing down on may be carrying, as well as infections like E. coli and other bacteria. Humans are also considered to be red meat, and about half of our calories are just straight fat tissue. Finally, we can run the risk of prion disease which can mutate normal proteins in the brain, causing neurodegeneration.

From a factual standpoint, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

While cannibalism is more common in the world of insects and some indigenous cultures, most mammals have a natural tendency to steer clear of the act. Probably for the best.

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Watch How To Find Water If You’re Ever Stuck In The Desert

The human body needs water to survive. You could last for three weeks without a single bite to eat. Without water in your body, however, you’ll only last for three days.

TechInsider released an instructional video that shows different, resourceful ways to get your hands on the life-giving liquid if you were ever stranded in the desert.

The animated short features tips on seeking fresh water such as following signs of life to a water source, creating rain traps, and cracking open plants.

Check out the video because, God forbid, any one of us could one day wake up in the middle of the dessert with no source of water immediately available. We’re going to want to be prepared if and when that day arrives.

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This Animated Short About Father & Daughter Cheesemakers Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Slow acoustic covers of popular, upbeat songs somehow always make our hearts swell. Just as most dairy products do the same for our stomachs… but I digress.

A recent short film created by Dairy Farmers of Canada, titled Mia & Morton, tells the story of a father and daughter duo of cheesemakers.

Set to the tune of Rose Cousins’ acoustic piano cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop,” the short captures the spirit of a Pixar film without actually being Pixar. Without any dialogue, it highlights the father-daughter relationship and how Mia strives to become a cheesemaker like her father, though at the same time wanting to forge her own path.

We won’t spoil the rest for you, but if you have a few minutes during your day, we highly recommend you check out the heartwarming short film.

It’s pretty damn beautiful.

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A Former ‘Subway’ Worker Explains Why You Should Be Nice To Fast Food Employees In A Hilarious Animated Video

Earlier last year, YouTuber theodd1sout comic won over the Internet with his charming animated rants about working at Sooubway, a parody of what we can pretty safely assume is sandwich franchise Subway.

In the first episode he talked about all of his experiences while on the job, which included the mistakes he made and the hilarious adventures he had while on the clock. In the second episode, he recalled the most memorable customer experiences, from the most annoying patrons to the most belligerent ones.

Now, nearly a year later, the third episode has finally dropped. This one recounts both stories of himself while on the job as well as him as a customer going to other Subway locations. The underlying theme of the animated short is to be nice to your local fast food and retail employees regardless of your station in life; they’re the people who handle your food and stay open late to make sure you’re fed.

As a former fast food employee, these stories are all too real.

While he never mentions Subway by name, sticking only to the parody, it’s pretty obvious the direction he’s going with it. Check out the hilarious episode above.