Someone Recreated The Nasty Patty From ‘Spongebob’ And It Went Viral

Fans of SpongeBob Squarepants may remember the first appearance of the Nasty Patty, a disgusting burger designed by the titular SpongeBob and his boss Mr. Krabs to fend off a fake health inspector trying to score free food. A creative individual decided to turn the grotesque menu item into a real-life burger, complete with the same visually nauseating aesthetic.

SpongeBob fan Danny Jay Do posted on his Facebook a side-by-side shot of his Nasty Patty. Do made a turkey burger he crusted in pea snap crumbs and topped it with a goat cheese and garlic aioli, a pea turkey gravy, Swiss chard veins and leaves, and sandwiched everything in between cranberry brioche buns baked by his sister.

Definitely a far cry from the original set of ingredients: Volcano sauce, seahorse radish, toenail clippings and fried with old gym socks.

Posted last Friday, the image went viral, garnering more than a thousand reshares through the platform. Do even went as far as shouting out viral YouTube pop culture chef Binging with Babish hoping the creator would have eyes on the sandwich.

Fingers crossed, my friend. Wonder if this talented young man has any other burger creations in the books?

Feature Image Courtesy of @DannyDoIt
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Watch The Incredibly Charming Animated Trailer For ‘The Great British Bake Off’

With so many food shows hitting the airwaves, you sort of have to create something pretty damn engaging to capture the audience’s attention. Simple food porn shots just won’t do anymore. Perhaps it’s time to evoke that sense of childlike wonder.

The Great British Bake Off recently launched a trailer for their upcoming season that left us confused, enchanted, and hungry all at the same time. In the video, baked goods are singing and dancing about in a colorful display of confection all set to a pretty catchy tune of Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus’ We All Stand Together.

Design Taxi reports that the stop-frame animated short was directed by Parabella Studios with the help of 4Creative. An ensemble of professional bakers and animators, through meticulous detail, brought 335 pastries and desserts to life in this one-minute video.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming season of the British reality baking series.

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The Iconic Spaghetti Scene From Disney’s ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Is Recreated With Complete Strangers [WATCH]

Arguably one of the most romantic scenes in animation has to be the spaghetti scene from the Disney animated feature Lady and the Tramp. The film follows the adventures of a mutt named Tramp as he meets a golden cocker spaniel named Lady and the two star-crossed canines fall in love.

Oh My Disney released a hilarious video for Valentine’s Day that shows a group of strangers trying to reenact that same iconic scene from the beloved Disney movie. Like the dogs, the participants are unable to eat the plate of pasta and meatballs with their hands. They’re also required, to find a single noodle to slurp on until their lips meet.


Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or all by yourself, make sure to check out the video that will surely tug at your heartstrings. Or bust your gut.


Subway Worker Created An Animated Video Detailing His Experience There And It’s Amazing

Anyone who’s worked in food definitely has stories to tell. Between interacting with customers to all the their stuff that happens on a late-night shift. We’ve yet to meet someone in quick-service food that doesn’t have at least one good tale.

YouTuber theodd1sout comic created an awesome video narrating his experience as a Subway Sandwich Artist. The hilarious animation chronicles his day-to-day tasks and a few stories of some of the crazy things that happened to him while he was working a shift.

Check it out. Hopefully his sequel that’s solely bad customer interactions comes out soon.


Here’s The NSFW Trailer For Seth Rogen’s New Sausage Movie

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the comedic duo behind such films as Superbad and This Is The End, have teamed up once again to tell us a story about the foods we buy at the supermarket.

It’s called Sausage Party.

The R-rated animated comedy revolves around a sausage named Frank, voiced by Rogen, who dreams of nothing more than to be purchased and taken home. When he and his friends finally get their dream, however, they’re horrified to see how humans really treat food.

Check out the totally unsafe for work trailer. It’ll kind of make you rethink that pre-lunch snack.

Kind of.


Animator For Studio Ghibli Creates A Series Of Heartwarming Bread Commercials


Even though Studio Ghibli isn’t currently producing any films, one of its animators is still hard at work. Yoshiharu Sato has created a series of animated commercials for bread company Slow Bread.

When beloved animator Hayao Miyazaki stepped into retirement, a good portion of the world mourned the loss of a gifted director and visionary. Miyazaki’s famed Studio Ghibli temporarily halted production of its films in honor of its co-founder.

Like most Ghibli productions, the series of commercials tugs at you heart strings while making you crave bread. Check them out below, each video is about 30 seconds long.


Watch Disney’s Oscar-Winning Short ‘Feast’


Last night, Feast took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The short was attached to the Disney animated film Big Hero 6 last fall. Now, months later, the story about a lovable dog with a huge appetite has fetched director Patrick Osborne an Oscar.

Now you can watch the heartwarming short on YouTube for $1.99 or splurge an extra dollar ($2.99) for a high-definition option. Clocking in at a little more than 6 minutes, the short produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios is well worth your time and money.

Get ready to feel.


Disney’s New Animated Short Film ‘Feast’ is Worth the Price of ‘Big Hero 6’ Alone


It’s the story of a dog who loves to eat with an owner who’s equally willing to live and die with the same passion.

If you’re looking for a reason to go see Disney’s new animated feature Big Hero 6 because the current 91% Tomatometer isn’t enough, make that reason the animated short “Feast” they run before the opening credits. As if you needed another reason to see Big Hero 6.

“Feast,” is a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

To see the flick, we have a trailer below, but you’ll need to get yourself to a movie theatre and do yourself a favor. The short alone is worth the admission price of Big Hero 6.