Hedgehog Toothpick Holder is as Unnecessary as it is Cute

hedgehog 1

We know, we know. It’s awful not having a place to artfully, adorably arrange your toothpicks, preventing guests at your catered estate gala from having access to your truffle-stuffed, gold-plated olives. First world problems. We know.

Solution: The Hedgehog Toothpick Holder. You load this thing up with some toothpicks, tuck it on the edge of your bowl, and it just stares at you, begging you with its adorable painted eyes to go ‘head! Have one more cheese ball. For me?

How can you say no to that? How can you — oh, wait, it also wants $25 dollars?

Who even uses toothpicks anymore? It’s 2013. We should be free to have spinach in our teeth, dammit.

hedgehog 2

hedgehog 3

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder $25 @ holycool

H/T Incredible Things


Origami Animal Placemats

These sheets of paper start off as cheery and colorful place mats, but once the meal is over, they become a fun after-dinner activity for the whole family to enjoy.  Tear off the perforated instruction panel, and you are left with the perfect square required for traditional origami.  Moms, dads, and kids can each fold their mat into a cute little critter.  The set comes with 48 place mats, and each one is rated by difficulty.  Beginners can start off with an easy design, while more advanced folders can do a challenging one. ($12.49 @ Perpetual Kid)


Recipe: Dr. Pepper Baby Back Ribs

Aw Memorial Day weekend, the unannounced official first real BBQ day of the year. Most of you are probably outside enjoying a cold one and cooking up some food, but sadly I’m sitting here posting this because well I should be. Regardless, here we have a awesome twist on one of my favorite foods; Baby Back Ribs. Only these are special because they are slathered in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce made with Dr. Pepper. The sugary sauce balances the spicy and smokey ribs very nicely. If you make these, send me a picture so I can give you an E-highfive! (Thx SE)