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Here’s Exactly Why Dogs Can’t Eat Chocolate

We definitely know what foods can make your dogs sick, or even kill them. One of these items, as sweet as it tastes, is chocolate. Have you ever wondered exactly why something so innocuous as chocolate, however, can make your pooch so ill?

SciShow created a video explaining the science behind never giving your dog chocolate. Turns out, it’s all because of a molecule called theobromine.

The video explains that the molecule is an alkaloid which often produces physiological effects on both animals and humans. Theobromine causes an increase in heart rate, dilates blood vessels, and expands muscle energy.

Because animals have trouble processing theobromine much slower than humans, it builds up and causes nausea, convulsions, and potentially death. Since dogs are much lighter than humans, they can easily become sick from consuming even the smallest amount of chocolate.

Now that you know why chocolate is essentially the canine kryptonite, you won’t feel half as bad about not sharing with your furry best friend. Make sure to check out the video for an in-depth explanation.

Animals Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Carnivorous Sea Creatures Feast On A Giant School Of Sardines

The ocean is filled with uncertainty and survival is never guaranteed. If you’re someone who fears the ocean, this video will give you another reason to stay out of the water.

The award winning series Planet Earth has always captured the most incredible natural phenomena in stunning high definition, with pristine detail. Now, thanks to a recently uploaded clip found on the BBC Earth YouTube page, the Internet got to witness a feverish feeding frenzy, that provided a first hand look at what goes on beneath the surface when the locals get hangry.

This aquatic battle started with some sea lions, trying to corner a school of thousands of sardines, which swim in circles, close to the surface, to avoid being caught. Interestingly enough, the sea lions can’t get the upper hand, without the help of additional predators.

Soon, tuna, diving sea birds, dolphins, and sharks start to join the party — quickly turning this necessary ritual of survival into an oceanic episode of Game of Thrones. Then, at the peak of the battle a giant whale comes into frame — swallowing countless sardines in one swift gulp.

The intensity of this clip showcases the instinctual efforts animals will put forth to work together to help ensure survival, proving that hunger’s grip on any creature will induce varied sorts of frenzy.

Animals Hit-Or-Miss Video

Cats Apparently Love To Steal Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that pets love to steal food. For the most part, watching animals steal food is quite entertaining — as long as it’s not your food that’s being stolen.

So, it’s no surprise Twitter is blowing up over a video of a cat expertly stealing a Wendy’s Chicken Nugget.

Twitter user @lindseycabales, posted a video of her cat, Zach, grabbing a Wendy’s chicken nugget without permission. The video, posted on July 22, has since made this famished feline famous. The original tweet now has more than 30K retweets and north of 40K likes. Which seems to be a lot for a five second cat video.

But, apparently, Zach isn’t the only cat that likes nuggets. Twitter users began uploading videos of their cats stealing nuggets, fries, and other human food items.

Twitter user @claire_mcnugget‘s cat seems to like nuggets. 

@666Melon’s cat is a fan of fries.

@kaylynweaverr’s cat steals plastic forks for some reason.

@xourt’s is another nugget lover.

Despite the cat’s human-like grabbing technique, Lindsey claims she did not allow her pet to ingest the nugget, as she admitted being in an inebriated state, and wasn’t in the mood to share.

Although, there’s a subsequent tweet that contradicts Lindsey’s account of the evening. At 6:41 a.m., on July 26, Lindsey tweeted to Wendy’s claiming that Zach “loved” their chicken nuggets.

So, considering her tweet, it remains unclear if the cat actually ate it. Either way, there’s no denying the level of cuteness in this now viral video.

However, the video did spark conversation about whether or not feeding a chicken nugget to a cat should be considered animal abuse. Judging by the initial video, it’s safe to assume Lindsey is looking out for the best interest of Zach. Although, as long as chicken doesn’t have bones that a cat can choke on, it’s safe for feline consumption.

Thanks for the laughs, Zach!


The Internet Was PISSED This Guy Fed His Dog A Taco Bell Burrito

In another story about a Bubba, a man posted a video a few years back that’s been getting some more attention recently. This guy gives his already seriously overweight dog a burrito from Taco Bell, and the dog shows it no mercy as he swallows it in one second. It’s like he dropped it straight into his stomach.

Bubba HAS to be more than 10 years old so shouldn’t we just let the dog eat Taco Bell burritos as he pleases? Maybe devouring a bean burrito at record speed was on Bubba’s bucket list, you just never know. Either way, people are not happy with him for giving his dog fast food especially since he’s already fat.

Apparently Bubba’s owner isn’t alone in this Taco Bell doggie diet. This Reddit user adds his experience and some truth too,

“Worked at TB in high school. Ordering for dogs was common. Had a trucker come through and always order a dozen chicken quesadillas for his 2 dogs I mean, TB quality is that of dog food soo” -fuck-the-cubs

Thats a lot of quesadillas. This user points out a shocking obesity epidemic occurring among pets:

“Obesity is also one of the largest rising problems in pets these days. This video is one reason.” -kezdog92

And these were the G-rated comments, people on the Internet condemned him for this.

How about we just don’t give pets fast food. It’s bad enough that we eat it, I’m sure it’s just as awful if not worse for them.

Photo Credit: YouTube


These 13 Adorable Little Pets Munching On Food Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day


After a long day at work, you probably won’t mind relaxing and seeing little balls of cuteness do their thing as they munch on food.

Not need to overthink this one, it’s just a list of videos with the most adorable little animals nibbling on stuff like corn and bananas, or even pancakes. There’s even a couple ridiculously lazy participants who won’t even get off their stomach to eat their food.

So enjoy these adorable little animals as they will surely make your day:


Bunny going in on some raspberries.


Tiny tortoises munching on some pancakes in slow motion, naturally.


Yeah, it’s a rat, but tell me this isn’t super cute


Adorably vicious hedgehog tearing up some corn on the cob.


This terribly controversial, yet adorable Slow Loris that pisses off people and is going to lead to hundreds of angry messages in our Facebook inbox, video.


This piglet will not get out of bed for anything, not even a cookie,


I have no idea what a marmoset is, but it’s cute as hell.


This kitty sounds creepy to me, but I don’t trust cats and others think this is adorable.


This hamster stuffing food in his cheeks like he’s robbing a buffet.


This puppy’s got some serious upper body strength.


Another puppy trying to do handstands


I don’t know why this cat is dressed like a monkey either, but whatevs.


Aaaaaaand I’m dead.


Egyptian Zoo Under Fire Over Animal Cannibalism Claim


Animals in an Egyptian zoo are making headlines after a photograph of a baboon was shared through social media. According to The Cairo Post, an African baboon at a zoo in the Al Sharqia governorate was shown cannibalized by its cage mates.

A post by Miss Asmaa in the Save an Innocent Animal Soul Facebook page says that the animals in the zoo are either dying of extreme hunger or resorting to cannibalism to survive.


The Zakazik Zoo director has since denied these claims stating that the baboon was injured in a rampage because his wife abandoned him to take care of their newborn baby. The baboon has since been isolated.

While it’s mostly he said/she said the photo does raise concerns over the well-being of zoo animals in the country.

In 2004, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums took the certification from the Giza Zoo due to animal welfare problems.

Regardless, those injuries to the baboon should have been treated immediately if that were the case.

Photo: Miss Asmaa/CairoPost


How Mercury In This Fog May Soon Affect California’s Food Chain


There’s a fog sweeping over the coasts of northern California and Oregon. While fog’s not uncommon around these parts, there’s something a little more sinister about this fog. Popular Science says that this fog contains a form of mercury.

A team of scientists from UC Santa Cruz discovered this and has tested the fog extensively. Classified as monomethylmercury, the fog isn’t really harmful to humans. However, the mercury levels was discovered to be 19 times higher in the fog than it was in rain around the same area.

Spiders in the area have been studied and have shown mercury levels higher than the Food and Drug Administration limit.

So why does a fog containing mercury that’s affecting spiders matter to us?

Turns out lots of animals eat those highly toxic spiders and it works itself up the food chain. Birds and other woodland creatures will eventually eat them and introduce the concentrated monomethylmercury to the food chain.

Eventually us humans are gonna eat one of those mercury-tainted animals and get sick.

Mercury poisoning can affect the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys and immune system in humans.


‘Roadkill Law’ Makes Harvesting Roadkill for Dinner Legal in Montana


A law will go into effect this month that makes it legal to harvest roadkill in Montana. The state’s legislation stems from the waste of over 7,000 animals killed by vehicles last year. Before you get too grossed out, the law focuses more on larger game such as deer and moose. Because that makes it better.

The new law would give drivers 24 hours to harvest the meat of animals they accidentally kill with their vehicles. Citizens will be required to complete an application online with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency within 24 hours of the crash. Upon completion the driver will be able to print out a permit that gives them permission to claim the animal.

There are a few caveats to the law. The entire carcass must be taken, not just harvested on the side of the road for specific parts. The meat must also be eaten not used for bait. Opposers to the bill are concerned that this will encourage motorists to intentionally run down the animals in hopes of getting a free meal.

Another concern is whether or not it’s a health risk to consume roadkill.

Popularity is growing for the statute with many requesting an app to make it even more convenient for someone to harvest their accident in a more timely manner.

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