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Angus War: Carl's Jr. to Offer Money-Back Guarantee


As we reported a few posts back, CKE restaurants are none-too-pleased with McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder menu additions. In conjunction with their inevitable campaign to enforce their 6 Dollar Burgers (and Hardee’s Thickburgers), Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s plan to offer a “money back guarantee” to any customer who purchases their 6 Dollar Burger/Thickburger and don’t agree that their burger is better tasting than the McDonald’s Angus burgers. We will have more information about this offer when it becomes available to us. (Thx FFM)


Carl's Jr: CEO Speaks up Regarding McDonald's Angus Burger


After more than a month after the release of McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder burgers, CKE restaurants chief executive CEO Andy Puzder was definitely not shy about expressing his opinion about his rival’s new menu items. McDonald’s new burger is most notably comparable to Carl’s Jr. series of 6 Dollar Burgers and Hardee’s series of Thickburgers. He is quoted saying, “This McAngus is a copycat version tht is inferior, and for which they charge more money for.”