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Burger King ‘Angry’ Whopper Will Punch You In the Face


In honor of the Whopper’s 55th Anniversary, Burger King is introducing “new” limited-time menu items to the line-up. Yes, this is essentially a burger birthday. Priorities, baby.

The items will be available nationwide and presented in old-school packing meant to reflect the commemorative occasion. Among them, the Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper Sandwich — a beef patty topped with smoked bacon, ‘Wisconsin’ white cheddar cheese and all the obligatory veggies. Of course, the main player here is the Angry Whopper Sandwich that gets it’s delicate name from the melted Habanero cheese, slices of jalapeño, spicy onion petals and angry sauce. Both sandwiches start at a suggested retail price of $4.49.

Of course, BK would probably suggest you pair any of the limited-time sandwiches with their equally limited Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries. Claimed to be served hot and fresh daily, this item is described as a “twist” on your regular ol’ sweet potato fries. Clever wordplay lols and twisty nomz go for a suggested retail price of $1.89. Although, in terms of the Angry Whopper, we’re not too sure how “new” it really claims to be — its original debut in the US dates back to 2008. To give them credit, the original contained pepperjack cheese and “Angry” onions, instead of today’s Habanero cheese and spicy onion petals. Admittedly, we’re nitpicking here but hey, we’re not the ones celebrating a burger’s birthday.

Photo courtesy of Japanator


Burger King: Two New "Angry" Sandwich Additions


Now the “Angry Whopper”, released earlier, will not be so lonely! Burger King is introducing two new sandwiches into its “Angry” arsenal, adding some chicken to the mix with the Angry Tendercrisp which utilizes a tender, premium breaded white meat chicken filet topped with sizzling bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, spicy jalapenos, angry onions and their signature angry sauce The third addition to the Angry family comes in the form of Angry Original Chicken Sandwich, an “angrier” version of a sandwich Burger King hasn’t changed since 1979. This spicy product is constructed with the crispy white meat chicken, angry onions, spicy jalapenos, and the signature angry sauce. I’m mad. I’m hungry. Eat on!


Pic of the Day: Inside of an Angry Whopper

I love my friends over at FFC. For some reason, when they’re critiquing their food…and they rip open the burgers…and they snap a photo…I just get all hot and bothered…anyways…pictured above are the innards of an Angry Whopper from Burger King. Beautiful huh?


Burger King: Angry Whopper

The Angry Whopper is looking to ruin some digestive tracks this Winter. Until March 30th, you will be able to purchase an Angry Whopper at Burger King. If you haven’t been subjected to the commercials just yet, this new breed of whopper comes piled high with spicy crispy onions, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and spicy “Angry Sauce”. Check the commercial after the jump: