Angry Birds Does Soda… Almost Better than Pepsi and Coke

Remember when Angry Birds first appeared on the scene?

No. Of course you don’t. The video game franchise, developed by Finnish game developer, Rovio, swept the world so quickly and completely that it instantly became one of those timeless things, like Facebook, YouTube, and iPhones. You don’t remember the world before those things either, do you?

Anyway. Like all of the above, Angry Birds has now permeated so deep into every aspect of our culture ever (spoiler alert: mild hyperbole), that it has spawned not only countless parodies, spin-offs and sitcom references, but toys, advertisements, and movie deals as well. Angry Birds pretty much has its own Rule 34 caveat — if it exists, there is an Angry Birds version of it. No exceptions. So are we really surprised to see that, at least for a little while, the fruity Finnish Angry Birds soda was (sort of — see HuffPo’s update) outselling Pepsi and Coke in its home country?

And the soda (next slated to hit stores in New Zealand and Australia) isn’t the only foray into foodstuffs Angry Birds has made. Rovio is also dipping their toes into Chinese McDonald’s chains, resulting in one store with a slingshot rigged to the famous golden arches. Check out the video campaign ad below.

I’m not saying there was ever a time before Angry Birds — that would be blasphemous — but if there was, I wish it had existed circa my middle school years. I could have started a cafeteria food fight and called it inspired advertising.

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Angry Birds New ‘Space’ Smartphone Game Gets a Gummy Candy Equivelant

Angry Birds, the popular smartphone game series, recently got its most full-fledged expansion by sending their fuming flying animals into outer space. The new game, Angry Birds Space, just like their previous iterations, will receive a fair amount of product endorsement like stuffed animals and edible fruit gummies. In the wake of the new game, Healthy Food Brands, LLC is extending their line of Angry Birds licensed fruit snacks with Angry Birds Space branded items.

Like previous versions of Angry Birds snacks, these products are made with fruit juice, and comes complete with graphics of characters from the new game that can be cut out and collected.

The flavors include cherry, lemon, apple, grape, raspberry and strawberry flavors and are nut-free as well as gluten-free. The various packages will contain special codes that will unlock bonus levels in the game. Available in 3.5-ounce theater boxes, the Angry Birds Space gummies will be tagged with a SRP range of $1.29 to $1.59 and ship 12 per case. According to Candy and Snack Today, the fruit snacks will also be available in boxes holding 10 0.9-ounce pouches with a SRP range of $2.99 to $3.29 in 10-ct. cases.


Angry Birds Gingerbread Cake [VIDEO]

December is gingerbread construction month, and we’ve seen some great architects this year. While this particular creation doesn’t transform into a Gingerbread Autobot, it does contain a pretty stellar mock of an Angry Birds level made entirely of gingerbread. Perched across the scenery are birds and pigs made of marzipan.

Angry Birds Gingerbread Cake? What a great way to round out the month. Here’s a look at an awesome stop motion video of its creation:


Angry Birds Cook Book

What exactly made those birds so angry anyway? Oh yeah! Those rotten pigs are stealing their eggs! Now you get to see just what those bad little piggies are doing to aggravate those birds so. This cook book holds a number of delicious egg-based recipes with nomenclature that faintly echoes the absurdity of hurling birds at precariously placed building material. The cook book also features a fair number of angry birds illustrations to compliment the dish you intend to make while making a few nods to the mobile game source material. Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes.

($7.49 @ Amazon)


Oversized Angry Birds Pizza

The creative, artistically-driven food space has been making some room for the avid fans of the Angry Birds community as of late. We’ve seen plenty of amazing edible creations (here’s a look at 36 of them), but this Angry Birds Pizza is making us the most hungry. Corn, mushrooms, cheese, bell peppers and olives set the tone for this massive pizza art installment. I would almost feel bad about eating it. Almost.

(via @HilzFuld)



Angry Birds Get a Wonderful Pistachios Commercial

All the “it” celebrities get it…Snooki got the Wonderful Pistachios commercial treatment…Khloe and Lamar…and now, the Angry Birds. While the roster of celebrities continues to grow, back in February we did recap of the commercials and all the celebrities involved. I’d like to go out on a limb and say that Angry Birds are one of the more adaptable celebrities in the series of commercials. What better way to open a pistachio then flinging an angry red bird its way?


Angry Birds Fruit Snacks & Gummies

Is there no facet of product placement the folks at Angry Birds won’t approach? Today, the Angry Birds brand enters the Fruit Snack market with the release of Angry Birds Fruit Gummies and Angry Birds Fruit Snacks. New from Healthy Food Brands, the chewy candies are shaped to resemble characters from the popular Angry Birds smartphone video game.

The new packs of gummies feature the games’ logo and graphics. Each pack is made with fruit juice, with all of which being fat-free, nut-free and gluten-free encompassing cherry, lemon, raspberry, apple, grape and strawberry flavors.

The Angry Birds Fruit Snacks come in 2.25 and five-ounce peg bags with SRPs of $0.89 and $1.59, respectively.

Angry Birds Gummies come in 3.5-ounce theater boxes with a SRP range of $1.29 to $1.69. The Angry Birds Gummies are also available in the peg bags.

The new products are noted to be in stores this month.


Top 36 Edible Angry Bird Creations

For those that need an introduction, Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed for smart phone platforms, released in 2009, and has since been downloaded a combined 300 million times across all available platforms. Phenomenon enough for you? Subsequently, the game’s slingshot platform and memorable bird characters have been assimilated into pop culture in more ways than one. The best way of which is, of course, food. Everything from cakes, cupcakes, bento boxes, burgers and coffee, there’s no limit to the imagination of Angry Birds user base.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered 36 of the most fun, edible Angry Birds inspired food creations we’ve seen as of late.