Happy National Cake Day! — History of Cake [INFOGRAPHIC]

In between our news on fast food, bacon and the latest shows on the Food Network, we can’t leave you without an occasional food history lesson. November 26th is National Cake Day, a holiday that reminds how wonderful dessert can be, and how truly colorful a history our favorite cakes have.

Instead of boring you with an essay on the origins of carrot cake, we’ve visualized a walk through the decades and pointed out everything you need to know about the cakes we love to consume in this infographic:



Cravings Sweets

Kiwi Lemon Mousse

A handsomely crafted dessert from our friend Dorothy, combining some cream, lemon curd, kiwi and angel food cake. Light and airy meat dense and rich in this rather sensual dessert, while it seems like it may play a perfect summer-meal pairing, I can definitely see myself indulging in this dish during the upcoming holiday season. Stay hungry!


“Everything Under the Moon” Dessert

A big bowl filled with cheesecake, churros, melon, pears, ice cream, chocolate cake, some angel food cake and drowning in whipped cream. Let me at it!!! (PicThx TIWYH)


Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The ancient grilled cheese sandwich has been revamped and turned into a dessert with this strawberry grilled cheese creation! This sandwich still has all of the typical grilled cheese components, just with different ingredients. Angel food cake replaces the toast, brie subs in for the American cheddar cheese, and balsamic strawberries come in for the main attraction! A regular grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and this for dessert? Down! (Thx FATF)