Seth Rogen And Amy Schumer Campaign For Gender Equality In Bud Light’s New Commercial

Comedians Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer take center stage in Bud Light’s newest commercial focusing on the topic of “Equal Pay” for the sexes.

To share their stance on Equal Pay, Bud Light Party is donating $1 for each social post sporting the tag #CheersToEqualPay to Catalyst. Catalyst is an organization that fights for equal rights for genders and Bud Light Party will donate up $150,000 during their campaign.

Fans can post between June 27 through July 1. Check out the spot.


Amy Schumer On Dating Apps: ‘It’s Called Foodspotting…Like Tinder, But For Food’


When actress and comedian Amy Schumer isn’t pissing off Disney/LucasFilm by sucking down C3PO’s finger on the cover of GQ, she’s making appearances on Ellen’s day time showing talking about how Foodspotting is her form of Tinder.

Foodspotting, an app that helps you find food local food based on individual dish pictures, and Tinder, a casual dating app that lets you swipe left or right until you find someone you want to hook up with, have probably never been used in the same sentence before. Until Amy Schumer.

I’ve tracked the video to the Tinder / Foodspotting bit, but if you have time, the rest of the video is equally comical:

She also has a really side-splitting commentary on how people eat popcorn. She remembers how her popcorn eating process begins with reluctancy, one kernel at a time, only to end in a primal fist-to-mouth butter sucking crescendo.

Amy Schumer is a true Foodbeast, and she gets us: