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Drake Eats Some Garbage Sushi, Forced To Cancel Show In Amsterdam

I don’t know what Amsterdam’s reputation with sushi is, but Drake gave it a shot for lunch and paid dearly for it.

According to TMZ, Drake had to cancel his Amsterdam show Tuesday after eating some “bad sushi.”

Apparently the sushi tore up Drake’s stomach so badly that he had to get immediate medical attention and could not go on stage for the 17,000 fans who waited 75 minutes before being told the rapper would not be performing.

The crowd was obviously upset, booing the hell out of the woman who was the bearer of bad news:

They even angrily threw stuff on stage:


To make matters worse, this is reportedly the 3rd time Drake has canceled a show in Amsterdam in the last three months. It’s almost like the universe doesn’t want him to perform there.

That, or maybe there is some truth to the tabloid rumors that Drake got too high to perform. It seems like that source has zero credibility, BUT, how is Drake going to roll into Amsterdam — the capital of dankness — get “sick,” and use the most generic, “it was bad sushi” excuse? That’s the adult equivalent of “My dog ate my homework.” Try to say that at work, and your manager’s going to look at you like you’re a lying sack of shit.

I’m sure he had a nice tummy ache, but the whole situation does sound a little sus.

Regardless, Drake’s going to give it another shot Wednesday night, and hopefully he stays away from seafood.

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The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World Just Opened In Rotterdam


Perhaps what can be considered as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world now stands where “the ugliest building in Rotterdam” used to be.

The newly designed McDonald’s building is nestled on one of the city’s most popular shopping streets in Coolsingel in a spot that has been occupied by McDonald’s for 45 years. Residents in Rotterdam had voted the building the ugliest in their city, and the city council was itching to demolish it. However, the popular fast food chain still had 40 years on their lease and thus decided to give their restaurant a new makeover.


The restaurant was originally intended for a cigar shop that was built in the 1960s.



The restaurant features a perforated golden facade and spiral staircase.



The newly designed McDonald’s was envisioned by a team from Dutch firm Mei Architects.



Studio founder Robert Winkel wanted a building designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings.



The white steel staircase spirals from the service area on the ground floor to the dining room upstairs.



The McDonald’s features panels of gold-anodized aluminium dotted with small heart-shaped perforations that form a pixelated image of a crowd of people.


Source: Dezeen Magazine || Written by Laura Dang of Nextshark


Coming Soon: In-Office Coffee Delivery Drones

A Lab, an Amsterdam collective of media and technology start-ups, announced that they are working on a drone that delivers coffee.

You will place your order through a simplistic smartphone app which sends a signal to a coffee shop, presumably in your office building. The baristas set your drink in the drone and a stabilizer keeps your drink level as it floats to the docking station closest to you.

The drone uses both object and movement recognition to avoid bumping into walls or employees. A 3-D algorithm maps out the entire building, so the drone knows where docks are around the building.

The tech firm Purrontwerp & Skeyework is currently searching for investors to help them finalize the design and bring the drone to commercial market.

The Coffee Copter is currently being beta-tested in the A Lab complex and no one’s missing any limbs…yet.

Fast Food

Three Europe-Themed Burgers Added to Burger King’s UK Menus


Last week, Burger King announced they were releasing three new Whopper sandwiches in India. Looks like the world tour is just beginning for the burger chain as they’re now adding another three, this time, to their UK locations. The new burgers, dubbed the Euro Trip menu, are each inspired by a different European country.

The Italian Chicken Royale, inspired by, yes, Italy, is made with a breaded chicken patty. The sandwich is then stuffed with mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes and marinara sauce on a long, breaded, sesame bun.

Inspired by (guesses anyone?), the Spanish Whopper consists of a beef patty, crispy onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and a special bravas (spicy tomato) sauce.

The Amsterdam Steakhouse burger is made with a beef patty, a Dutch Edam cheese slice, bacon, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and a barbecue sauce. It’s inspired by the Netherlands.

Burger King UK’s Euro Trip Burgers will be available at participating UK locations. The menu also features a Warm Belgium Waffle, a Chocolate Brownie Hottie (a sort of miniature lava cake) and a Sticky Toffee Hottie (ditto).

H/T Brand Eating

Packaged Food

Some Dopes Just Funded a $11K Kickstarter for Bacon Sprinkles, aka Bacon Bits


People buy a lot of stupid things. Those balance bracelets for instance. Or fortune teller readings, or Instagram followers. But it takes a special kind of genius to sell them things they already have.

Bacon Hagelslag is a recently funded project on Kickstarter that, despite its cool foreign name, is essentially just bacon bits. Meant to be drizzled over salad or sandwiches or ice cream, it’s the bro’s version of regular “hagelslag” — chocolate sprinkles Dutch people put on toast – and apparently was a cool enough idea that over 500 backers pledged over €8,500 to make it a reality.

Let’s reiterate: over 500 people paid nearly twelve thousand US dollars. For. Bacon. Bits.

Thrillist called the bacon-slag “bacon sprinkles” and praised their six month shelf life. For reference, regular bacon bits can keep between six months to a year.

There is, of course, the possibility that the Dutch simply don’t have bacon bits, in which case we might be willing to look the other way. If we didn’t have bacon bits, we’d pay big money to make ’em real too.


Canadian Guy Gives Up Food for Lent, Drinks Beer Instead


Drinking beer for 40 days straight may not seem like a huge sacrifice, but for Toronto-based beer blogger Chris Schryer, it’s been the ultimate test of faith.

In honor of the annual Christian observance of Lent, Schryer has forgone solid food in favor of his own home-brewed oat-infused beer — to emulate the monks who first created Dopplebock in the 17th century, reports Canada’s QMI Agency. The oats bring extra nutrients in the form of protein and unfermentable sugars, though Schryer also supplements his hoppy diet with water, apple juice, and lightly sugared tea to keep hydrated and limit his inebriation.

Thus far, the experiment has proven to be challenging and eye-opening, with Schryer posting spiritual updates to his blog every couple of days:

“And in doing these things, I’ll be making myself more spiritually ‘fit,'” Schryer writes, “and more importantly, I will become closer to God. And then, when it’s game seven of the Churchly Cup, I’ll be ready and engaged. The darkness of Good Friday will cut deeper, and the joy of Easter Sunday will be greater, because I will be more in tune with the story that we are participating in.”

Picthx Toronto Beer Blog


Bottled Canal Water in Amsterdam Costs More Than $50


Amsterdam is known for quite a few things to us Americans, like bicycles… and this. However, the Dutch city features a lesser-known and overlooked attraction — its canals. In fact, Amsterdam’s canal district turns 400 this year, and to celebrate, the water is being sold and bottled as Amsterdam Canal Aqua.

For a cool €50 ($68.98 US), you can own an historic piece of Amsterdam taken from some of the city’s famous canals — the Singel, Prinsengracht, Herengracht and Keizersgracht. Each bottle of water also has the waterway’s background story on its label.

Amsterdam Canal Aqua is definitely a unique souvenir, but tourists be warned: it’s probably in your best interest that you don’t drink the stuff.


H/T + Picthx PSFK


Would You Eat at the World’s First ‘Forever Alone’ Restaurant?


“Table for one.” At most restaurants, that tiny statement is enough to earn you more than a couple confused, if not pitying looks. But not at Amsterdam’s “Eenmaal,” the world’s first self-proclaimed “one-person” restaurant, where tiny tables and single placemats and ample personal space are enough to make anyone feel like a leper, on purpose.

The two-day pop-up opened its doors last Thursday and takes its name from the Dutch word for “once,” according to Google Translate. As in, once I had friends, but they all stayed in our hometown when I moved to the big city. Or once I had a girlfriend but we broke up and she took the dog. Or once I spent my lunch hours at bars chatting up the bartender until I realized he was way out of my league and I would be alone forever and somehow ended up at this awful restaurant that seemingly exists just to reinforce my loneliness.


In all honesty, I like eating by myself, but because I’m a voyeur who loves people watching, not because I enjoy being gawked at, which seems to be the only thing a place like Eenmaal would be good for. Well, that and recreating that perfect seeing-a-gorgeous-stranger-from-across-the-room moment. It’s okay, it’s not like you were going to talk to your dining companion anyway.

H/T + PicThx Pop Up City, Brand Education Services