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Irish People Try American Pancakes For The First Time [WATCH]

The problem with American pancakes is that once you crave them, you’ll stop at nothing to get your hands on some. Once you take those first few fluffy bites drenched in maple syrup, however, you find yourself stuffed and can’t carry on any further. Or maybe that’s just us.

As part of a balanced breakfast, the folks over at Facts got a group of Irish folks together to try different kinds of American pancakes for the first time. Pancakes variations include blueberry, red velvet, strawberry cheesecake, and bacon & maple syrup.

Watch them try American pancakes in the below video:

Irish pancakes are described as more like crepes in the video, much thinner than their US counterparts. In other words, the US breakfast dish may be a tad more filling.

Check out the video above to see how the panel reacts to the different types of American pancakes. Actually, pancakes don’t sound too bad right now. Hopefully I can eat more than a couple bites before throwing in the towel, though.

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Watch American Kids Try Authentic Mexican Food For The First Time

The kids from Cut are quickly building some pretty cultured palates with every new video they drop. The little tykes have had the opportunity to try authentic foods from Japan, the Philippines, breakfast around the world, and even Christmas foods.

Now, they’ll get to feast on some mouthwatering dishes from Mexico.

In their latest video, the panel of children get to taste some iconic Mexican entrees and desserts for the first time in their short little lives. Dishes featured in the video include: Molletes (bread topped with cheese and peppers ), Tamales (meat-filled masa husks), Pozole (soup featuring hominy and meat), and Flan (sweet custard dessert).

Kind of an awesome line-up.

Perhaps on their next venture, the kids can try some different cuts of taco meat. We’re talking cabeza (cow head), suadero (cow breast), and lengua (cow tongue) kind of tacos.

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Watch Irish People Try American Breakfast For The First Time

Breakfast is arguably hands-down the best meal of the day. Whether choosing something savory and hearty, or something a little on the sweeter side, you can’t go wrong starting your morning with a blissful breakfast dish.

Coffee also helps.

The folks over at Facts rounded up the troops once again, this time to try some inspired American breakfast dishes for the very first time. On the menu for this culinary experience are:  blueberry pancakes, crispy hash made in a breakfast skillet, apple & cinnamon waffles, and biscuits & gravy with sausage.

Our salivary glands are definitely on red alert.

Check out their reactions to these American breakfast menu items. Pretty shocked how much they didn’t enjoy the biscuits and gravy, that’s definitely one of our go-to side dishes.

OK, now what’s for breakfast…


This Is How The Rest Of The World Does Apple Pie

“There’s nothing more American than apple pie.”

While the US is the most vocal about its apple pride, apple pie is really just a testament to the constant stirring of our melting pot. British and Scandinavian pies have the most direct influence, but various other countries have their own ideas when it comes to apple pastries.


GERMANY: Apfel Maultaschen 


American apple turnovers get most of the fame associated with their deliciousness, but they owe their ubiquity to early German immigrants. In 17th century Germany, Swabian monks began to “hide” donated meats in savory pastries that were eventually called Maultaschen. The nearby Bavarians, no strangers to the dessert world, began putting sweeter fillings between the dough, like plums and apples. The result can look like a traditional apple turnover or a strudel, depending on the recipe you follow.

What sets it apart: Though some throw this ingredient to the wind, authentic Apfel Maultaschen should use potato dough instead of plain flour.  

COLOMBIA: Arepas Dulces con Manzanas


If you’re not much of a baker, this dessert is the perfect deconstruction of any country’s approach to an apple pastry. Arepas are typically a no-nonsense, cornmeal flatbread found throughout Latin America, but Colombia is notorious for its arepa ingenuity. There are dozens of variations that stretch the definition of what a flatbread should be, including a simple addition of sugar and cinnamon that allows you to cling to the culinary safety of the frying pan. Caramelize some apple slices to pile on top of your crispy arepas and they’re ready to enjoy.

What sets it apart: No oven necessary. But you might want to wear sleeves.


ITALY: Torta di Mele

Lately, cakes with fruit crusts have been popping up all over Pinterest and dessert blogs with little to no credit given to the Western European countries who’ve been mastering these bad boys for centuries. Italian torte di mele seems like uncovered apple pies at first glance, but beneath the oven-glazed apple slices lies a lemon cake. Its rustic simplicity allows for several variations, but it’s common for recipes from Northern Italy to require more apples due to the region’s plentiful 2,000-year-old apple orchards.

What sets it apart: When people talk about rustic cakes, this is what’s on their mind. 

FRANCE: Gâteau aux Pommes

A photo posted by Isma (@touchedesaveurs) on

This cake is more apple than anything else and is an unapologetic celebration of French flippancy. The measurements vary from person to person, because French chefs just have a sixth sense about how much vanilla extract is too much without using measuring tools. Think of this cake as a torta di mele’s wild sibling: full of enough apple chunks, booze, and sugar to produce the sexiest sugar crash ever invented. Rum is the popular libation of choice, but whiskeys and bourbons round out the recipe just as nicely.

What sets it apart: The breathalyzer you might need afterwards and the overwhelming apple presence.

RUSSIA: Sharlotka

Russia’s thrown its own hat in this fray by way of a super sweet treat that lends its popularity to the simplicity in its preparation. Contributing to the overall sweetness of the sharlotka is the tale behind its name’s inception: as the story goes, the inventing baker named it after Charlotte, the name of the woman he was smitten by. Aaaaand the crowd goes ‘awwwww.’

What sets it apart: Think of the sharlotka as the glorious offspring of an apple pie and apple cake.


Korean Girls Try American & Mexican Sodas For The First Time [WATCH]

Digitalsoju TV is back with another hilarious adventure with foreign girls trying local things! We’ve seen Korean girls try American barbecue and American pizza. This time, we’re going to see these lovely young ladies try American and Mexican sodas for the first time.

The girls are given a variety of drinks, from Mexico’s famed Jarritos to America’s classic Barq’s Root Beer to the oft forgotten citrusy taste of Squirt.

According to the girls, many of the flavors are flavors not often found in Korea, like root beer and guava Jarritos.

You can check out the girls eating barbecue here, or cruise here to see them trying good ol’ fashioned American pizza.


Korean Girls Try American Pizza For The First Time [WATCH]

If you’ve never tried American pizza before, you’re missing out. No, we’re not talking about the fast-food ones you can order with through a mobile app or through a Tweet.

Rather, the iconic ones from the mom-and-pop spots in cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit.

In Korea, most pizza offerings feature ingredients that lean more towards the sweet side. So it’s safe to assume that a decent amount of people in the country have yet to try an authentic American Pizza.

The folks over at Digitalsoju TV did an experiment, getting Korean girls to try American pizza for the first time from the three American cities best known for making them. They grabbed pies from Gino’s NY Pizza (New York), Pizza Iconic (Detroit) and Uno Chicago Grill (Chicago).

Check out these ladies’ reactions to the delicious American pies.


Gordon Ramsay Makes American Pancakes [WATCH]

Master chef Gordon Ramsay tackles on of America’s most popular breakfast items: Pancakes.

Specifically, in a recent recipe video, chef Ramsay shows us how to make American-style Scotch Pancakes with caramelized bananas. Using a pretty simple and straightforward recipe, Ramsay explains the chemistry behind the sweet breakfast cakes.

This includes everything from measurements, oiling the pan and caramelization technique.

He also gives a quick pro-tip on slicing the bananas that you plan on caramelizing.

Check out the video for the full experience.

We might want to try making these tomorrow if we wake up on time. Doubt it though.


Irish People Try Weird American Food Inventions For The First Time

America has produced some crazy food creations over the years. We can boast the Cronut, the Corn Beef Hash Breakfast Pizza and even the Bacon-wrapped Pizza Balls. The folks over at Facts. had some Irish folks try some of these crazy American food inventions for the first time.

The foods included: Pizza burgers, corn dogs, Turducken, Cronuts and the Doughnurger (doughnut hamburger).

Check out their reactions as they try these innovative dishes for the first time. We’d actually love to see a video of some of them trying some of the crazy stuff our Foodbeast family has made.

Also, that was pretty much our reaction to the Turducken.

Video: Facts.