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Amazon’s New Whole Foods Discounts Are Absolutely Insane

whole foods discounts

Image taken by Foodbeast/Constantine Spyrou.

Today officially marks the beginning of Amazon’s merger with Whole Foods. As part of the acquisition, Amazon already announced that some awesome Whole Foods discounts would start today. To learn exactly what those price drops are, we went to a local Whole Foods to see for ourselves.

In total, we found over 40 items in the store that featured the new Amazon discounts. As a word of caution, the store we visited is in Tustin, California. CNN has already listed price drops at a Whole Foods in New York, and we did find some differences between the two. Thus, the total discount amounts and/or prices may vary by location.

Image taken by Foodbeast/Constantine Spyrou

Millennials everywhere can rejoice knowing that Whole Foods’ avocados have dropped to $1.49 each.

Image taken by Foodbeast/Constantine Spyrou

The meat and seafood departments got some solid discounts as well. Atlantic salmon fillets are now down to $9.99 per pound from $13, and New York Strips and Boneless Rib Eye Steaks both dropped $3 to $13.99 per pound. Organic whole rotisserie chickens also plunged down to $9.99 from $13.99. Half organic rotisserie chickens are now $5.99, while conventional whole rotisserie chickens fell $1 to $7.99.

Image taken by Foodbeast/Constantine Spyrou

In the dairy department, cage free non-GMO eggs dropped to a mere $2.99 per dozen, while organic eggs are now $3.99. Smaller discounts are also available on butter and shredded mozzarella products.

Image taken by Foodbeast/Constantine Spyrou.

The best area to look for discounts in the store, however, is the bulk goods section. We tallied at least 30 items in this area that received price cuts. The biggest products to watch for here is the quinoa. Several different variants received discounts of at least $2 per pound, making this trendy grain a whole lot more affordable.

CNN has also found Amazon Echos for sale in a Whole Foods. While that wasn’t the case at the store we visited, the possibility of its availability there in the future is plausible.

On top of these discounts, Whole Foods is continuing to offer various sales on different products, so make sure to check your local store for those deals as well. If you want to find all of the Amazon Whole Foods discounts, look for orange signs like those in the above pictures.

With these new price drops, Whole Foods is well on its way to becoming more affordable and accessible to all. This is just the beginning of the Whole Foods and Amazon partnership, so the grocery industry should be ready for more from them in the near future..