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Gordon Ramsay Can Now Use Amazon Alexa To Roast Your Bad Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s become notorious for roasting dishes on Twitter, and he’s now taking that talent to Amazon’s Alexa.

After a hilarious appearance in the corporate giant’s Super Bowl ad, Ramsay dropped a video on his social feeds announcing the new Alexa skill. Enabling it will summon the foul-mouthed chef, who will then proceed to rip you every time you ask him to critique one of your dishes. Sadly, all actual cursing is censored, so it’s not 100% authentic to the true Gordon Ramsay experience. Also, unlike the commercial, asking for a recipe won’t have the Michelin-starred chef berating you for not knowing how to make a grilled cheese.

While it’s fun to listen to the first few times, having Chef Ramsay tell you how shit you are repeatedly can get stale fast. Fortunately, there are a few other uses for his savagery. If you’ve got a friend who thinks they’re a hotshot cook, summon Ramsay to bring them down to earth a bit. Or, if your mom cooks her “legendary” not-so-savory pork chops and asks for your thoughts, you can jokingly reveal the truth through this Alexa skill. (She may not get the message, though.)