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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Fail At Coaching An Amateur Cook

If you’re an amateur cook, attempting recipes can be hard when you’re not entirely sure what to do. That’s why it’s great to have a recipe or instructional video to go at your own pace, learn the basics, and gain confidence in your cooking.

So if you’re learning a recipe on the fly from Gordon Ramsay while trying to keep up with him in the kitchen… it may not be the best thing for your confidence.

Bon Appetit, however, thought it would be a fun idea to give it a go. They brought in Shane, an amateur cook, to learn a crab cake recipe from Gordon Ramsay. The catch? Gordon would be making it while turned away from him, so Shane would have to learn verbally. He also only had 15 minutes to make the dish.

Shane got off to a slow start, struggling with breaking down the crab and extracting the meat (thank God he had some extra, pre-shelled crab off to the side). After that, Chef Ramsay then instructed him to cut up some bell peppers. That’s where everything went downhill.

“The secret of these peppers is to make sure it’s small dicing.” – Gordon Ramsay


Yea, Shane didn’t really get the idea of small dice on that one.

While trying to keep up with Chef Ramsay, Shane kept going through even more shortcuts that ended up costing him. The worst of those being that he didn’t mix the crab cakes thoroughly, so they didn’t set or form cakes in the pan, leaving him with a mess.

In the end, Gordon Ramsay served up a beautiful crab cake, while Shane served up a… crab salad?


Hey, at least Chef Ramsay liked the taste, Shane. Better luck next time.