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Amanda Bynes Wants To Be a Bartender Because She Needs the Money


Amanda Bynes has a plan to get back to her “normal life,” and it’s by dolling out Fireball shots at the bar.

Sources close to her tell TMZ that she’s really interested in “a normal life” and believes employment at a bar would help her reach that goal.

“Wait, isn’t Amanda Bynes rich from all that residual All That Nickelodeon money? Why is she trying to work in a bar?” you must be asking yourself.

Your questions are valid, she does indeed have that buku money, in fact her fortune is valued at $5.7 million. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have access to that money due to her conservatorship and she only receives $50 – $100 day, when her parents are feeling generous.

I wonder what bar she plans to work at? Anyone reading have any openings?



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