Alcohol Beer Hit-Or-Miss Toasty

Man Got So Drunk, He Unnecessarily Climbed A Mountain To Find His Hotel

The great Aubrey “Drake” Graham once said he lived for the nights that he can’t remember. While many like to follow that mantra when painting the town red, there’s no way this guy’s friends will ever let him forget the time he drunkenly climbed a damn mountain for no reason.

What should have been a brisk walk from the Cervinia resort in Italy, to a nearby hotel, an over-imbibed Estonian tourist identified as Pavel, 30, somehow ended up scaling the Italian Alps, according to La Stampa.

Photo courtesy of Igloo

Pavel thought he was on the right track to the hotel on that 2 a.m. mission, but eventually started making his way up walking nearby mountains. He kept climbing about 2 miles up until he spotted in the distance, of all things, a bar located on the mountain. Pavel broke into the bar, aptly named Igloo, slept through the night, woke up with a killer hangover, and now has a ridiculous story that could have only been powered by alcohol.

The next morning, Igloo staff found Pavel passed out in the bar before alerting police.

Pavel was fined for the incident, but was not charged with anything, which is nice because the poor guy had a rough night.

While drinking almost led to his demise, it was ironic that a bar that kept him safe through the snowy night. Good luck topping this one on your spring break.