Alphabet Sandwich Includes One Ingredient Per Letter, from Krispy Kreme to Mac & Cheese


Nick Chipman, better known as the “Dude” from Dudefoods, is no stranger to extravagance. In his four year tenure, he’s spawned everything from Bacon Weave Tacos to Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes. This time around, the fearless blogger finagled a way to incorporate each letter of the alphabet into a single, magnificent, 28 (buns included) level sandwich. The beast’s name? Simply, the Alphabet Sandwich.

Funnily enough, the layers aren’t in alphabetical order, but Chipman promises each letter is represented. A, for example, is avocado. B, of course, is bacon. C is cheese, G is garlic bread, K is Krispy Kreme donuts, R is ramen noodles, and X is xylocarp, which he defines as a “hard, woody fruit that grows on trees.” Somehow this became “coconut.” Check out how it all played out below.


Of course, after reading that inordinate ingredient list, one commenter noted she wasn’t sure she’d be down to tackle this monstrosity. Oh honey, not with that attitude.