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The Shrinking Screens Of TV Dinners

Whether you’re ready for the five millionth season of Grey’s Anatomy, out for blood while watching Empire, or just hoping that you can navigate the minefield of spoilers while trying to catch up on Game of Thrones, quality TV can be as heartwarming as a cup of hot cocoa.

Primetime television became an additional family member in American households about half a century ago and we took very little time to jump from watching I Love Lucy after dinner to plopping pre-portioned food on mini tables we still call TV trays during a half hour of America’s favorite redhead.

Even though the tradition of watching a show while you eat still stands, you don’t really find frozen dinners outside the freezers of devout Weight Watchers and substitute teachers. Plus, the advents of Hulu, Netflix, smartphones, and tablets have created an anytime, anywhere atmosphere of media guzzling.  So, where does that leave the TV dinner? Can we have TV lunches? Do we even need our TVs? 

TV dinner version 2016. #tvdinner #tv #vegan #dinner #terrasse

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Our morphing social landscape is creating a space for individualism and the ever-popular “me time.” You can really eat however you want, whenever you want with Queen Elizabeth II or the cast of Downton Abbey. If you do find yourself eating alone, your smartphone can keep you company or help you avoid awkward eye contact with strangers/co-workers you don’t know very well.

Gear Up

Support your phone

Whether it’s simple DIY phone stands made via origami or a couple of binder clips to Miso Soup Design’s ramen bowl with a built in phone stand, you’re going to need some help propping up your phone. (

Wireless meals

Dining in public brings a certain noise level to the table and no one likes headphone wires in their food, so invest in a pair of wireless earbuds so you don’t miss a single punchline or plot twist.

Splash zone

Even if you have a newer, water resistant phone, getting your phone wet is never ideal. Be wary of your splash zone and safeguard your phone with a waterproof case or, at the very least, a plastic screen protector.

Eating For One

Focus on what you’re eating

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Just because you’re using a smaller screen doesn’t mean the issues stemming from eating and watching TV disappear. If you’re watching a 22-minute comedy and you’ve finished your meal in the first seven minutes, you need to slow down. Television has a way of distracting us from our body’s fullness signals, so it’s important to reign in your fork.

Stay strong

If you’re chowing your way through a drama, watch out for those tears. They’ll add some unplanned flavor to your meal while dehydrating you and making you hungrier! Comedies are much safer calorie-wise (plus, they offer a little abdominal workout), but too much hilarity might require a self-heimlich maneuver.

Whatever you choose, make sure you relax and take comfort in the fact that you’re supporting an American tradition with a modern edge.


Why This Amazing Restaurant Owner Doesn’t Let People Eat Alone On Thanksgiving


A touching note posted on the window of a restaurant has gained the attention of passer byers and the internet.

With Thanksgiving peeking around the corner, the restaurant’s owner is aware that some people might be alone on the special holiday. His restaurant, Senate Coney Island, in Northville, Michigan, is extending dinner invitations to individuals who are home alone on Thanksgiving day.

The owner, George, moved to the United States from Greece when he was 23 years old. He experienced homelessness at a young age when he left home for Athens at the age of 12.

The now-successful businessman told WILX10 that he once had to depend on others for food during his struggle. Back on his feet and succeeding with his restaurant business, George is paying it forward and offering free meals to lonely diners in the spirit of Thanksgiving day. It has become something of a tradition, of which he said:

“It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit.”

Redditor rhymingisfun snapped a photo of the note and posted it to the site on Thursday. The picture of the man’s good deed has since gone viral.

Written by Laura Dang of NextShark


This Lonely Bachelor’s Food Blog Will Make You Cry


Consider this a warning: Do NOT read this blog if:

  1. You happen to be eating alone right now
  2. You enjoy being happy
  3. Food fail sightings send you into deep depression

The Tumblr Dimly Lit Meals for One chronicles the sad bachelor meals we all know we made in college and beyond. It’s that awkward stage between figuring out how to cook pasta, but wanting to move away from Chinese takeout and burritos every night. It results in sad sad meals like couscous and tuna, soggy eggs on toast, and potato-thingies.

Seriously guys, if you’re really struggling this much, email me. I will come over and cook you a meal (maybe). You’re breaking my heart here.


Space docking with Nigel Farrage



Custard Danish



Inspired by MasterChef Junior



Onions, Tuna, Tomato. Probably smells fantastic.



Fish Fil-A



Rustic Mini-Pizza



‘I-haven’t-gotten-laid-in-a-while toast’



Korma, Lasagne, Sweet and Sour Chinese and Gnocci. Fusion food



Depressed, but healthy


Picthx Dimly Lit Meals For One


Would You Eat at the World’s First ‘Forever Alone’ Restaurant?


“Table for one.” At most restaurants, that tiny statement is enough to earn you more than a couple confused, if not pitying looks. But not at Amsterdam’s “Eenmaal,” the world’s first self-proclaimed “one-person” restaurant, where tiny tables and single placemats and ample personal space are enough to make anyone feel like a leper, on purpose.

The two-day pop-up opened its doors last Thursday and takes its name from the Dutch word for “once,” according to Google Translate. As in, once I had friends, but they all stayed in our hometown when I moved to the big city. Or once I had a girlfriend but we broke up and she took the dog. Or once I spent my lunch hours at bars chatting up the bartender until I realized he was way out of my league and I would be alone forever and somehow ended up at this awful restaurant that seemingly exists just to reinforce my loneliness.


In all honesty, I like eating by myself, but because I’m a voyeur who loves people watching, not because I enjoy being gawked at, which seems to be the only thing a place like Eenmaal would be good for. Well, that and recreating that perfect seeing-a-gorgeous-stranger-from-across-the-room moment. It’s okay, it’s not like you were going to talk to your dining companion anyway.

H/T + PicThx Pop Up City, Brand Education Services