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Serving All-Day Breakfast Just Paid Off BIG TIME For McDonald’s, Here’s Why


McDonald’s started the financial year at a low, but ever since the fast food company began to serve all-day breakfast, things appear to have turned around. At least, for now. NRN reports that the all-day breakfast addition to the burger chain has brought in new customers and boosted lunchtime sales.

According to NPD Firm, a market research group, there has been a “sizable lift” in breakfast ordered throughout the day. An analysis of 27,000 customer recipeits showed that 61 percent of McDonald’s guests who bought breakfast for lunch also added non-breakfast items to their orders.

No longer restricted to a 10:30am window for breakfast, customers are now showing up at all times of their day to get their Egg McMuffin or biscuit fix.

While the company still hasn’t released the entire breakfast menu, here’s hoping this success will open more doors for that opportunity. We gotta get our lunchtime McGriddle fix.

UPDATE: McDonald’s also shot over an infographic that gives us an idea of what folks are ordering with their breakfast items.


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This Single Burger King Showed That They Can Also Do All-Day Breakfast

Burger King Breakfast Franchise

McDonald’s has been making the fast food headlines ever since they started serving all-day breakfast earlier this month. For the Burger Kings located across the street from those McDonald’s, that can’t be good. So one BK decided to do something about it.

A Burger King in Garwood, N.J., is offering an all-day breakfast menu to compete with the McDonald’s that sits across the street, ABC News reports. The BK serves muffins, hash browns, croissants, French toast and a breakfast platter.

With recent rumblings of the green side effects of the Halloween Whopper, Burger King needs a positive banger to draw in the customers. Convenient breakfast might do just that.

Burger King has not yet commented on the actions of this single Burger King franchise. There’s gotta be some kind of breakfast rule for franchisees. Otherwise, it’ll just confuse customers.

Meanwhile, McDonalds’ across the country have become busier now that they’re serving breakfast items at all hours of the day.

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McDonald’s May Begin Serving Breakfast ALL DAY, EVERYWHERE


Looks like the dream of an all-day McDonald’s breakfast might be coming true. An internal memo sent by McDonald’s Corp. to franchisees tells the store owners to get ready for a potential national launch of the morning menu, NRN reports.

Apparently, results from the all-day breakfast tests in San Diego and Nashville we “encouraging” enough to warrant national preparation. While it’s not a guarantee that they’ll make the national launch official, they’re getting everyone ready in case it does happen.

According to NRN, McDonald’s says that serving the breakfast menu all day is the number one request they get from customers. Currently, they serve breakfast until 10:30 a.m. every morning and 11:00 a.m. on weekends. Due to the having too many ingredients between the lunch menu and breakfast, serving an all-day breakfast menu would prove complicated for franchisees to execute.

Breakfast sales are typically consistent, despite decline in McDonalds’ overall sales. If a breakfast does expand to an all-day menu, McDonald’s might very well see a rise in sales.

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McDonald’s Planning to Serve Breakfast All Day?


Jack in the Box has got it all figured out. Fully aware that no one in his right mind would ever willingly eat their grease-drenched $1 “tacos,” they instead targeted those who weren’t in their right minds (hello, hangover food!). And now it seems McDonald’s is finally catching on.

Following the success of their newly launched “Breakfast After Midnight” menu, McDonald’s is apparently wising up to the fact that select segments of the general population just happen to like starting their days at, say, 2 in the afternoon.

According to CNBC, McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson recently revealed in an interview that the fast food giant has “looked at” serving breakfast all day, and that the expansion could take effect sometime “in the near future.”

It’s not enough to have breakfast all day though. Why not the whole menu all day? Yes, french fries for breakfast, I see you.

For more details about future McDonald’s expansion plans, click through to the link below.

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