This Bomb Squad Was Called In To Investigate A Bag Of Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Stk

A post office in Alabama recently had quite the scare when a some mysterious bags were left outside its doors. Typically, when unexpected packages are sitting in front of government buildings, folks tend to get pretty anxious. Even if that package was filled with hot dogs.

First We Feast reports that after the authorities and bomb squads with robots arrived to contain the bags, they discovered the bags were filled with hot dogs wrapped in aluminum foil.

No bombs.

Authorities say they absolutely had to take all the precautions they did. There was no telling what was actually in the bags before they were able to safely examine them.

It’s still unclear who initially left the bags of foil-wrapped hot dogs in front of the building and why. Though if they don’t fess up soon, we have a feeling those juicy dogs won’t be around for them to claim much sooner.