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This is the First Premium Vodka to Be Distilled From Greek Olives

The majority of folks are familiar with vodka being a potato or grain-based alcohol, sure. But did you know that there’s a premium one distilled from Greek olives and grains?

Introducing Kastra Elion, a unique new vodka that is family-owned and artisan-crafted in Greece from the finest Greek olives hand-picked from the Nafpaktos region. Beyond that, they’re mixed with a curated selection of grains and mineral-rich spring water from the Crystalline Rock in Mount Taygetus.

As for flavor, Kastra Elion starts off sweet, and is then met with a more complex, full-bodied, buttery-fruity finish with slightly spicy undertones.

Grab a bottle of Kastra Elion at your local retailer now and experience a one of a kind Greek touch with your next sip of vodka.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

Jameson Irish Whiskey Introduces New Jameson Orange

Jameson Orange is a brand new expression from Jameson Irish Whiskey that gives a refreshing, citrusy twist to the classic spirit.

The new offering is a bottle bursting with natural orange flavor that mingles with triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey and clocks in at 30% ABV. With this new Jameson Orange, the door to endless cocktail possibilities is opened.

“The concept behind Jameson Orange was to create a product that would appeal to a growing audience of flavored spirits fans and curious whiskey drinkers, drawing on the quality and integrity of our award-winning triple-distilled Irish whiskey,” said Sona Bajaria, Vice President of Marketing, Jameson at Pernod Ricard USA.

Jameson Orange is now available at retailers and bars nationwide.

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Lay’s Has Just Debuted Its Own Vodka

Lay’s been had potatoes, so it makes all the sense in the world for them to debut their own vodka. Using their signature, proprietary potatoes, Lay’s partnered up with Eastside Distilling for the new, one-of-a-kind spirit.

Lay’s Vodka was precisely crafted from a blend of Portland Potato Vodka and vodka distilled from Lay’s potatoes, lending to a crisp, clean finish.

Fans can now purchase Lay’s Vodka here for $40, while supplies last.

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Ohio Man Transforms a Fire Truck into a Mobile Taproom

If there ever were a Beer Hall of Fame to exist, I’m pretty sure Kevin Mullan of Toledo, Ohio would be a first ballot candidate Why? Well, the legend that is Kevin Mullan was able to transform a whole fire truck into a mobile taproom, filled with beer from the city’s local craft breweries.

It all started when Mullan noticed a distribution gap between said breweries and thirsty fans at local events. He saw that there was a need for folks to effectively try all the liquid gold that local breweries had to offer. From there, he was able to source everything from Facebook Marketplace, including the fire truck and all the equipment needed to renovate it — all under a budget of just $15,000.

This epic mobile taproom was dubbed Tapped 419, and soon began to service local events, in turn boosting sales for the city’s breweries. Once the pandemic hit, however, Mullan had to pivot Tapped 419’s services, with a focus on frontline medical workers and those in need.

It’s a heartwarming tale of resilience and charity, all thanks to Kevin Mullan’s wild idea to turn a fire truck into a mobile taproom for the people.

Alcohol Drinks What's New

Jim Beam Drops a Limited-Edition Bourbon Cream Liqueur for the Holidays

The holidays bring about the warm and fuzzies, whether it be through the company of loved ones or the overall vibes. But much can be said about a good seasonal bottle of the good stuff that helps contribute to that holiday comfort.

Jim Beam knows the vibes and has dropped a new, limited edition Bourbon Cream liqueur. This new innovation brings together sweet cream liqueur with the trusted Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The result parades bourbon notes of vanilla, caramel and oak — perfect straight up or complimenting some velvety egg nog.

New Jim Beam Bourbon Cream is now available at select retailers nationwide for $19.99 (750 mL bottle).

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HPNOTIQ Drops New Freeze Pops

If you dig into my hip hop playlist covering the early 2000’s I guarantee you that I can dig up more than a handful of lyrics that mention HPNOTIQ. The dazzling blue liqueur made up of HPNOTIQ juice and premium cognac from France was THEE drink back then. And don’t get me started on the Incredible Hulk mixed drink, which perhaps should be saved for another convo.

Now can you believe it’s been 20 years since HPNOTIQ’s debut? To celebrate this 20th anniversary, HPNOTIQ has just debuted a new product: Freeze Pops.

HPNOTIQ Freeze Pops are simply the brilliant blue liqueur in frozen, on-the-go form. This fruit-flavored frozen treat comes ready to freeze and enjoy at 6% alcohol/volume.

Never mind that the temps are starting to dip out there, if it’s HPNOTIQ coming in Freeze Pop form, then I’m partaking.

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IHOP Is Adding Booze To Some Locations

For the first time in its 60-plus-year history, IHOP is adding alcoholic beverages to its menu, namely in the form of beer, wine, and bubbly.

This is made possibly by IHOP giving franchisees the opportunity to serve booze via an alcohol menu crafted by the company itself. Options include Bud Light, Blue Moon, Corona, Barefoot Bubbly Brut, Barefoot Bubbly Chardonnay, and Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. Some locations may offer some local options, too. Although no hard liquor because, you know, family vibes and all. Wouldn’t want grandpa getting zooted over his short stack, right?

Since it’s the franchisees choice on whether to serve the company alcohol menu, the number of locations that have booze are limited to a select few in New Mexico, one in San Diego starting in September, and nine more in New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Ohio, by the end of the year.

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An Australian Brewery Creates Hard Seltzer Dispeners

Photo: Moon Dog Craft Brewery

A Melbourne, Australia-based brewery is creating some buzz around its invention of a hard seltzer dispenser based on growth from its Fizzer seltzers collection. Moon Dog Craft Brewery’s creation has been trialing so far at Moon Dog World and is patent-pending according to BrewsNews.

However, thanks to a major grant from Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, the hard seltzer dispenser is ready to roll out to a number of bars and venues. This innovation is another win for the hard seltzer segment, which is poised to have another impactful and fruitful summer. Hard seltzers are only going to get more popular and with inventions like the Fizzer hard seltzer dispenser, the beverage’s ubiquity is inevitable.

For Moon Dog Craft Brewery, riding that wave is going to be a smooth ride, as they look to install 1,000 systems in the next 12 months.