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Matthew McConaughey Directs Latest Commercial For Wild Turkey

Matthew McConaughey lives the life. He’s a leading man on the big screen and in recent years has began lending his signature Southern drawl to pitch cars (you know the commercials) and now bourbon.

Wild Turkey Bourbon, who made McConaughey a Creative Director last year, had him star and direct their latest commercial.

A continuation of its “It’ll Find You” global marketing campaign, the spot follows McConaughey as he strolls down a street with a bottle of Wild Turkey (obviously). At every turn he hears a familiar song — one he can’t get out of his head. Finally, he comes to two chairs in front of a fire and there beside him sits Davie, the musician whose song “Testify” has been playing throughout.  Throughout the spot, McConaughey narrates: “We didn’t set out to make a hit, we just sang our song. Real bourbon, no apologies. Wild Turkey. It’ll find you.” Well, alright, alright.

“This new TV spot demonstrates the cool ease and authenticity of this brand,” said McConaughey via a statement. “I met Wild Turkey’s Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell years ago, and I immediately knew something was special about this brand – they’re not afraid to do things the right way, even if that’s not the easiest way, never changing the formula to follow consumer trends. And if you live your life with the same principles, Wild Turkey will find you.”

Wild Turkey found McConaughey a few years ago upon his first visit to their Kentucky distillery where he was introduced to the Russells, the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame father and son Master Distiller team who have worked at the Wild Turkey Distillery for nearly 100 years collectively.

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The Original ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ Switches From Beer To Tequila

“I Told You” Astral Tequila Teaser from Davos Brands on Vimeo.

He doesn’t always drink beer. Sometimes, he drinks tequila too.

Dos Equis’ former actor for “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” Jonathan Goldsmith, has shifted careers and is now the public face for Astral Tequila. In the first commercial teaser, which just dropped a couple of days ago, Goldsmith even gives a shoutout to his former self as he moves on to his new role of drinking tequila on TV.

“I told you… I don’t always drink beer.”

While Goldsmith referenced his old role in the Astral Tequila commercial, he sadly won’t be able to reprise it for the time being. The title of “Most Interesting Man” is still owned by Dos Equis and its owning brand, Heineken USA, and they’ve already moved on with a new actor to play the part. Goldsmith can reference who he was in the past though, since that doesn’t infringe on any rights.

We’ll definitely stay thirsty for more commercials to see if Goldsmith continues to drop the “Most Interesting Man” hints or not.