Do Valentine’s Day Right with This DIY Mini Alcohol Bottle Bouquet


The quickest way to ruin a 90’s kids’ day is to remind them of all the subliminal subtext in their favorite childhood cartoons. The reason only Angelica could understand the babies? They were just her imagination. That weird hooker toy in the first Toy Story movie? Oh God, why. Chemical X in the Powerpuff Girls? Totally meant alcohol!

Which is partially why this mini alcohol bottle bouquet is so dang cute. When images of a similar arrangement made its way round the interwebs early last year, the whole display, while creative, was sadly still missing something. A feminine touch, if you will. Like sparkles. Or Malibu.

But this version, made for my friend’s 21st birthday by her boyfriend and best friend, is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Just set styrofoam at the bottom of the basket, tape some alcohol to sticks and decorate to desired frilliness. This Valentine’s Day, give your girl a gift she’s sure to enjoy. Quite possibly, for hours longer than she should.

H/T + Picthx justinerio


The ‘Alcohol Bouquet’ is a Real Thing

There are a lot of ways to show love…and one of the longest standing gestures is giving your friend or loved one a bouquet of flowers, fruit (Edible Arrangements), bacon…or alcohol? That’s right, an Alcohol Bouquet is an actual thing.

Considering miniature bottles of alcohol are super cute, what better way to show your alcohol guzzling roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend/frat bro how much you love them than with a bouquet of grandaddy’s cough syrup?

Looks easy enough to make, grab a fun-looking pail, grab some dirt (better yet, fill it with crushed up brownies and sour gummy worms), get long green stems of some kind, tape them properly to your alcohol bottles of choice, and give it to a lucky, lucky individual.

Stay thirsty friends:

(Thx @Cocomohnkern)