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Don Francisco’s Giving Away Free Dozen Donuts In These States

Who: Don Francisco’s Coffee

What: Receive a free dozen mix and match donuts from the bakery with the purchase of select Don Francisco’s Coffee products in honor of National Doughnut Day.

Where: Albertson’s and Safeway locations in the Portland, Seattle, Denver and Intermountain areas. Click through to find a Safeway, Albertson’s or Stater Bros near you.

When: June 7th, 2019 for Portland, Denver and the Intermountain (ID, SD, WY, UT, MT) area; June 5th – 11th, 2019 for Seattle.

Why: Because no one is having a day so good it couldn’t be improved by free donuts.

National Doughnut Day is June 7th and in celebration, Don Francisco’s is running a promotion that ups the ante from the standard “one free doughnut per person” – a free DOZEN mix and match donuts! Check out the details below:

Albertsons/Safeway Portland: Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s/Safeway Denver: Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s Intermountain (ID, SD, WY, UT, MT): Buy one 10-12 oz. bag of Don Francisco’s coffee OR one 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one assorted dozen Private Label donuts. (6/7/19)

Albertson’s/Safeway Seattle: Buy any two 12 oz. Don Francisco Coffee Cans, Cold Brew or 12 count Don Francisco’s Single Serve and get one dozen assorted Private Label donuts. (6/5/19 – 6/11/19)

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Read these suggested pairings to make the most of your designated dozen!

#1. Glazed & Cinnamon Hazelnut

A classic deserves a classic and nothing screams all-American, fried dough goodness like a traditional glazed doughnut paired with the spicy, nutty flavor of Don Francisco’s Cinnamon Hazelnut.

#2. Sprinkled & Hawaiian Hazelnut

Who says the unofficial drink of adulthood has to be drab? With a warm hazelnut aroma and hints of coconut, Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Arabica blend meets it’s match with a sprinkled donut for a combination that brings the whimsy.  

#3. Donut Croissant & Breakfast Blend

Some trends are so delicious that they outlive their fifteen minutes of fame – the donut croissant is one such creation. Tuck into this brilliant breakfast food hybrid with a mug of Don Francisco’s Breakfast Blend for a sweet start to your day.

#4. Sour Cream & Espresso

It’s a universal truth that darkness and decadence fit each other like a slipper. Tap into that with Don Francisco’s Espresso and a sour cream donut for a combination that’s the taste equivalent of watching true crime in a comfy sweater.  

#5. Persian Donut & Organic French Roast

Delicious and underrated, the complex, concentric Persian donut balances beautifully with Don Francisco’s French Roast, for a dark horse duo that balances sweet with smoky.

Out of the area and feeling left out? Those of you in SoCal are in luck with Stater Bros – buy any two 12 count Don Francisco’s French Roast Single Serve Box or Don Francisco’s French Roast coffee bags and receive one dozen free Hostess donuts for your trouble! (6/7/19)

Created in partnership with Don Francisco’s Coffee.


Albertsons Is Merging With Rite Aid, Creating New Supermarket & Health Brand

Photo: Caldorwards4 | Wikimedia Commons

Out of all the popular grocery chains, Albertsons was always my favorite. I remember walking home from school and picking up some fried chicken from the deli, a jalapeño cheddar bun, and a Monster energy drink to fuel the rest of my evening.

As I grew older, I saw less Albertsons stand the test of time. The two locations closest to me shut down, forcing me to find other locations slightly further. Now, though, it looks like there’s hope left for our beloved supermarket chain.

In a bold move to expand their reach, Albertsons announced that they will be merging with pharmacy retailer Rite Aid.

Supermarket News reported that under this merger, a majority of Albertsons private label products will now be sold at Rite Aid stores. Albertsons’ existing in-store pharmacies will also rebrand into Rite Aid. Both stores will then unite under a new, yet to be announced, name and branding.

Because some Rite Aids and Albertsons stores are pretty close to one another in proximity in certain regions, it’s still unknown whether there will be closures once the merger happens.

Patrons can expect the deal to be finalized in the latter half of 2018.

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Albertson’s Acquires Shark Tank Alum Plated For Nearly $200 Million

When meal kit service Plated launched in 2012, it aimed to bring convenient personal dinner experiences to those passionate about food. The company flourished following their appearance on Shark Tank in 2014. A 2015 episode of Beyond the Tank revealed that while an initial deal with Mark Cuban fell through, Shark Kevin O’Leary helped bring them into the black and grow into a successful business.


Photo courtesy of Plated

Today, Plated is joining forces with a supermarket giant to spread its influence even further. Albertson’s, which owns about 20 major supermarket brands across the country like Safeway and Acme, is acquiring the meal kit service for somewhere between $175-$200 million. The Information reports, however, that the final price could be twice as high based on “earnout payments” that will be attributed to Plated’s growth over the next couple of years.

The new deal is a win-win for both businesses. On one hand, Albertson’s gains a powerful meal kit branch that gives it a unique position in the retail space. The Wall Street Journal reports that customers at Alberston’s stores will soon be able to order Plated meal kits for delivery or pickup from their nearest location. That brings uniqueness, customization, and a brand history of quality into Albertson’s prepared meal space.

On the other hand, Plated now has the ability to scale up its business even further. A stated goal of this acquisition is that the Shark Tank alum becomes the first multi-channel meal kit offering at the national level. As Albertson’s puts their meal kits in stores as well as online, the distribution of these customizable dinners will definitely increase.


Handgun Found In Frozen Ribs at Albertsons

A worker at a New Mexico Albertsons supermarket found that his shipment of meat decided to flex its second amendment right.

When the employee opened a package of frozen ribs, it was packing some serious heat in the form of a semi-automatic handgun with seven rounds of ammunition.

A police report showed that the Swift Packing Plant in Greeley, Colorado delivered the meat, but the kicker is that the package was marked back to June 2011.

Police said that any thoughts on how the semi-automatic Rock Island Armory .38 Super got in the package of meat would be pure speculation.

I say speculation is always fun, so here are three guesses as to how the gun got in there:

  1. The ribs are actually those of a poor little pig who crossed The Godfather. Don Corleone is probably reading this story with a smirk on his face.
  2. The shipment of ribs was actually supposed to be sent to Suge Knight’s house. Now he has to rethink dinner.
  3. Krispy Kreme.

via HuffPost


Anaheim, CA: Ho-Toy’s Chinese Food

Let me tell you about Ho-Toy’s Chinese food on St. College in Anaheim. Ho-Toy’s is the Chinese food spot that you wish your Chinese food spot was like. They give you more food than you know what to do with, it’s always fresh and hot, and is just all around amazing. If you blinked you’d probably miss this place, but if you enter the magic wonderland of Ho-Toy’s you will not be disappointed. Here is my last meal there; Orange chicken, BBQ chicken and about 2 pounds of chow mein. Thank you wonderful Chinese ladies that serve this up for me.