Sounds Reasonable: Japanese Cafe Sometimes Closed Due to ‘Hangovers,’ ‘Witch Attacks,’ and ‘Feeling Kind of Sad Today’


Ask anyone for a single reason they didn’t want to come to work today, and you’ll probably end up with a list of at least ten or twelve. But it’s a rare employer who’ll actually grant you a day off simply because you were “feeling kind of sad.”

To the folks at the Ajiyoshi cafe in Tsukuba, Japan, however, being down in the dumps is a totally legitimate reason to play hooky. As is “the summer heat being […] too much to take,” “eating too many grilled chicken skewers,” and “magic attack-related back pain.”


According to Japanese news site Rocket News, the notoriously easy-going, mom-n-pop cafe Ajiyoshi has been known to close its doors on a whim frequently throughout the years, but always with good reason, as proven by the chalkboard sign outside or the restaurant’s Twitter feed.

Some of our favorites include:

“We’re feeling kind of sad today. So, we’re closed.”

“We totally screwed up cooking one of our side dishes. So, we’re closed.”

“A witch attacked us out of the blue. We’re in bed with magic attack-related back pain.”

“Hungover. Try again tomorrow.”

“We ate too many grilled chicken skewers yesterday. Sorry, we’re gonna have to take the day off.”

Can you say dream job?

PicThx Rocket News