This Guy Fly-By Delivering His Buddy A Sandwich Is Friendship Goals AF [WATCH]

Nathan Howatt of Langdon, North Dakota posted a video of himself making a Subway sandwich delivery in the oddest way possible, descending his plane toward his buddy’s farm, tossing the sub, and flying away.

The reason Howatt was flying over in the first place, was because he was returning home from a dentist appointment. While most people drive, walk, or take public transportation in order to make it to their dentist appointments, it takes a real badass to fly himself there.

Since Howatt was already in the city, he hit up his friend Mitchell Wirth to see if he wanted anything for lunch, and it eventually led to the fly-by delivery. We have Wirth to thank for documented the delivery on Snapchat, showing what the drop looked like from the ground. The video shows the Subway sandwich coming down and tumbling to safety. It was even warm still by the time it got to Wirth’s hands.

As of this writing, the video has received over 10 million Facebook views, as the small-town boys created a major buzz on the internet.

Even Subway itself got in on the fun, and re-posted the video on its Facebook account.

These are obviously friendship goals, as you know you have a real homie when he literally flies over you and drops off your lunch.


Here’s Why Diet Coke Takes The Longest To Pour On An Airplane

If your buns have ever touched the seat of an airplane, chances are you’ve received a beverage from the drink cart that makes its way down the aisle, making sure your thirst is quenched during your flight.

While you make your choice between the usual water, soda, tomato juice, or ginger ale, it seems that Diet Coke, specifically, takes the longest to pour and get to your impatient hands.

An attendant from the These Gold Wings flight blog, said that the carbonation, combined with altitude makes Diet Coke a bit of a hassle to pour, as the bubbles take forever to go down and get a proper pour on the first try.

The blogger stated that she has to get started on other passengers’ drinks as she waits for the bubbles to go down on the Diet Coke.

There was a study conducted by the Illinois State University that concluded Diet Coke was more fizzy than regular Coke, according to

Just out of curiosity, we did a pour test on both sodas in the Foodbeast office. While we were able to fill up a glass with Coke on one try, for the Diet Coke, we had to wait on the bubbles to go down a bit before being able to completely pour the whole can, with a difference of around three to four seconds having to pass before we could resume pouring the Diet Coke into the glass again.

The blogging flight attendant did provide a video for a method she uses to try and cut the time, but it seems a bit unsanitary as it requires the surface of the can touching the poured drink.

At least now you know, if you’re on a plane and ask for a Diet Coke, you’re probably going to be the last one in your row to get your drink.


40+ Indian Pilots Were Discovered Flying Under The Influence

Drinking and flying is the obvious next step once you get tired of drinking and driving, right?

Quartz India has recently released a report outlining a serious problem emerging in Indian airports lately, but more specifically in the past year. According to the study, pilots have been struggling to keep their hands off the bottle before they take to the skies.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.09.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.10.47 PM

The Ministry of Civil Aviation provided data showing that in the last 3 years, 2015 was the worst in terms of pilots virtually showing up to work drunk. Considering how strict and severe (and rightly so) the punishments are for flying under the influence of alcohol, it’s a bit baffling that 43 different pilots would get caught doing it in the span of one year, with a frightening majority of them coming from IndiGo and Jet Airways, India’s first and second largest airline carriers.


After being caught the first time, the pilot will have his license suspended for 3 months, a punishment that, frankly, seems ridiculously lenient. After a second offense, the stakes are raised a bit higher, keeping the pilot out of the skies for three years, a long enough time to make one seriously ponder the important things in life.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.08.22 PM

Finally, a third violation will lead to the revoking of the pilot’s license altogether, although getting to this point likely means the pilot has much more serious shit he should probably sift through before he even considers reapplying for his license.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.08.35 PM

While these violations can affect a pilot’s standing in the aviation community, a second violation normally leads to termination from the company anyways, despite being allowed to hold on to your license until being reinstated.

Since 2013, 109 pilots have tested positive for alcohol during pre-flight evaluations. Of those 109, a staggering 63 pilots came from IndiGo and Jet Airways, a troubling number for any airline company. After the release of this information, IndiGo responded in typical corporate fashion by releasing a statement that barely touched the surface of the information that was presented to them, and “subtly” highlighted their areas of success in terms of aviation safety.

We have an education program for crew members, which highlights the issues on use of alcohol and drugs. The response to this program has been positive. Further, flight crew members before joining IndiGo undergo drug testing and during line operations the drug testing is carried out on a random basis. No crew has tested positive for any drug abuse during random checking.

This seems like a pretty important issue to manage, especially when considering the rapid growth of air travel in India and the country’s push to become the third largest country in terms of air travel. While currently only servicing 190 million passengers yearly, India is expected to be home to roughly 370 million flyers by 2020, an estimation based off of current population growth and increased affordability of plane tickets.

Despite the rigorous tests and procedures in place to prevent any inebriated flying, it’s frightening to think that this has happened 43 times in 2015, and still continues to happen today, 16 times so far in 2016 already. One aviation expert expressed his shock at the number of pilots that have been stopped in the last few years. “I am at a loss for words. This is completely unacceptable behavior and needs to be eliminated ruthlessly. Here, we are talking about someone who is responsible for human lives both in the aircraft and on the ground. A tiny error of judgement can cause irreparable damage.”

Until things settle down, it might be a good idea to start taking trains rather than short, domestic flights.



Photos: Daiji World, Wikipedia, Quartz India, The Fix


Airplane Food: Economy Vs. First Class Meals on 19 Airlines


Only those of us who frequently fly international have the pleasure of dining of airline food, but what even fewer people know is the often huge difference between the food they serve in economy and the meals they serve in first class.

Here’s how the food looks on 19 airlines around the world (depending on where you sit in the plane):

1. United Airlines

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2. American Airlines

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3. Delta Air Lines

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4. Emirates

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5. British Airways

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6. Air France

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7. Air Canada

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8. Lufthansa

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9. Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)

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10. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

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11. Japan Airlines

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12. Korean Air

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13. Singapore Airlines

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14. Thai Airways

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15. Cathay Pacific

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16. Air China

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17. Turkish Airlines

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18. Aegean Airlines

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19. Kenya Airlines

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Source: BoredPanda

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark


Chinese Man Steals Champagne From First Class And Goes On A Drunken Rage

A Chinese passenger was booted off a United Airlines flight bound for New York after he stole champagne from first class and went on a drunken rage because he was denied a seat upgrade.

The passenger, identified only as Lu, was aboard flight UA097 departing from Shanghai when he was reportedly denied a seat upgrade request. Lu proceeded to sneak in to first class several times, stealing a bottle of champagne in the process.

Lu allegedly refused to identify himself to the crew. With a champagne bottle in hand, he began to run up and down the aisle drinking and screaming. When he refused the crew’s request to leave the plane, police were called.

Lu then threw himself in the middle of the aisle and kicked officers as they tried to restrain him. Passengers armed with zip-ties assisted the authorities who eventually dragged the man kicking and screaming off the flight before it departed.


One passenger uploaded the scene to YouTube along with this description:

“Man decided to “upgrade” himself from economy to first class. He got caught multiple times and refused to identify himself to the crew, at one point even walking down the aisles drinking champagne that he stole from first class. The crew asks him to leave the plane and he refuses. Finally, the Chinese authorities arrive to drag him off the plane. However, they claim they are not allowed to handcuff someone that is mentally unstable (???). Finally, with the help of some passengers and plastic zip-tie cuffs provided by the crew, the man is carried off the plane kicking and screaming the entire way.”


Written by NextShark || Source: Shanghaiist


The Scientific Reason Why We Crave Bloody Marys While Flying


There’s actually a very specific reason why you tend to crave a Bloody Mary when flying on a plane. In a recent study conducted by Cornell University, it was discovered that the environment passengers are exposed to contributed to the desire.

According to the study, our taste buds are altered when we’re in an environment with loud noises and pressure. A taste for the sweet and “umami” becomes heightened and enhanced, says Robin Dando who works as an assistant professor of food science at Cornell.

Umami is a Japanese term that describes the sweet and savory taste of amino acids. Tomato juice, high in umami, can be found in Bloody Marys.

The study, “A Crossmodal Role for Audition in Taste Perception,” which Dando co-authored with Kimberly Yan, published in the online Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

With the results of this study, airlines can now find a way to improve airline food for passengers. Y’know, if they care to.



Airplane Forced to Turn Around When One Scumbag Passenger Tries to Nap During Dinnertime

Here’s a note to anyone who’s ever had their dinner (or any other point in their flight) disturbed by an inconsiderate, recliner-happy neighbor: slapping, and then getting into a fist fight with them is probably not an appropriate response.

Take it from the two men who forced a pilot’s hand this past Sunday on a Swiss Airlines flight from Zurich to Beijing. The airbus, carrying some-200 passengers, was apparently already en route when one reportedly drunk 57-year-old man had his dinner interrupted by his front seat mate and decided to resolve the issue himself. After having his meal jostled, and after reportedly voicing several unheeded verbal complaints, the older man allegedly hit the 27-year-old on the head with the “flat of his hand,” resulting in the two men “rolling around in the aisles and needing to be physically separated.”

Immediately following the not-so-minor altercation, the older man spent he rest of the flight with his hands secured with plastic strips and “screaming incessantly,” while the pilot decided to just turn the whole plane around and fly back to Zurich — which might seem a tad extreme but was apparently done in order “to avoid administrative problems.”

To make up for the inconvenience, the rest of passengers received a complementary stay in Zurich for the night, courtesy of the  airline, while the manly men were detained and forced to pay legal fees, with the added possibility of incurring more to cover the costs of the pilot’s extra return trip.

Overall though, it would seem as though at least three people on that flight could use a little lesson in conflict resolution, but again, this is all just hearsay. Maybe the elder man just flicked the younger one in the ear. Maybe the younger man was deaf and couldn’t hear the elder. Or maybe, just maybe, the younger man got what was coming to him, for trying to take a nap and getting in between a man and his meal.

What a jerk.