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American Airlines Serves Blogger What May Be The Worst ‘Lobster Roll’ Ever

I know that airline food isn’t exactly the best in the world, but this is just ridiculous.

Travel blogger Ben Schlappig was recently served what he claims to be “the worst meal I’ve ever been offered in a premium cabin” while traveling business class on an American Airlines flight between Los Angeles and New York. Schlappig had noticed that the business class menu offered a lobster roll and decided to pre-order it to try it out for himself. As you can see in the photo above, what he got was definitely NOT a lobster roll.

Here’s what the whole dish looked like when presented to him:

The inside of the sandwich was mainly just tiny bits of lobster and hardly classified as a lobster sandwich, let alone a lobster roll. Schlappig described the taste as “like they took soggy pieces of bread and then spread butter with tiny particles of lobster on it.” Deeply disappointed in his airline meal experience, Schlappig wrote about it on his blog. Following some serious media attention he got as a result, American Airlines reached out and informed him that he had actually been served the first class meal of a lobster grilled cheese with tomato soup.

That ended up just confusing Schlappig even further, as his flight attendant had confirmed to him multiple times that he had been served a “lobster roll.” She eventually admitted to serving him the first-class meal, but still described it as a lobster roll, which this sandwich was anything but.

Still, even if this was supposed to be a “first-class meal,” American Airlines needs to seriously step up their game. As Schlappig concludes: “That this is actually a dish that American serves in three cabin first class, for which they try to charge $2,500+ one-way for a five hour flight? A lobster grilled cheese sounds delicious to me, but this was disgusting.”