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Guys Turn Hundreds Of Airheads Candy Into A Ghost Costume

Halloween is less than a month away and we’ll have to start looking for the perfect costume. That is, unless, we want to get creative and make our own this year.

YouTuber Lazyron decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday with a spooky ghost costume made entirely from Airheads.

With the help of Canada’s prime minister of poutine, Josh Elkin, and YouTuber KyleHatch, the group sets off to create the sweet specter.

They start by creating three human-sized triangles out of the taffy candy. The pieces are then heated together and molded around Lazyron to form the “ghost sheet.” When the colorful costume is complete — equipped with googly eyes and all — the gang takes to the streets to spook some pedestrians.

After watching this video, maybe we’ll want to get creative with some of our favorite holiday candies. Perhaps a superhero, Captain Candy Corn, and his life-long enemy: Dr. Diabetes. Maybe.

The only thing that truly terrifies us about this costume will be the impending ant problem that will absolutely come to pass.

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This Is Taco Bell’s AIRHEAD WHITE MYSTERY Freeze


While all our childhood friends fought over the many different flavors of Airheads growing up, we always happily grabbed the White Mystery flavor. Y’know, the one in the sleek silver wrapping and the flavor you won’t know about until the taffy snack is wedged between your teeth? Half the joy was in the uncertainty.

Fast forward two decades later and we get to relieve our childhood once again with Taco Bell’s new White Mystery Airhead Freeze. The fast food chain announced a partnership with Airheads to bring the ice beverage to stores.

We’re guessing each batch will be a different flavor and they’ll refill multiple ones throughout the day.

You can find the White Mystery Freeze at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide on September 15. The beverage will be available in a 16 oz for $1.99 or a 20 oz for $2.29.

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Airheads Candy Adds New Birthday Cake Flavor Because…You Guessed It


Airheads is celebrating their 30th birthday and they’re throwing a cake party. The taffy-like candy has been around for three decades and, in celebration of this, is releasing a limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor.

Customers can also win themselves some free birthday swag, including cash, by entering here.

You can find the Birthday Cake Airheads at participating retailers in both a pack of six or a pack of ten.

Our personal favorite was always the white mystery flavor. You just never know with that one…


11 Pieces of Candy that Every ’90s Kid Misses


Story originally written by Nicole Perry of Popsugar

Sometimes we wish we could go back to a time when Fresh Prince was king, our greatest responsibility was making sure our Tamagotchi was fed, and candy was sweet, sour, and simple. There are near-countless reasons we’re proud to be ’90s girls, but the sweetest of them all was stashed in the candy aisle. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these iconic treats of our childhood.


Bubble Tape


Sorry Washi Tape, you weren’t the first novelty tape to take the US by storm; Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape’s got you beat.




Warheads were equally prized for their shock factor as they were for their terrifically tangy flavor.


Pixy Stix


Grown-ups didn’t understood their appeal — sure, Pixy Stix are basically just flavored sugar — but that only made them more fun to eat.


Fruit Stripe Gum


Not only did Fruit Stripe Gum step it up in the food-coloring department, but each stick also came with a temporary tattoo.




We’re still not really sure how Nerds got their cheeky name, but that didn’t stop us from gobbling them up by the handful.




Sour apple, cherry, and watermelon had their fans, but the best Airheads flavor was, and still is, White Mystery.


Tiny Size Gum


Chiclets Tiny Size Gum might not have tasted like much, but that didn’t stop us from ripping into packet after brightly colored packet.


Everlasting Gobstoppers


If you needed to make your candy last thoughout an entire sleepover — sleep being a major misnomer — all you had to do was open up a box of Everlasting Gobstoppers.


Push Pops


Like their close-cousins Push-UpsPush Pops trumped their classic stick-based counterparts, no contest.


Bubble Yum


For the best bubble blowing and gum snapping, we chewed our way through a packet of Bubble Yum.


Ring Pops


Fantastically flashy, Ring Pops were worth their weight in gold to a ’90s candy fiend.

What did we leave off?


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Try One of These Mario 1-Up Ring Pops to Put a Little Spring in Your Step


With the week winding down, you’re probably feeling a little restless and moody right now. Well, they say the best way to find fulfillment is to devote yourself to helping other people, so why not whip up a batch of these Mario 1-Up Ring Pops and give yourself and everyone else in the office something to smile about?

All you need is some “White Mystery” Airheads, corn syrup, cherry and lime Kool-Aid and some recycled plastic rings. Thanks to this recipe by instructables user Sherrybaby81485, you’ll be hopping around on mushrooms (and if I might add, one hell of a sugar high) in no time.

You can also learn how to make Yoshi ring pops, here.

H/T + PicThx Sherrybaby81485


AirHeads Popsicles Are Now a Reality

Y’all know AirHeads right? Those tangy taffy-like chewable candy strips we either received as rewards in grade-school or purchased on our own accord (you know who you are, addicts)? A few weeks back, we heard rumors they would be making a resurgence in ice cream form — now we know a bit more.

As part of Popsicle brand’s latest lineup, they have made frozen versions of the popular AirHeads candy and launched their initial run in four flavors: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and White Mystery. The new Popsicle flavor will come in an 18 pack assortment and should retail around $4.49.

Are you excited for the AirHeads flavor available in your grocer’s frozen food aisle? Sounds a bit more refreshing during this hot summer weather than…well, than the actual chewy, anti-mouthwatering original candy.