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Afters Ice Cream is Now Serving Tapatio Flavored Sorbet

This week, on September 15th, The Hundreds and DoorDash will be hosting the Family Style Food Fest, an event that pairs the streetwear community and with lauded restaurants to create a brand new food experience centered around community. However, one of the most appealing options isn’t coming from a streetwear designer, it’s coming from one of the most dependable sauce brands on the market, Tapatio, and Orange County’s own Afters Ice Cream.

The two will be rolling out a special collaboration flavor, made by infusing Tapatio into Afters’ mango sorbet. To give it some extra punch, they’ve added a Tapatio swirl. Then, they drizzle a good amount of Tapatio on top and dust it with a layer of Tajin, the popular Mexican seasoning powder.

While this may seem overwhelming on paper, the flavor combination is surprisingly mellow. The Tapatio doesn’t overpower the mango, it only adds some heat that’s immediately cooled off by the sorbet. The result is a sweet and spicy treat akin to a mangonada. All it needs is the Flautirriko.

If you want to try this late summer treat, but can’t make it to Los Angeles next Sunday, the flavor will be available at all Afters locations for a limited amount of time. 


Java Monster and Afters Ice Cream Collab For Energy-Packed Ice Cream Flavor

This content has been created in partnership with Monster Energy.

Afters Ice Cream made its name with a uniquely blue “Cookie Monster” flavor that spread through California faster than a Kardashian rumor. But now they’re making waves with a different type of monster. I’m talking about the Monster that’s been providing energy to the masses for more than 15 years.

Afters Ice Cream will be debuting a “Breakfast Monster” flavor at Foodbeast’s upcoming Nood Beach food and music festival, September 1, at Huntington Beach, CA.

This would be a perfect excuse to eat ice cream in the morning, as the new flavor will give you a boost using Java Monster’s Loca Moca flavor poured into Afters’ classic vanilla ice cream. Also mixed in will be some chocolate-covered biscotti pieces, with a healthy topping of bacon bits, honey, and French toast cereal.

If you really want to ball out, you can ask for the Breakfast Monster in the form of Afters’ famous Milky Bun, which fans know as a warm doughnut that houses the cold treat for a perfect blend of temperature-based sensations.

If you or your friends are fans of either Afters Ice Cream or Java Monster, you’ll probably want to snag some tickets to check this out, along with the other 20+ noodle vendors slanging goodies at Foodbeast’s Nood Beach Festival, September 1.

This content has been created in partnership with Monster Energy.

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Here’s How To Get The New Afters Ice Cream and Weedmaps Flavors Collab For Free


Afters Ice Cream x Weedmaps

Afters Ice Cream, the master purveyors of viral cold treats like the Milky Bun, have linked up with leading cannabis lifestyle company, Weedmaps, for a collaboration that kicked off National Ice Cream Day on July 21 with some loud flavors. Elbow nudge on the connotation. If you know, you know.

The new flavors, “Tangerine Dream” and “The Good Stuff,” both don monikers that make the Weedmaps collection enticingly apparent. Peep the details below to see how you can get your hands on this Afters x Weedmaps collab.

Note: Neither the ice cream nor sorbet contain cannabis or cannabinoids.

WHEN: Every Sunday from July 21 to August 11
WHERE: Ice Cream Alley @SmorgasburgLA (777 S. ALAMEDA ST, LA 90021)
What’s even better about this whole partnership is the fact that the ice cream will be free! Yes, it’s an automatic five finger discount once you follow these simple steps:
Afters Ice Cream x Weedmaps
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A Schwifty First Look At Rick And Morty’s Ice Cream Pop-Up

It’s been brutal waiting for the fourth season of the cult animated series Rick and Morty to arrive. Luckily, fans of the franchise will have something to tide themselves over with until the Cartoon Network show’s inevitable return.

Immensely popular ice cream chain Afters Ice Cream has announced that December 1 will be the start of their Rick and Morty pop-up. The collaboration will feature two unique ice cream flavors based on the series, clothing, merchandise, and in-store decor at all 25 Southern California locations.

Here’s your first look at this weekend’s launch:

Caramel Portal Ice Cream

Boasts a Rick and Morty interdimensional portal. The green-colored caramel ice cream houses dehydrated marshmallow, and green apple popping isotope candy.

Dark Matter Brownie Batter

A black brownie batter that’s topped with brownie bites and black galaxy sparkle sugar.

Last August, Afters co-founder Scott Nghiem revealed on The Katchup Podcast, the plans to collaborate with Rick and Morty. If you haven’t given the most downloaded episode of the Foodbeast podcast ever, it’s a good one to jump into the series on.

The first 50 customers to arrive for the 6 p.m. launch and purchase the ice cream, will receive a free Afters Ice Cream/Rick and Morty T-shirt.

There will also be an interactive Rick and Morty experience, exclusive to the Pasadena location.

Not gonna lie, when we heard about this pop-up, we were hoping for a “Pickle Rick” flavor. Ah well, maybe at the next collab.

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7 Crazy Foods To Eat At The 2017 LA County Fair

Each year as summer comes to a close, the Los Angeles County Fair begins as a way to bookend a long, hot summer. From the hundreds of vendors, to the delicious-looking and beautifully fried foods, and the variety of exciting exhibits, there’s always has something new people can’t wait to experience. 

Here are seven must-try items from the 2017 LA County Fair.  

1. Chicken Charlie’s: Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwich

2017 la county fair

It’s safe to say Chicken Charlie’s is an innovator when it comes to creating amazing fair foods that are just as delicious as they are memorable. This year, Charlie’s is giving us a reason to celebrate dessert with two never-before-seen items.  

Charlie’s Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwich is a colorful creation of sugar, sweetness and creaminess. Picture one large scoop of vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between two cotton candy patties and rolled in Fruity Pebbles Cereal.  

2. Chicken Charlie’s: Funnel Cake Burrito  

2017 la county fair

Another sweet creation from the mind of Charlie is the popular Funnel Cake Burrito. Starting with a funnel cake and a giant tortilla, this burrito is topped with cinnamon apples, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. Then, this sweet and savory behemoth is wrapped up burrito-style and ready for consumption!

3. Afters Ice Cream: Strawberry Funnel Cake & Mango Sorbet Milky Buns

2017 la county fair

Afters Ice Cream has quickly become an LA and OC favorite for milk buns and exotic ice cream flavors. With that said, Afters will be showing off its skills with Strawberry Funnel Cake And Mango Sorbet Milky Buns during this year’s festivities. Make sure you swing by!

4. Pink’s Hot Dogs: The Enchilada Dog

la county fair

Introducing, Pink’s Enchilada Hot Dog. It’s a foot-long hot dog topped with cilantro, onions and cheese. But, in order to make this true enchilada-style, the hot dog is wrapped in a tortilla with a bit of enchilada sauce. If you love hot dogs and Mexican food, stop by Pink’s for this 2017 LA County Fair exclusive.  

5. Cowboy Kettle Corn: Unicorn Nitro Candy Pop

2017 la county fair

This isn’t your average kettle corn – it’s Unicorn Nitro Pop from Cowboy Kettle Corn, and it’s dipped in liquid nitrogen. In addition to being delicious, this treat is definitely something to capture on Instagram. Each mouthful of this frozen treat produces a cloud of icy vapor that will keep you entertained for hours.    

6. Plant Food For People: Vegan Jackfruit Nachos

2017 la county fair

It wouldn’t be the LA County Fair without nachos, but you’ve probably never had these nachos before. PFFP, or Plant Food For People, serves an all-vegan, gourmet menu that includes these very popular vegan jackfruit nachos that are potato-based, and topped with jackfruit, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

7. Chef Cricket’s Culinary Kitchen: Bug Tasting Bar

2017 la county fair

If there’s one thing you try at the 2017 LA County Fair, make sure you check out Chef Cricket’s Culinary Kitchen and Bug Tasting Bar. Offering an assortment of freeze-dried and chocolate-covered bugs, this is definitely one of the most unique culinary attractions the LA County Fair has seen, and apparently they actually taste pretty good!  

The Fair is open from Friday, September 1st to Sunday, September 24th this year. We hope to see you there!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with LA County Fair

Hit-Or-Miss News

Hello Kitty Takes Over Afters Ice Cream For An Especially Sweet Collaboration

Does anyone actually know if Hello Kitty or any of her Sanrio friends can speak or not? Well if they could, I’m sure that they would tell you how sweet their special Afters Ice Cream flavors are.

Beginning this Thursday July 29th, you can try out the sweet flavor collaboration between Hello Kitty and Afters Ice Cream. The partnership includes two delectable flavors: “Yummy Strawberry Cake” and “Mama’s Apple Pie.”

The collaboration is a full experience. Not only is Afters’ Irvine location all decked out in pink with cute Hello Kitty graphics, they have special cups and created a t-shirt and hat capsule merchandise in celebration.

While their Irvine, CA location is the only store absolutely pink by Hello Kitty, all of their locations will carry the flavors and merchandise. Get your sweet tooth fix quickly though, because these extra special flavors are only around until the end of August!


EXCLUSIVE: Guys Who Started ‘Milky Bun’ Ice Cream-Filled Donut Trend Announce 2 More Locations

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for the founders of Afters Ice Cream, a humble little ice cream shop that opened in early 2014 in the unassuming Orange County town of Fountain Valley, CA. The ice cream was good, the location was questionable, but it was their Milky Buna warm glazed donut stuffed with cold ice cream and toppings of your choicethat took the local foodie scene by storm.

Following Foodbeast’s initial coverage, “A ‘Milky Bun’ Is What Happens When A Warm Donut Is Stuffed With Cool Ice Cream,” kids started flocking to the Fountain Valley location. The geniuses behind the brand capitalized on the hype. Their press page is now littered with accolades, everyone from Ryan Seacrest pretending to eat it (we all know the dude only eats almonds and the juice from said almonds) to a visit to Popsugar studios as part of a piece entitled “10 Mind-Blowing Food Trends Already Dominating 2014” (see below). Their social following has since ballooned as well, with their Instagram page now boasting 40K+ followers.

Following the success of the first location, the Afters team pushed on and managed to open a second location in Chino Hills, CA before the end of the year. That location was embraced with equally open arms, immediately seeing long lines like their Fountain Valley location:

2015, Three More Locations

It doesn’t end there. Our source tells us there are plans for three more locations before the end of 2015. In fact, the next two locations should be opening within the next two months. Here’s the information we know about two of the next three Afters Ice Cream locations:

Tustin, CA — Opens April 20, 2015

Located at 13662 Newport Ave, Ste C, Tustin, CA 92780, located across the street from a popular Korean BBQ restaurant. It will be taking over a now-closed Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt joint called Tasti D-Lite.

Long Beach, CA — Late May 2015

No word on exact location yet, although construction starts this week.