Women Charged With DUI After Getting High On 13 Cans Of Whipped Cream


A 28-year-old woman was charged with a driving under the influence after she crashed into a residential mailbox in Tennessee. Also, she was high on whipped cream.

Anna Thomas used the aerosol from multiple whipped cream cans to get herself high, reports WKRN. Under the influence, Thomas crashed into a mailbox belonging to a resident of Battle Avenue. After running out to see what had happened, the man called the authorities who arrived on the scene.

Officers discovered a disoriented Thomas along with 13 nearly-empty cans of whipped cream in the vehicle. Thomas was also charged with failing to report a crash before this incident, where she had also ran her car into a ditch.

Thomas is due in court on June 4. According to WKRN, this makes her 6th DUI.

Photo: WKRN


Aerosol Spray Cake Batter Is Like Miracle Cheez Whiz


Mama always said not to lick the spoon. She didn’t say anything about eating straight from the can.

As a school project back in 2013, Harvard student John McCallum was seeking out ways to “eat more cake” when he noticed someone spraying whipped cream from a can, reports the Boston Globe. The inspiration was instantaneous. McCallum decided to test if the accelerant used in aerosol cans could also be used to raise cakes without baking soda or baking powder, effectively creating instant cake batter Cheez-Whiz.

And here we are.

Sadly, McCallum went with the name Spray Cake instead of Cake Whiz, but the results from his months-long research and development are still pretty damn magical. Unlike traditional cake batter, Spray Cake can be made in the microwave in only a minute, and in as big or small portions as you’d like. It also apparently has the same mouthfeel as cakes baked in traditional ovens.

Now if you’d please excuse us, we’re gonna go spray this all over our cookie dough ice cream.

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This Spray Paint Travel Mug Helps You Channel Your Inner Hood-Troll

So it’s not as clever as blue Gatorade in a Windex bottle or water in a vodka bottle, but this “Canned” Spray Paint Travel Mug is probably still trollish enough to earn you more than a few double takes during your morning commute.

Brought to you by the blokes who made the Condiment Gun, 1-Up Cake and 12-Gauge Shot Glass, “Canned” is insulated, shaped to look like your average aerosol can and can hold approximately 13 ounces of liquid. Unfortunately the website isn’t clear on whether you unscrew the lid to drink or if the spray mechanism actually works, but for £10.00 (or $15.79), feel free to pop some food coloring in your morning brew, spill a sip and watch the madness unfold.

Just make sure your supervisors don’t actually buy it, or “getting ‘canned'” could then mean something else entirely.

[Via Incredible Things]