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This Detail On The Sour Patch Kids Box Went Unnoticed For YEARS

It’s no secret that candy manufacturers will go to great lengths to include bright colors, and cleverly animated designs to make packaging more enticing to consumers. However, in some cases, food packaging will contain designs that might be hard to spot at first glance.

You can imagine the overwhelming surprise, when Reddit user, Toms42, posted an image to the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit, that revealed a mind-blowing detail on the Sour Patch Kids packaging that many had never noticed before.

Apparently, the design, “of orange splotches” which runs along the edges of a Sour Patch Kids bag, is actually the outline of hundreds of Sour Patch Kids, yet the tiny design usually design is hardly ever noticed.

Reddit users exploded with astonishment, causing the post to climb the viral ranks. In just one day, the post hit 18,000 upvotes. Several users expressed utter confusion, while some struggled to cope with the reality of the situation.

For example, Sour Patch Kids happen to be user mistmurk’s favorite candy, but he’d never noticed the design on the packaging.

Whatever the case may be, that’s a pretty sweet discovery.

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Carl’s Jr. Ditches Its Models In Massive Rebranding Overhaul

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have decided to retire its supermodel-driven ads in favor of a brand new advertising campaign.

Their parent fast food company, CKE Restaurants, officially launched their new brand image and ethos this morning, and even claimed they are the rightful “Pioneers of the Great American Burger.”

The new tagline was featured in their latest commercial that began airing last week, emphasizing quality, innovation, and history. These core values are ones that the company hopes to convey in its rebranding, while taking away the bikini-clad models they had become known for, and focusing on the food instead.

Photo courtesy of CKE Restaurants and Business Wire.

The new campaign, developed by creative ad agency 72andSunny, also features modernized new logos, removing the cartoon-like face from its famous star.

CKE’s chief marketing officer, Brad Haley, said this change came about so that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s could tell the story of their food in their ads.

“Since premiering our now iconic ad starring Paris Hilton 12 years ago, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have become synonymous with two things: bikinis and burgers. While those provocative ads generated a lot of buzz for our brands and were very successful for us, it was very difficult for that kind of an ad to tell a more comprehensive story about the long list of things we do to make better food than anyone else in our space…or better food than most sit-down restaurants make, for that matter.”

To fully illustrate this to its audience, CKE is launching a brand-new extended commercial with two new characters to tell their story. The full ad begins airing on Adult Swim April 1, but you can watch it in the Youtube video below as well.

In the ad, Carl Hardee Sr. returns to take control and restore order into what’s portrayed as a party-style company being run by his son, Carl Jr.

The ad then shifts to tell the story of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, from the original charbroil restaurant opened in 1956, to the burgers that grace the restaurant today (with a big emphasis on bacon), and closes by emphasizing how Carl’s has always been a “pioneer” for burger quality and innovation.

It’s a bold rebranding move by CKE Restaurants, but it just might work. It has characters, a story, and a strong message.

Now to see if the consumers respond well to the ads and accept this new image that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are trying to cast themselves in.

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This Alt-Right News Empire Is Making Kellogg’s Pay For Spurning Them


Photo: Breitbart

Breitbart News Network is going hard on the offensive to retaliate against food industry giant Kellogg’s.

Shortly after Kellogg’s announced they would be pulling their ads from Breitbart’s programming, the alt-right news agency launched a Twitter campaign, calling on its readers to #DumpKelloggs and sign a petition to boycott any product that Kellogg’s sells.

Kellogg’s is pulling the ads because they were alerted to consumers that ads were on Breitbart, which in the eyes of many, has been associated with articles promoting anti-Semitism, racism, and sexism. The cereal giant stated that they pulled the advertising since the values of Breitbart did not match their own company values.

Breitbart retaliated by stating that the removal of Kellogg’s ads wouldn’t make a difference in their revenue regardless, and accused the company of being an “out-of-touch corporation” trying to “cynically smear hard-working Americans.”


Photo: Ten_GOP (Twitter)

Since Breitbart’s call for boycotting Kellogg’s began, tons of Twitter users have shared the hashtag #DumpKelloggs in support of the campaign, and shares for the cereal company have been on a steady decline as more than 130,000 people have signed the boycott petition.

So far, it appears that the retaliation efforts are working in favor for Breitbart. However, this isn’t the first company to pull ads from the news website, with BMW and Allstate also pulling its ads.

Regardless, it’s noble to see companies like Kellogg’s standing up and doing what they believe to be right, regardless of the repercussions that may follow.


Jimmy Dean is Launching a Real Life .gif Creator Powered by the Sun


If you like solar-powered GIFs, you’re probably lying, because they’ve never existed until now.

Jimmy Dean has put together this wacky solar-powered contraption that will produce animated GIFs, all in the name of their new lunch and dinner line. Jimmy Dean is known for getting your breakfast poppin’ with sausage biscuit sandwiches and breakfast bowls, but now they’re going to start expanding beyond breakfast with meals such as pulled pork sandwiches, ham sandwiches, turkey bowls, steak bowls and more.

As part of a “Sun Cinema,” this solar-powered machine will be on display in Los Angeles until September 12 between noon and 2 p.m. pst. With the use of everyday kitchen utensils like forks and spoons, along with mirrors and lithographs to capture sunlight, there will be five different 6-second animated shadow stories projected onto a 10-foot tall, 25-foot wide wall. If you can’t make it to the Hollywood and Highland event, vids of the images will be posted daily to their social media accounts right after they’re created.

The contraption looks eerily similar to Peter Griffin’s unnecessary breakfast machine, but the end result won’t shoot you in the arm or provide breakfast, it’ll be creating short GIFs for the new lunch and dinner line.

Jimmy Dean is all about that sun life and wants you to join in the solar fetish by taking “Shadow Selfies” and hashtagging #SunPowered. After uploading said pics for their September 17 sweepstakes, you can win a month’s worth of free Jimmy Dean’s new lunch and dinner products.

Now, about that pulled pork biscuit (runs to supermarket.)






Hot Water Turns Stressful Symbols on Tea Bags into Calm Ones

Stressful Tea

Malaysian tea company BOH came up with a clever way to promote the calming effects their tea has on drinkers, and it begins with tea ink.

Created by ad agency M&C Saatchi, the tea bags feature stressful images like an angry bear, a dragon and a dark cloud. However, when they’re put into hot water, these pictures dissolve and transform into more calming images like a dove or happy bear. Instant serenity!

Sipping a cup of tea is calming in itself, but when a happy bear is smiling back at you, the world just seems a bit more tranquil, eh?

Stressful Tea

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Nae-Design Blog


Canadian Restaurant Guide Recreates Pornographic Images with Oysters and Raw Meat

Food Porn

Le Guide Restos Voir, a well-known Canadian restaurant guide, is banking on the idea that “sex sells” in order to publicize their 2014 guide.

Le Guide Restos Voir teamed up with agency Publicis to design a promotional campaign that uses food to recreate pornographic images. 18 and Over, as it’s appropriately called, is a sure-fire attention-grabber, featuring photographs of an oyster resembling lady parts and a slab of meat shaped like a male’s nether regions, among other images.

Food Porn

Food Porn

Food Porn

Food Porn

While we’re still curious on the impact this guide will have, the team certainly did a great job piquing our, er, interest.

H/T PSFK + Picthx Je Fouine, Tu Fouines


But what about the meat between the buns? [HUMOR]

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