Our Loud Eating Is Why Super Bowl TV Commercials Don’t Work Anymore


If you’re a corporation paying big bucks for a Super Bowl ad, you may want to take a beat. In a recent report by NPR, consumers have a harder time absorbing Super Bowl ads thanks to a phenomenon referred to as oral interference.

Shankar Vedantam, who runs a byline for NPR, recently stated in an interview that the more folks eat while watching the Super Bowl, the louder they chew. This causes oral interference, making it harder for them to absorb the commercials they watch.

According to Vedantam, a researcher named Martin Geisenberg, Ph.D., analyzed the effectiveness of ads based around major sporting events. In doing so, he set out to determine if it was more effective to spend $4 million for a 30-second game day ad or the same amount for multiple ads throughout the year.

Analyzing 206 different brands shown over sporting events in the UK over four years (Olympics, World Cup), Geisenberg discovered that companies definitely have a handicap when it comes to advertising during a big sporting event. At least when it comes to immediate sales. Brand recognition, however, seems to still be effective.

Think about it. It would definitely be harder to fully immerse yourself in a commercial when you’re crunching on a mouthful of Cool Ranch corn nuts.

Looking back, we can actually remember the visuals of an advertisement, but not the actual product it’s trying to promote.

Guess it makes sense that some brands are releasing their ads a bit before game day.


Tea Ad Suggests Tea Bagging Clowns to Death? [VIDEO]


Herbaria took the horror flick route when promoting their “Calming Tea,” featuring a cast of grisly characters drowning in a sea of darkness. What seems to be the clown from Stephen King’s IT, a psycho killer and death himself make it into the ad, representing our deepest “Fears.”

The scene was shot at Pinewood Studios in London, where underwater scenes of the latest James Bonds movies were shot. The clip was directed by Andreas Roth, the same guy behind the Dirt Devil ad inspired by The Exorcist.

While many other pubs are reflecting on the ad’s more terrifying qualities, we couldn’t help but smirk at the clever addition of tea bags tied around the ankles of our nightmares, dragging them to their watery demise. At the end, the ad encourages viewers to “Drown Your Fears” with Herbaria’s calming tea. Duly noted.

H/T Laughing Squid


Whisky Brand Encourages You To “Give ‘Em The Bird” [VIDEO]

Wild Turkey Bourbon Logo

Wild Turkey Bourbon has recently launched a new advertising campaign touting the new tagline, ‘Give ‘Em The Bird.’ The Wild Turkey Facebook Page currently has 3 other versions of the commercial, where the user can choose whom they want at the end of the bar. In an additional version on the Facebook Page, it seems like the production couldn’t book Betty White so they chose a lady desperately trying to achieve the same affect. And then there’s the blow-up doll and the nun..


Burger King: Truly Time-Sensitive Breakfast Ad Placement

Burger King‘s push into the breakfast menu market has been tireless. While the chain hasn’t reported glamorous figures in terms of their overall sales, they indeed have noted some very uplifting reports in regards to their Breakfast line. With numerous television ad spots and banner ads running across the web, the push has been inevitable, but it wasn’t until they began running this ad on one of the Foodbeast ad networks (and of course many others across the web) that their campaign caught my eye. The ad had a countdown clock, perfectly timed to my locale (Anaheim, CA), and was letting me know exactly how much time I had left until Burger King Breakfast was over in my area.