Misery Loves Company: ‘Offline’ Beer Glass Makes You Choose Between Faces and Facebook


Full disclosure: I don’t have a smartphone. I haven’t needed one and I don’t want one, simply because I’m tired of having conversations with the tops of people’s heads. Thankfully a Brazilian advertising agency has created the perfect way to prevent all your social gatherings from devolving into glorified LAN parties.

“The Offline Glass” is a novelty beer glass with an smartphone-sized notch cut out of the bottom, which makes it virtually impossible to set it down without putting your phone down first. Designed by Fischer & Friends for use at the Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paolo, the gimmicky glass was meant to help “rescue people from the online world,” and bring them “back to the bar tables” – the world’s original social network. Finally, those of us with smartphones can be as bored and miserable as those of us without them.


Of course, because it is more of a novelty, the likelihood of this cup actually being used anywhere and putting people’s precious iPhones in liquid jeopardy is just a little under zilch. But if it is ever released in stores, I will gladly be the stingy luddite who refuses to let my guests drink out of anything else.

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‘Platinum Blonde’ Beer Ads Poke Fun at Blonde Stereotypes


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a Pilsner, a Stout and a Honey Blonde all walk into a bar. . .

Hm, didn’t think so. After all, a Honey Blonde hanging out with a Stout? That’s just silly.

Playing into its products’ uniquely humorous etymology, beer brand Platinum Blonde recently released some new print ads that illustrate what a “dumb blonde” might do with a beer, such as putting a whole bottle in a glass and trying to open a bottle cap with a corkscrew.

Playful and clever, the point of the ads is to prove just how “blonde” the beer truly is – “very, very blonde.” Duh, because a brown ale would obviously put mathematical equations on the label and an Irish Red would be gone before you knew it.

Check out the rest of the prints for yourself below:




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Fast Food

The McDonald’s Parody Ad That Likened Loving Big Macs to Suffering from Depression

mcdonalds depression

Tell me about the first time you ever went to McDonald’s. Do you remember who was there with you? Do you remember how it made you feel?

According to at least one McDonald’s ad which recently ran in Boston, the answer for some people is probably “f*cking depressed.” The ad featured a distressed woman covering her eyes, along with the copy “You Are Not Alone: Millions of People Love the Big Mac,” and likened the love of the iconic fast food burger to a kind of addiction, encouraging people to call the McDonald’s corporate hotline for help.

Of course, except for anyone who actually does suffer from a debilitating fast food addiction, loving a Big Mac is nothing like having a mental health problem (ahem), which has led the corporation to distance itself from the ad and ask that it be taken down.

AdWeek reports:

“In a statement to Time magazine, Nicole DiNoia, a McDonald’s rep for the Boston area, says the ad was ‘not approved by McDonald’s’ … She adds: ‘We have an approval process in place with our marketing and advertising agencies to ensure that all advertising content is consistent with our brand values. Regrettably, in this incident, that process was not followed. We sincerely apologize for this error.’

In all likelihood, McDonald’s probably did approve the ad only to receive considerable backlash from mental health advocates, after which it decided to throw its design agency under the bus. Or everyone who saw the ad called in to complain about its implications. “Yes I love Big Macs, but I don’t appreciate you suggesting I have a problem. I can stop whenever I want!”

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Fast Food

Taco Bell Pulls Ad That Hates On Vegetables

The Taco 12 Pack vs. Veggie Sticks

Taco Bell will be pulling one of its commercials where it basically clowned on “Veggie Guy.”

We all know “Veggie Guy,” he doesn’t know what to bring to the party on gameday, stops by the local supermarket and buys a platter of cold vegetable sticks.

If you’re a sports fan you’ve probably seen this Taco Bell commercial a fair amount of times over the last couple of weeks. The antagonist in the commercial walks into a house with his veggies and the narrator says that bringing veggies is a “Cop out” and “Secretly, people kind of hate you for it.”

Taco Bell got a lot of heat on Twitter for its harsh comedic views on “Veggie Guy” and will be pulling the plug on the ad.

Of course, the Twitter attacks were not without a leader — the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group, led the torrent of complaints.

‘Til then, we’ll see if Taco Bell gets any complaints from its other commercial where it makes fun of the guys who bring cheese and crackers.

Apparently, if you’re not taking Taco Bell tacos to the couchgate party, you’re doing it wrong.

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Cookie Monster Feels Your Failed New Year’s Resolution Pain in this Google Play Ad [VIDEO]

Face it, if you had to choose between a cookie cookbook and a healthy diet cookbook, you know which one you’d rather choose. Which is part of what makes this new ad for Google Play so effective – because you realize that Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is just like you, thank goodness!

The story goes like this: determined to become a whole new monster, good o’ CM signs into Google Play and downloads the Rocky Soundtrack and Run, Fatboy, Run. A few fitness and running apps later, he’s on a roll until he decides to find some cooking inspiration and gets caught between a Martha Stewart cookie cookbook and one entitled “Everyday Food: Light.” And you can probably guess what happens next. Hint: his Plus status goes from “New me start today,” to “New me start tomorrow.”

It’s okay Cookie, we can both be healthy eating fails together, along with at least half of Foodbeast’s readership.



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Forget Ice Cream, This Video Might Be the Scariest Advertisement Ever, Period

If this is some kind of new, even more twisted dead baby joke, I’m not laughing.

Coming from Philadelphia ice cream company “Little Baby’s,” this minute long-ad features a woman who seems to really love ice cream, but is also, incidentally, made out of ice cream.

See (or spare yourself and don’t see) how well that predicament works out for her, here (but don’t say I didn’t warn you):

I’m not sure which is more stomach-churning: the amount of times the narrator says “eat little babies…”; the fact that the girl’s eating out of her own head; or that she’s smiling (smiling!) while doing it.

Nope, it’s the smile, definitely the smile—makes you want to kind of curl up under a blanket or something. Or cry.

At this point, I would say go to a happy place filled with rainbows and ice cream, but this video pretty much shot that baby in the face.

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Side Effects Now Include Tripping Balls

Add this to your list of top 10 WTF-happened-last-night moments: answering the doorbell and finding a living, breathing headless deer. (Double points if it starts talking via the deer head trophy on your wall.)

In the latest entries to the Mike’s Hard Lemonade Weird Commercial Canon, three new television spots feature a group of scruffy looking guys day drinking their way to Wonderland–though, per Mike’s usual deadpan, you probably wouldn’t know it at first. In fact, everything in the guy’s suburban living room seems right and peachy until the doorbell rings and we meet the three equally trippy, equally creepy unexpected house guests: the aforementioned headless deer, a 30-foot-tall lady seeking out her missing red heel and a sleazy looking scarecrow-plumber who might like his job just a little too much.

Maybe it goes to show you don’t need hard liquor to have a good time, but the second I start seeing headless deer and sleeping with She-Hulk, I’m taking an oath of sobriety. F*ck that sh*t.

See the deer-version of the new advertisements here:

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