Saudi Arabian Pizza Hut In Trouble After Advert Mocked Stuttering

Saudi Arabia’s Pizza Hut has issued an official apology after they published an insensitive advertisement on their Twitter on International Stammering Awareness Day.

According to an article by BBC, the advertisement used the hashtag #Global_Day_Of_Stammering, right before stating an offer for pizza in a sentence that used repeated letters and syllables to mimic a speech impediment.

The advert caused an immediate uproar among the Arab community, and some even threatened to boycott the pizza chain.



Pizza Hut’s original tweet was quickly deleted, but not before Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Trade and Investment posted a screenshot of the ad, promising that “necessary measures” would be taken against the company.

An official apology was made by Pizza Hut, stating that the offending advertisement was an  “irresponsible tweet against a section of society we hold dear,” and that they would work harder to support those who stammer.


TGI Friday’s Replaces Woman With Mozzarella Stick In Viral Catcalling Video

Rob Bliss is at it again.

Creator of the controversial catcalling video and the inconsequential makeover of a homeless veteran, Bliss is the reigning champion of viral video marketing. It’s no surprise that major fast casual chain TGI Friday’s reached out to him to promote their newly priced Endless Appetizers.

The resulting video, entitled “#AppCalling,” draws from Bliss’ catcall awareness fame.

While this video is clearly tongue-in-cheek, appropriately objectifying an object, the superimposition of a mozzarella stick where most of the Internet knows a female once walked pulls the brand back into dangerous territory.

By turning a woman into an appetizer, the video manages to literally objectify her while trivializing the highly prevalent and sensitive issue of street harassment.

But you can order as many different appetizers you want for $12, so I guess it’s OK.


Translating Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad for Craft Beer Lovers and Haters

Somehow, Budweiser ran an ad during the Super Bowl that upset just about every beer drinker with half a brain. The 60-second, $9 million dollar spot was dedicated to making craft beer drinkers feel silly while simultaneously treating Budweiser lovers like idiots.

“Proudly a macro beer.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 12.11.46 PM

Craft beer consumers: No one cares about your microbrews with their creative flavors that are cultivating a diverse marketplace.

Budweiser consumers: Hey, you know that word “micro” you sometimes hear thrown around when people are talking about craft beer? We’re the opposite of that. Stick with us because bigger is always better.

“It’s not brewed to be fussed over.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 11.19.59 AM

Craft beer consumers: You’re such a dork, sniffing out the different flavors that went into creating your beer. Who needs their beer to evoke a rich, sensory experience?

Budweiser consumers: Don’t you dare smell your Budweiser. There’s literally no point. Just guzzle it down and don’t ask questions. We gave it a “crisp and smooth finish” so you wouldn’t have to taste it if you didn’t really want to.

*The following photoset ran on Anheuser-Busch’s Facebook page in October 2014 with the caption “See, Sip, Swirl and Sniff your way to a perfect beer.”*


“This is the only beer Beechwood-aged.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 11.20.27 AM

Craft beer consumers: I know we’ve been mean to you thus far, but look, we totally care about quality when we brew our beer.

Budweiser consumers: You probably don’t know exactly what this means or entails, but we bet you’re impressed!

“It’s brewed for drinking, not dissecting.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 11.21.25 AM

Craft beer consumers: You spend so damn long drinking and enjoying your craft beer. Stop trying to do that with us, you hipster pansies!

Budweiser consumers: You’ll be a hipster pansy if you attempt to enjoy the act of drinking. Step away from the mustache wax and grab a Bud.

“The people who drink our beer are people who like to drink beer brewed the hard way.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 12.13.47 PM

Craft beer & Budweiser consumers: Budweiser is clearly for masculine, manly men who don’t need taste at the end of a long day, just chug-able alcohol.

“Let them sip their pumpkin peach ale.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 11.22.10 AM

Craft beer consumers: We know you know we bought one of the most popular craft pumpkin beer brewers in the country, but shut up about it with your dumb taster flight.

Budweiser consumers: We would never ever make some fruity, girly beer like this. No need to read any press releases about it.

“We’ll be brewing us some golden suds.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 12.20.24 PM

Craft beer consumers: Ugh. You and your gradient of colors and flavors can just suck it. Basic pumpkin-loving bitches.

Budweiser consumers: There are no golden craft beers in existence, trust us.

“This is the famous Budweiser beer.”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 12.11.35 PM


Budweiser consumers: We know you don’t like change. Neither do we. Friends?

Here’s the full ad in all its stupidity:

Let’s get real, this ad is bigger than craft beer vs. macro beer. It heavily exploits fear of new products, especially from conservatives, and the flawed, dichotomous perception of masculinity.

The ad is a scare tactic, from start to finish. It encourages people to not support local breweries as it launches an assault on the masculinity of anyone who continues to support such establishments, all in the name of one brand being superior to a collective of thousands of microbrewers.

Did you buy into the bullshit golden suds?


Domino’s Kinky Sriracha Pizza Ad Is 50 Shades of WTF

Damn. 50 Shades of Grey continues to ruin everything.

This is a real print advertisement running in Israel for Domino’s Sriracha Pizza:


Created by advertising behemoth McCann Erickson’s McCann Israel branch, this ad pulls no punches (or spankings) with this disturbingly realistic tongue. Bound, gagged and surrounded by instruments of torture, it’s not clear if this tongue consented to this BDSM play.

But who needs consent in a world where Twilight fanfiction can become a best-selling, inaccurate novel about an already stigmatized community?

Update: The advertisement was a rejected pitch to a franchise in Israel. Tim McIntyre, a spokesperson told Perez Hilton:

“It’s real. The ad was created and pitched by an agency to the independent franchise in Israel. It never ‘officially’ appeared anywhere, because it was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate. In a word, it was stupid…[The ad is] being presented as something that actually ran in Israeli media. It did not.”

Domino’s seems to be taking the mix-up in sexy strides:

Picthx Ads of the World


PETA’s Latest Billboard Is a Money Shot, Literally

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) continues to only care about treating non-humans with respect. Last week, the nonprofit organization erected a “Don’t Swallow” ad in Nottingham, England, with anti-dairy sentiments. The billboard has already been banned.

The ad shows an open-mouthed woman whose face is covered with milk or semen—you never really know with PETA anymore—and the statement, “Some body fluids are bad for you.”

This achieves several results: a woman is objectified, oral sex gets touted as a negative experience, and children are exposed to both of these ideas. Given the relatively demure placement of “Ditch Dairy” on the billboard, it takes a few seconds to realize that the ad is about cow’s milk.

Locals immediately voiced their disdain and the ad has been replaced with another PETA spectacle connecting two different things:


H/t The Drum


Hulu x Pizza Hut To Roll Out In-Commercial Online Pizza Ordering


You’re in the middle of a 5-hour, binge-watching session. If you’re on Netflix, normally, the big red screen is nice enough to ask if you’re still alive and watching, but now, green competitor Hulu wants to do streamers one up, by letting you order pizza during your commercial breaks.

At its Hulu Upfront press junket earlier this week. Hulu announced its new “in-stream purchase units,” which, in current partnership with Pizza Hut, would allow viewers to order pizzas for pick-up or delivery in the time they would normally spend hearing about cars or birth control pills or car insurance. Because Hulu’s ads are mostly un-skippable, the announcement is a welcome upgrade to its previous attempts at interactive, consumer-specific commercials.

The pizza spots are set to roll out later this year, along with new cross-platform, multiple device interactive ads they’re currently calling “Hulu 360.”

The TL;DR of it all? It’s official: you really never have to leave your house again.

H/T Venture Beat + Picthx Hulu

Fast Food

Clever Burger King YouTube Ads Mock Annoying YouTube Ads


If you’re a normal netizen, you know advertisements are a necessary evil. They keep the internet free, so you can listen to Ylvis for hours on end while hate-watching clips from How I Met Your Mother. But that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

Burger King understands your pain.

According to AdWeek, the fast food burger chain partnered with New Zealand-based agency Colenso BBDO to create 64 different YouTube ads parodying annoying YouTube ads. A promotional video by StopPress reveals each spot ties in to the video it appears before, by showing a pair of guys sympathizing with viewers who are “just trying to watch” screaming goats, Anchorman 2 trailers, or North Korean babies playing the guitar:

“Ugh, stupid incredible deal,” they say.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any of the ads actually on YouTube, even after changing our country setting to New Zealand, so it’s hard to tell whether or not they’re real. But if you do spot them in the wild, let us know? The world needs more satirical meta.

H/T + Picthx AdWeek


Johnnie Walker Whiskey’s Newest Ad Features a Resurrected CGI Bruce Lee


Maybe this is what happens when you get a lifelong believer in clean living sloshed.

To promote its popular Blue Label line, Johnnie Walker whiskey has just launched a new 90-second ad featuring none other than the famously sober, late martial arts legend Bruce Lee, resurrected through computer graphics onto a balcony in posh modern day Hong Kong. Dubbed a “short inspirational film sponsored by Johnnie Walker” by director Joseph Kahn — as opposed to a strict commercial — the spot follows a distant, slightly glazed-looking Lee spouting platitudes about dragons and water and walking, all in service of selling something his living self didn’t support in the first place.

Granted, Kahn did bring Lee’s daughter Shannon on board to advise the project (to ensure “accuracy”), and okay, he did release that disclaimer that the spot “isn’t about drinking, nor does Bruce Lee ever pitch, hold, talk about it [alcohol].” But you still can’t help but wish all the effort to bring the Enter the Dragon star back to life were spent somewhere a little less lushy. Get on it, Gatorade.

Check out the video for yourself below:

H/T + Picthx Grub Street