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Countdown To The Holidays With This BEER Advent Calendar


The holidays are practically at our doorsteps and the majority of us are scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift for our loved ones. A new novelty item from Quebec might be the most considerate thing we’ve ever seen this holiday season: a BEER ADVENT CALENDAR.

Consideration, after all, is to be expected from our brothers to the North.

Around this time of year, Advent Calendars are the perfect gift to keep track of the days of December, eventually leading to Christmas. Inside the calendar is a little treat you can consume each day (usually chocolate) to help you get hyped for the end of the month.

Coming from Canadian beer retailer DBSQ, the ‘calendar’ is essentially a box with the 24 days before Christmas labeled on it. Under each number is a different Québécois microbrew from the retailer. Simple and brilliant.

Now if they only made a mega box that had 365 days on it. Maybe in a perfect world.

Photo: yannb19 | Reddit


This Whisky Advent Calendar Gives a Whole New Meaning to ‘Holiday Spirits’

Here’s my childhood advent calendar confession: instead of waiting like a good little Christian, popping open each cardboard tab day by day to find pieces of chocolate and counting down the birth of Jesus, most of the time I’d just eat everything in one go.

In the case of this Whisky Shot Advent Calendar, however, it’s probably best not to do that. Not because the tradition of Advent is about repentance and restraint or anything, but mostly because these .33 ounce bottles of whisky just ain’t your pastor’s dime store booze. According to the product page, behind one of the calendar’s 24 doors hides a 50-year-old bottle of scotch, the full retail size of which normally goes for over $550.

So if you’re feeling particularly Christian this season, do yourself a favor: wait. Savor. Enjoy.

Or you know, just buy a chocolate version and have at it. Whatever.

The Whisky Advent Calendar: $240 @ Master of Malt

[Via Incredible Things]