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How Gordon Ramsay Deals With Kids vs Adults Is Drastically Different [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay has built a reputation of mercilessly ripping into the chefs on his shows like he’s dissing Meek Mill, but when it comes to kids, he seems to have a soft spot in his heart.

A comparison video was posted to YouTube by motboltz, that showed the two extremes between the way Ramsay talks to adults and the way he talks to child chefs.

For example, when talking to adult chefs, he has no problem with saying things like, “You, you, you, you, F*CK OFF OUT OF HERE!” or the classic, “Listen, listen, listen, listen. F*ck off! F*ck off! F*ck off! F*ck off!”

Now when dealing with children, it’s a complete 180, as he’ll sometimes even plead with the children not to get upset. “Don’t worry. Look, I’m here to help you. Please don’t get upset,” Ramsay has been recorded saying on his show Masterchef Junior.

Ramsay even hugs the kids!

It’s really kind of crazy that it’s the same person running both shows, as he’ll unleash his ginger anger to grown ups, then be the sweetest angel when dealing with kids.

One thing’s for sure, whether he’s singing Kumbaya with the kids or telling adults that they’re “sh*t cooks,” we’re going to watch the hell out of it and eat it all up, because Ramsay’s a god.

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There’s Now A Pizza Camp For Adults… And You Thought Your Camp Was Perfect


If you love pizza just as much as you love avoiding the realities of adulthood, you might want to put your dollar slice down for a moment and pay attention.

Apparently, there’s an event called “Pizza Camp” in Minneapolis that lets you relive the glorious memories of your childhood while crushing pies on pies of pizza.

Hosted by the Minneapolis Pizza Club and Grown-Up Club, Pizza Camp is basically an adult summer-camp style getaway that features programming and entertainment for pizza-minded individuals.

That’s right. There’s an overnight summer camp that lets you stuff your face with piping hot pizzas in the middle of the wilderness.

And if you ask me, this might be the best thing that has ever happened to outdoor activities.

#pizzacamp2016 #minnesota #grownupclub #mpls #MN

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That is the face of pure, beaming joy.

When you’re not diving face first into a glorious, cheesy pie, you can participate in a variety of fun camp activities like archery and canoeing.


Shooting bullseyes at #pizzacamp2016 #mplspizzaclub #mplspizzacamp

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The creators of this camp have really hit the bullseye.

Or you can satisfy your appetite for creativity by trying your hand at some pizza-inspired arts and crafts.

Postcards from Pizza Camp! #pizzacamp2016 #icouldonlymakethreeitwashardwork #mpls #grownupclub

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If you’re looking for some entertainment while you eat your beloved slices, the camp programming also features some pretty awesome performances.


They love pizza as much as we do!

This place even has a build-your-own pizza station and toppings bar.

You can create the pie of your dreams and cook it yourself in a mobile wood fired pizza oven.

This saucy summer camp costs $125 per pizza lover, and includes programming, a place to stay and your mouthwatering pizza meals.

This pizza lover loved our limited #mplspizzaclub pin! #mplspizzaweek

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You even get a Pizza Camp swag bag stuffed with all sorts of goodies like pizza-themed apparel and enamel camp pins.

Unfortunately, this year’s Pizza Camp went down last weekend.


However, you can start stepping up your pie consumption now in order to prepare for next year’s tasty camping trip.

Written by Kaylin Pound | Elite Daily