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New Limited Edition ‘Rick and Morty’ Pringles Arrive At Walmart

Photo courtesy of Pringles

Earlier this year, Pringles partnered up with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty to unveil a special edition Pickle Rick flavor. 

Not only is Pickle Rick returning to the chips aisle this summer, but it’s bringing along two new Rick and Morty Pringles flavors. 

Honey Mustard Morty and Look At Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream have now joined the Rick and Morty Pringles line-up.

The tangy Honey Mustard features an exclusive Morty design while the Cheddar & Sour Cream is based upon the popular blue character Mr. Meeseeks. 

These two new flavors will be joining last year’s Pickle Rick in the new Adult Swim line-up. 

You can find the special edition Rick and Morty Pringles chips this September exclusively at Walmart snack aisles and

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Rick and Morty Doughnuts Arrive At Krispy Kremes In Australia And New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Australia

Grandfather and grandson duo Rick and Morty have traveled through countless dimensions over the past four seasons of the series and now they’ve found themselves at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In the dimension this article is written in, Krispy Kreme Australia has released an entire menu of Rick and Morty-themed doughnuts.

Based on the groundbreaking Adult Swim animated series, the special edition doughnuts not only come in unique flavors based off the television show, but also some pretty sweet packaging.

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Australia

Customers will find a Strawberry Smiggles Doughnut, Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie Doughnut, and a Pickle Rick Doughnut. The chain is also offering a Fleeb Juice Shake to round out the zany new collaboration all served within a limited edition doughnut box.

The Krispy Kreme x Rick and Morty collaboration will only be available at participating locations in Australia for a limited time. Fans, make sure to get your hands on a portal gun, or drive to your nearest location if you want to cop a doughnut. Hopefully in another reality, Krispy Kreme releases this in the US.

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A Schwifty First Look At Rick And Morty’s Ice Cream Pop-Up

It’s been brutal waiting for the fourth season of the cult animated series Rick and Morty to arrive. Luckily, fans of the franchise will have something to tide themselves over with until the Cartoon Network show’s inevitable return.

Immensely popular ice cream chain Afters Ice Cream has announced that December 1 will be the start of their Rick and Morty pop-up. The collaboration will feature two unique ice cream flavors based on the series, clothing, merchandise, and in-store decor at all 25 Southern California locations.

Here’s your first look at this weekend’s launch:

Caramel Portal Ice Cream

Boasts a Rick and Morty interdimensional portal. The green-colored caramel ice cream houses dehydrated marshmallow, and green apple popping isotope candy.

Dark Matter Brownie Batter

A black brownie batter that’s topped with brownie bites and black galaxy sparkle sugar.

Last August, Afters co-founder Scott Nghiem revealed on The Katchup Podcast, the plans to collaborate with Rick and Morty. If you haven’t given the most downloaded episode of the Foodbeast podcast ever, it’s a good one to jump into the series on.

The first 50 customers to arrive for the 6 p.m. launch and purchase the ice cream, will receive a free Afters Ice Cream/Rick and Morty T-shirt.

There will also be an interactive Rick and Morty experience, exclusive to the Pasadena location.

Not gonna lie, when we heard about this pop-up, we were hoping for a “Pickle Rick” flavor. Ah well, maybe at the next collab.

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Rick and Morty Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream Pop-Up

Rick and Morty fans are currently sitting in a cartoon-less limbo as there has been no official word on when the show returns for a fourth season. In May, Adult Swim announced that the widely popular animated series had been renewed for 70 episodes over an uncertain amount of seasons. Good news for sure, but co-creator Justin Roiland says that fans would be waiting quite a bit for the new season.

In that meantime, diehards of the show will have something sweet to nibble on in the form of an ice cream pop up.

Co-founder of Afters Ice Cream Scott Nghiem joined The Katchup podcast, Thursday, and revealed that the immensely viral ice cream chain will soon be doing a Rick and Morty collaboration.

Nghiem mentions this at the 53:32 mark of the episode.

Those who follow Afters Ice Cream will know that they recently did something similar with Hello Kitty. This pairing of cartoon cat and technicolor ice cream included two limited edition flavors served in an exclusive Hello Kitty cup.

A post shared by Hello Kitty (@hellokitty) on

Following the podcast, Nghiem added that the collaboration will include both in-store installations and Rick and Morty-themed merchandise. He also reveals that the Pasadena location of Afters Ice Cream will have an exclusive experience center and flavor based on a dimension-hopping alcoholic scientist and his overly anxious grandson.

This fan-made video of Rick and Morty describing the pleasures of ice cream sums up our excitement for this collaboration perfectly.

Rick and Morty lovers can expect the pop-up collaboration to arrive sometime within the next three months. Wonder if any of the new flavors will involve pickles or Szechuan Sauce?

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McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Selling For HUNDREDS On eBay Thanks To Rick And Morty

McDonald’s cult Szechuan Sauce has been trending hard these last few days and never have we wanted to try a fast food dipping sauce so badly. The question is, how much would you pay to get your hands on some?

Over the weekend, Adult Swim quietly dropped the long-awaited premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 and it was glorious. We’re about to get into some spoilers, so avid Rick and Morty fans who still haven’t caught the episode may want to watch it on Adult Swim before reading any furthur.


In the episode, Rick makes it his life’s goal to get his hands on some McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce that was released during the promotion of Disney’s Mulan back in ’90s for a limited time.

It seems the sauce has garnered a massive following after the release of the episode, prompting folks who held on to the item for nearly two decades to capitalize on the momentum of the hype.

Quite a few packets of Szechuan sauce packets have found their way onto eBay, some are selling for nearly as high as $200. As reference, McDonald’s used to charge about 15 cents for their sauces before just giving them away for free a few years ago.

A glimmer of light in this dim world, is that the proceeds from quite a few of these listings will go towards charity.


A completely different turn of events compared to the dude who sold that bottle of Big Mac Sauce and his mixtape for $10,000.

Man, if only we knew how to make this sauce at home.

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New Animated Carl’s Jr. Commercial Feature Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty


When season 2 of Rick and Morty ended, we had some major withdrawals from the popular Adult Swim cartoon. During the finale of the second season, it was addressed that fans wouldn’t see the third for at least a year change.

Adult Swim, apparently partnered with Carl’s Jr., released this 30-second commercial highlighting the fast food chain’s line of burgers. Specifically, the new Tex-Mex Burger.

The burger features a charbroiled Black Angus beef patty topped with fire-roated poblano peppers and onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pepper jack cheese and Applewood-smoked bacon. It’s dressed with a spicy Santa Fe sauce and served on Carl’s Fresh Baked Buns.

For those itching for a brand-new season of Rick and Morty, however, this short burger commercial might be the closest thing we’ll get for a while.

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The Carl’s Jr. Car Wash Ad You Probably Never Wanted to See

carl ad

Some find Hardees/Carl’s Jr. commercials a little too sexual and unnecessary. This ad featuring Carl from Adult Swim’s hit TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force might finally convince those who opposed the idea.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve seen some pretty disturbing things from Carl. I mean, he was once raped by a doggie named Hand Banana and even had a broom shoved straight into his rectum.

Now he and his one-of-a-kind body are going mainstream as he sensually washes his car while eating a Carl’s Jr. burger. He shows off his buns and Carl’s Jr.’s fresh baked buns all at the same time.

I’m terribly sorry for exposing you to this: