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McDonald’s Anime Commercial Is Actually Kind Of Beautiful

McDonald’s International has been knocking it out of the park with their latest batch of commercials. One that’s been trending across the Internet comes from Japan. This commercial’s entirely animated.

Set in the style of Japanese Anime, the commercial narrates the experiences of a young girl starting her job at the fast food restaurant. It utilizes beautiful stills that make working at McDonald’s look kind of magical.

According to RocketNews24, the commercial follows college student Sumire as she begins a part-time job at McDonald’s. Mentored by fellow student Ikumi, the experience is told through a whimsical montage that incorporates breathtaking animation of life at the burger joint.

Check it out.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

TJ Miller And The Shock Top Wedge Blast Super Bowl Commercials [WATCH]

TJ Miller, the cutthroat comic relief star of Silicon Valley, made an appearance during one of the Super Bowl commercials in which he and the Shock Top wedge (with the sunglasses and mohawk) mercilessly mocked each other.

Today, the duo has released a video of themselves watching all the biggest super bowl ads (including their own) and judging them with the brutality and veracity of the Harvard Admissions Board.

What makes the video particularly hysterical is the semi-improvisation. Aside from a few of the more obvious remarks, many of the comments made by the orange-and-comedian duo were not prepared or rehearsed ahead of time, unlike their original 30-second ad. That dash of unpredictability is what makes this video particularly funny.

Check it out below and see if you agree with their assessments of the Super Bowl commercials.

Seriously though, I’d rather live in a giant fart bubble made by walruses than watch that puppymonkeybaby commercial ever again. For shame, Mountain Dew; for shame.


Photo Credit: Youtube, Super Bowl Commercials 2016


Our Loud Eating Is Why Super Bowl TV Commercials Don’t Work Anymore


If you’re a corporation paying big bucks for a Super Bowl ad, you may want to take a beat. In a recent report by NPR, consumers have a harder time absorbing Super Bowl ads thanks to a phenomenon referred to as oral interference.

Shankar Vedantam, who runs a byline for NPR, recently stated in an interview that the more folks eat while watching the Super Bowl, the louder they chew. This causes oral interference, making it harder for them to absorb the commercials they watch.

According to Vedantam, a researcher named Martin Geisenberg, Ph.D., analyzed the effectiveness of ads based around major sporting events. In doing so, he set out to determine if it was more effective to spend $4 million for a 30-second game day ad or the same amount for multiple ads throughout the year.

Analyzing 206 different brands shown over sporting events in the UK over four years (Olympics, World Cup), Geisenberg discovered that companies definitely have a handicap when it comes to advertising during a big sporting event. At least when it comes to immediate sales. Brand recognition, however, seems to still be effective.

Think about it. It would definitely be harder to fully immerse yourself in a commercial when you’re crunching on a mouthful of Cool Ranch corn nuts.

Looking back, we can actually remember the visuals of an advertisement, but not the actual product it’s trying to promote.

Guess it makes sense that some brands are releasing their ads a bit before game day.

Fast Food

Burger King Trolls and Changes Name to ‘Fries King’


Burger King’s little publicity stunt this week has sent the internet into a state of tears, disbelief and utter confusion. After rolling out their new reduced-fat, reduced-calories “Satisfries” back in September and planting giant “Wi-Fries” throughout city streets, the fast food chain made the next push to fully re-brand themselves.

Taking to their social feeds, the company trolled Twitter and Facebook fans worldwide, announcing their name change from “Burger King” to “Fries King.” Unsurprisingly, many fans of the “former” burger joint were appalled:

While others were simply tickled.

Of course, the obligatory threat of friendly arson was made.

While it’s quite clear Burger King’s PR move is all tongue-in-cheek, that hasn’t stopped them from revamping their website’s logo, actual signboards, product packaging and employee uniforms with “Fries King.” The company stated in a release on Thursday that select locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami will operate under “Fries King” for a limited time.

H/T USA Today PicThx Burger King


Old Spice Guy Says ‘You Don’t Know What Taste Is’ in Israeli Beer Ad

isaiah mustafa maccabee beer

Look at your man, now back to me…

Isaiah Mustafa has stepped off his horse and put on a shirt, but the Old Spice Man Your Man Could Smell Like is still as dapper as ever in this new TV commercial for Israel’s Maccabee Beer. He appears to be sitting in the Oval Office employing his epic voice in a worldwide presidential address to the masses of people who “don’t know what taste is” and have no real reason for disliking Maccabee because they don’t know what “x over the square root of 31 tastes like.”

But don’t let this one go viral, Israel. We want him back. These hunky musical-soap commercials are just . . . creepy.

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Tropicana: Sales Drop 20%

Not too long ago, Tropicana made the switch over to some “new age” branding that is shown above on the right. Immediately after, they were faced with heaps of backlash and immediately folded to the public outcry to return to the original packaging and they said they would. Apparently, the change lasted a little longer than necessary, because as the sales numbers poured in, unit sales showed a 20% drop, dollar sales saw a 19% decrease, which equates to roughly $33 million to $137 million between January 1st and February 22nd. During that same period, Tropicana’s competitors (Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural, Tree Ripe) saw various double-digit unit sales increases. I guess the saying is true, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” (Thx AdAge)