Japan Offers Miniature Bear Cubs Wrapped in a Donut


Sold at the bustling Ueno Zoo station in Tokyo, these panda-baked goods come from the Shiretoko Factory. The variety pack contains doughnuts in five flavors:  Hokkaido Milk, Hokkaido Pumpkin, Cocoa Chip, Choc Chip, and Salty Fresh Caramel. Each panda face is created by hand, giving every bear a unique character.

Shiretoko, the peninsula at the northeastern tip of Hokkaido in Japan, contains a unique population of brown bears which provides the inspiration for these doughnuts. In homage to the local kuma (bear), this particular brand of Shiretoko doughnut is called Kumagoron.


You may have qualms about eating these cute little bears, but think of it like a Teddy Graham. Yes, you feel guilty biting its cute little teddy head off, but the sweet reward makes you forget all about that.


The variety pack retails online for 1,580 yen ($16.20 USD) at Rakuten.

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Inception ‘Dog in a Dog’ is Almost Too Adorable to Eat, Almost [WATCH]


Fancy a “Dog in a Dog”? This quirky recipe is exactly what it sounds like: a hot dog encased in a shell that looks like a dog. The quick tutorial below shows you how to fold dough over a hot dog, the precise amount of time it needs to bake in the oven to maximize cuteness, and the finishing touches to put on this adorable little sucker.

“It would make the perfect afterschool snack,”  the caption under the video states and I totally agree. This is an awesome (see: delicious) way to enjoy a hot dog.


Pugkin Latte


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Animal-Shaped Donuts Let You Eat Adorable Kittens Without Mercy


If you thought the unbearably cute donut trend stopped at Cat Donuts, oh, how you were so very wrong.

“Doubutsu doonatsu,” or animal donuts, are now available  at two shops in Japan — Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama and Floresta. The latter began the trend of emblazoning donuts with animals when a customer suggested the idea a few years ago.


From there, one of the women behind Floresta’s animal donuts, Ikumi Nakao, created her own spin-off shop in Kawasaki, aka Animal Doughnut of Ikumimam. The dainty confections come in an assortment of different creatures — from plump piglets to pandas to whiskered catlings.

For those not in Japan, you can have Ikumimama ship you your daily dose of kawaii for $9 (US).


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32 Despicably Cute Photos of Minions in Your Food


Despicable Me’s minions are looking to supersede kittens and piglets as the world’s cutest creatures. You can spot these petite, bright yellow fellows everywhere these days, they’re the most coveted prize at the county fair and scene-stealing commercials with that bubbly Progressive lady.

Now, they’re in your food. Oh, yes. There’s no escaping them, and why would you want to anyhow? They make for the perfect cuddle buddy/night light and have a strange fascination with farts. Adorable, er, right?

So here’s a list of 32 minions in your food via Instagram. Because if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well make them into pretty cupcakes and latte art. Naturally.



Minion Cookies tho

Bougie Minion

Mickey Mouse Cameo

Pyro Minon

Keep Calm & Eat Minions

Beware the Evil Minion


Minion Twinkie Cupcakes


That’s Gotta Hurt

Nailed It

Sheer Genius

This one spins and talks. Overachiever much?

Minion Pops

Say It with Minions


Minion Tic Tacs are sadly not real-life

Minion Caramel Apples

Bananas Disguised as Minions


It’s official, they’re taking over the world: Minion Oreos

Hipster Minion


Mini Minion Chocolates

Minion Latte Art


Nutella-Stuffed, Vanilla-Bean, Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Mustaches, For Schmoozing Like a Sir

As if nutella and homemade marshmallows needed to be any more delectable, Rosie from Sweetapolita has just combined them into the ultimate holiday suck-up tool.


Adorable Toast Thumbdrives Are Adorable

Here’s the latest in boring things made inexplicably awesome when disguised as other things: the USB Toaster Hub and Toast Thumbdrives.

These precious, anthropomorphic 4 GB drives come in four “flavors”: Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato, and feature removable “heads” which sit snugly inside the USB toaster while your favorite or most important files are busy cooking away.

The toaster also comes with a SD card slot, so if tech scientists could get their ish together and get us some adorable looking butter or PB&J cards to go along with it, that’d be great, thanks.

Each thumbdrive is available online for $24.99; toaster hub available for $27.99