This Is The Most Epic Ad For Ramen We’ve Ever Seen [WATCH]

Holy crap.

We’ve seen crazy food ads before, but a recent one for instant ramen might just be the most epic. It’s got zombies, fireballs, parkour, gender-bending and sumo wrestlers.

Ramen manufacturer Nissin Foods created an ad for the 58th anniversary of Chikin Ramen, reports RocketNews. The add features a schoolgirl chasing a samurai drone that had stolen her bowl of ramen. Through the chase we get to see all the popular trends in the country. Along the way, there are quite a few twists.

Check out the feature-length ramen commercial.


Fat Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Sees The Truth In This Vodka Ad

For those that somehow don’t know, Russia is the world leader in Vodka, both in production and consumption. On average, the standard Russian drinks 17.3 shots a month of vodka, putting them leagues ahead of the competition.

Vodka company Pyat Ozer recently released an advertisement detailing the life of a man who SEEMS to have everything going his way, but upon closer inspection, actually has nothing.

The Leo doppelgänger takes a look around at all of his materialistic things (including his fake wife) and realizes that everything around him is pointless if it’s not real, at which point he comes across a bottle of Pyat Ozer.

He then makes the realest move he’s made in years, to the chagrin of his “charming” wife.


Drinkers Pay Homage To Pregnant Women In This Hilarious Beer Ad

People love to tell pregnant women “you’re glowing,” yet every time I’m drunk and my belly is hanging out of my shirt, people say, “You’re showing.” Double standard, right? I know, totally.

One German beer company is working to break those double standards by reminding men that just because they don’t house humans in their bellies, doesn’t mean that housing beer is any less precious or meaningful.

According to boredpanda, Bergedorfer Bier teamed up with a German advertising agency called Jung von Matt and created an advertisement that appealed to the average beer drinker, one that might have a bit of a belly, or as Americans now like to call it, a “dad bod.”

The best part of this entire series is the way these men gently cradle their bellies and delicately safeguard their nipples. The ad’s slogan is “Brewed with love,” giving even more hilarious meaning to the loving poses.

beer ad 2 beer ad 3 beer ad 1



Photo Credit: boredpanda

Celebrity Grub

Kevin Bacon’s Egg Commercial Will Leave You 6 Degrees Of Hungry

World-famous actor Kevin Bacon is pretty much a household name. The star of such films as The River Wild and R.I.P.D is also the inspiration behind the popular game Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon.

Teaming up with his brother, Michael Bacon, the brothers formed a musical duo called The Bacon Brothers. In this 3-minute commercial for Incredible Egg, the brothers visit some unsuspecting homeowners to spread the magical word about the eggs.

Both hilarious, uncomfortable and terrifying, watch the Bacon brothers pop in an out of peoples homes while playing some catchy egg tunes.

Check out the musical video.

Fast Food

Son Comes Out To His Father In This Tradition-Challenging McDonald’s Ad

McDonald’s Taiwan recently released a commercial that seriously tugging on our heartstrings. The ad shows a young man coming out to his father at a McDonald’s.

We see the two men sitting together at the fast food restaurant.


The camera shifts to writing on a McCafe cup that roughly translates to:

I like men.

As the two sit in silence, the father abruptly gets up and leaves his son behind. The young man looks disheartened.


The father returns, however, takes out a pen and writes a response on his son’s cup.

I accept that you like men.

Happiness ensues and father and child then enjoy their McCafe beverages together.

Seriously McDonald’s, great commercial. Simple, sweet and moving. Sure beats that horrifying anthropomorphic Happy Meal box you had dancing around.

Video: McDonald’s Taiwan , Translation: Sophia Hui

Fast Food

Burger King Responds With A Clever Comeback To This McDonald’s Commercial

There’s a burger war brewing in France. McDonald’s recently ran a campaign against Burger King by temporarily modifying one of BK’s signs to show how much more convenient it is to find a McDonald’s spot in the country than a Burger King.

In response, Burger King released a video that shows the “ending” of that trip to McDonald’s.

You can check it out above.

A while back, Burger King also hit up McDonald’s for a collaboration between the burger chains in honor of Peace Day. McDonald’s, decided to pass.

No hard feelings though. Right, BK?


Watch This Chef Turn Pumpkins And Cinnamon Rolls Into Thanksgiving Magic

Food always seems to bring people together in wonderful ways, whether they be via tasty recipe exchanges, choice dining recommendations, or helpful cooking tips—the global food community grows every single day! One of the latest and greatest additions to this community is the TODAY Food Club (TFC), an online network on that unites the TODAY family, chefs, and home cooks everywhere by sharing creative meal ideas and plans, recipes, “hacks,” and beyond, all for the sake of great eating.

To celebrate the launch, they’ve posed two open challenges for members—and you know Foodbeast loves a good challenge. That’s why our very own Foodbeast Chef Ashley “Guzie” Guzman has taken her mother’s recipe for sticky buns and added her own personal touch for TFC’s Family Favorites challenge.

Growing up, Guzie’s family would enjoy sweet and sticky cinnamon rolls every year around the holidays like Thanksgiving. Now as a pastry chef, she was inspired to combine the family favorite with flavors of pumpkin purée and glorious, brown sugar-coated bacon bits to create amazingly delicious Pumpkin And Candied Bacon Sticky Buns! You bet she’s made her mama proud. See the recipe below.

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Ashley Guzman’s Pumpkin & Candied Bacon Sticky Buns

1 can pre-made cinnamon roll dough

1 medium pumpkin

Vegetable oil

Pumpkin spices (Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon, Ginger)

Whole milk


Brown sugar

Powdered sugar


1)   Preheat oven to 350F.

2)   Slice pumpkin in half. Remove seeds and pulp and reserve for another use.  Coat inside and outside of pumpkin lightly with vegetable oil. Place pumpkin halves on sheet tray, with the hollow sides face-down. Oven bake in 15-minute increments, rotating pan at each interval. When pumpkin can easily be pierced with a fork, remove and let cool.

3)   While pumpkin is cooling, line bacon on a sheet tray and sprinkle brown sugar evenly on each slice. Bake in oven until bacon is crispy and sugar has caramelized.  

4)   Remove bacon from oven, reserve fat drippings, and set aside.  Allow bacon to cool. Once bacon has cooled, chop into bite-size pieces (about 1cm wide).

5)   Once pumpkin is cool to touch, use a spoon to scoop the flesh away from the outer skin. Season with pumpkin spices and purée in a food processor.  To loosen the flesh, add milk to the purée ¼ cup at a time until it is loose enough to move within the food processor, but still thick enough to hold shape.

6)  Release cinnamon roll dough from its can and roll out onto a clean surface.

7)  Using a spoon or offset spatula, spread pumpkin purée evenly onto the dough.

8)  Sprinkle a portion of the candied bacon on top of the pumpkin purée, but make sure to reserve enough to top the finished rolls.

9)   Re-roll the cinnamon dough to make the buns, and line them up side by side in a baking dish. Bake as directed in the packaging instructions.

10)   While sticky buns are baking, whisk together the powdered sugar and enough milk in a bowl to make a thick paste, which will be a frosting to top the sticky buns.  Add enough bacon fat to make the mixture the texture of glue and whisk until shiny and smooth. Reserve.

11)   Once buns are finished baking, remove from oven and cover with the bacon frosting mixture while they are still warm. Top with reserved bacon pieces.

12)   Allow to cool. When ready to serve, warm in oven or microwave and enjoy!


Created in partnership with the TODAY Show


Watch Justin Timberlake Play A Washed-Up LIME In This Hilarious Tequila Ad


Justin Timberlake has always been a pretty solid actor. A rare selection of musicians can gracefully transition into acting with such ease, but the 34-year-old artist has time again proven his acting chops. Timberlake has since invested in tequila company Sauza 901.

Because of this, he inconspicuously appeared in an ad for the Sauza. The premise is similar to a “Where They Are Now?” documentary, featuring humanoid limes.

Check out the three-minute tequila ad chronicling the rise and fall of Timberlake’s anthropomorphic fruit.