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Students Pull Off Fake McDonald’s Ad Prank That Goes Viral

When I visit a McDonald’s, I usually don’t pay too much attention to the decor around the lobby of the restaurant. Pretty sure most people don’t either. Therein lies the magic of this viral Mcdonald’s poster “prank.”

Jevh Maravilla, a student at the University of Houston, created a fake poster with his friend Christian Toledo to hang on the wall of a local McDonald’s. What they didn’t expect, however, was that the poster would hang there unnoticed for 51 days.

In the behind-the-scenes video below, Maravilla reveals that they created the poster as a way to represent Asian-Americans in McDonald’s advertisements. The idea came as they noticed there were no Asians depicted in the store’s decorative images.

The process to hang the poster on the wall was pretty elaborate — from a campus photoshoot to editing realistic looking fries into the image. Maravilla even went out and bought a McDonald’s uniform so he could masquerade as an employee of the fast food chain while his friends hung the poster up.

For nearly two months, no one in the store took down the poster.

A noble goal behind a pretty hilarious prank. I wonder if the McDonald’s will just end up keeping this on their wall?

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KFC Apologizes For Chicken Shortage With Cheeky Ad

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Recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in the United Kingdom found themselves a little deep-fried after shutting down their stores due to a severe shortage of chicken.

About 750 of their locations closed in the UK, due to distribution issues. While KFC scrambled to find some much-needed poultry, the marketing for the fried chicken chain decided to lighten the situation a bit with a hilarious apology, GrubStreet reports.

The ad moved the “K” behind the “FC,” spelling “FCK” on the brand’s bucket in bold letters. It was then followed by an apology. KFC’s full-page graphic ran in the Sun and Metro papers this past week.

While most of the stores have reopened, some locations are still taking a little longer to get the supply they need. Until then, chicken-hungry fans will just have to wait.

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KFC’s Bizarre New Commercial Somehow Infuriates The Internet

Why can’t a fried chicken commercial simply just be a fried chicken commercial? It seems everything needs a clapback these days and Kentucky Fried Chicken is at the clucking spotlight of the Internet’s fury. One of the fried chicken chain’s latest commercials is pissing off a lot of vegetarians.

The slightly bizarre video features a live chicken strutting its stuff, set to the bombastic beat of DMX’s X Gonna Give It To Ya. It seems people aren’t happy with how the live animal is depicted in relation to the fried chicken restaurant.

Commenters pointed out that there’s no way a chicken would be that happy knowing it’s about to be slaughtered and deep-fried and that the footage was “distressing” to vegetarians and vegans. Additional complaints were made that the commercial painted KFC as only serving chicken and nothing else with the tagline: The Whole Chicken And Nothing But The Whole Chicken. 


Design Taxi reports that the Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged that some folks found the ad “distasteful” but there won’t be any sort of investigation into the video since the commercial is unlikley to cause widespread offense. The ad also does not break any existing rules or regulations.

Sure, we’d have liked to see actual fried chicken shown in the ad, but we definitely weren’t offended with this video.

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Here’s Why McDonald’s Pulled This Controversial ‘DAD’ Ad

A recent ad for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich was the center of much criticism and complaint, reports Design Taxi. The commercial features a young boy who recently lost his father through some undisclosed circumstance.

As the boy learns more and more about his late father from his mother, viewers can clearly see they are nothing alike. However, the video ends with the mother and son sitting down at a McDonald’s where she tells him the Filet-O-Fish he ordered was his father’s favorite, instilling a sense of solace in the child.

The advertisement upset many that had lost their parents, those of whom took to Twitter to share their disappointment:


In response to the outrage, McDonald’s has pulled the ad and apologized for it in a public statement. The fast food chain said they were simply trying to depict real, everyday people, living in good situations or bad.

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McDonald’s Controversial New Soda Ad Never Once Mentions ‘McDonald’s’

That place where Coke tastes SO good.

McDonald’s has recently begun promoting the return of $1 any sized drinks at participating United States locations.

In a couple 30-second promos actress Mindy Kaling hypes up a place “where Coke tastes so good.” While she doesn’t flat-out say McDonald’s, she tells viewers to do a quick Google search of her exact phrase.

That one step of Googling is intended to pique the viewers’ interest as to what this place that serves great-tasting Coca Cola is.

A quick Google search told us that the place, in fact, was McDonald’s. Though shame on us for not reading fellow Foodbeast and Spanish Seductor Supreme Isai Rocha’s piece on why McDonald’s Coke tastes so good from a few months back.

Unfortunately, the ads have been met with some negative reactions, collecting hundreds of dislikes. The yellow dress on a red background was a nice touch though.

So what do you think about McDonald’s latest attempt at promoting themselves through subtle cues and general curiosity? Was it worse than what Burger King did with Google phones?

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Vintage Eggos Spot Turned Into The Epic ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Season 2 Teaser

Last night, during the Super Bowl, we were surprised to find an old Eggos commercial show up during the middle of the Big Game. Seconds later, the vintage scene at the breakfast table cut away and we knew what was about to happen.

It was the Stranger Things season 2 spot.

The hit Netflix series premiere its phenomenal first season on July 15, 2016, and for those of us who binged the whole thing in a day, we were left anxious to see how Eleven and the gang of lovable misfits would carry on into the next season. The Eggos opening is a reference to Eleven who developed quite the addition to the frozen breakfast item during the first season.

Now, like a plate of Eggos straight from the toaster, we had a sweet taste of what’s to come this fall.

Brayden Curtis, the mind behind the Foodbeast Katchup and admirer of meatball subs, had this to say upon viewing:

This will get me through the year.

You and me both, pal.

Check out the mind-blowing teaser for the upcoming season above which will premiere Halloween 2017. As if we needed another reason to love the candy-slingin’ holiday.

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This KFC Commercial From Japan Ups The Ante On Ridiculousness [WATCH]

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy fast food commercials from around the world. One of the more recent ones being an epic movie-quality series for Pepsi.

RocketNews 24 shared KFC Japan’s latest promotional video, where the fried chicken chain sets out to hype “tare” (sauce). In a tribute to ’80s VHS aesthetics, the three-minute video features some of the most ridiculous scenarios set to fast-paced cuts and lots of shouting.

The video focuses on a man from the T.A.R.E Scientific Research Institute and his journey to find the ultimate sauce. Along the way he meets ninjas dressed as maids, a chicken filet tribe, and deities. His entire adventure is set to an original song sung by popular international artist Ladybeard.

While initially confused at how ridiculous and random this commercial was, the spot sure accomplished its purpose. Now we want some saucy chicken.

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Whole Foods Completely Botched Their Ad By Not Understanding Shadows


We’ve seen quite a few marketing blunders in the last year when it comes to popular food brands. Whether it’s a noticeably fake CGI burger or ridiculous editing, companies should know by now that keen consumers will surely spot and put on blast any error in Photoshop.

Take this Whole Foods ad for example.

In a recent Reddit post, a user received a flyer for a new Whole Foods that just opened in the Santa Clara Square Marketplace. In it, five people are walking to and from the health food store. The problem, the shadows of the drawn people are facing three different directions.

Hopefully, Whole Foods puts more of their money into their stores rather than their designers. Clearly this was a rookie mistake.

Photo: Reddit