Taco Tuesday Essential: Taco Truck Taco Holders


Alright. So you’ve loaded up your precious taco shell with all the shredded cheese, ground beef, guac, sour cream and whathaveyou you could fit. (That’s what she said.) However, there’s a bottle of Corona with your name on it and attempting to double fist both could lead to this unfortunate situation.

Fret not. This seriously alliterative Taco Truck Taco Holder can hold up to two busty tacos, keeping the mess to a minimum. Plus, they’re a slick addition to any taco lover’s home and can double as a napkin holder when not in use. Boom.


Taco Truck Taco Holder, $20


These Earrings Could Make Your Lobes Smell Like Corn Dogs


Remember those buttery waffle and cinnamon roll necklaces that smell like the real deal? It turns out the jewelry company Tiny Hands also makes other charming accessories you’ve gotta have. More specifically, they sell corn dog earrings and pumpkin pie rings. Real life.

Just like their delicious-smelling counterparts, these pieces also feature accurate food scents. This means your lobes could smell like corn dogs, snow cones, heck — even sugar glazed donuts! As for the Tiny Hands ring offerings, there are plenty of options, from cherry chocolate truffles to mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.




scented waffle-ring


Although these cute niblets look and smell yummy, remember: they’re unfortunately inedible.

Tiny Hands Scented Rings and Earrings, $23-$45 @Tiny Hands

Picthx Tiny Hands


Protect Your iPhone with a ‘Chocolate-Coated’ Popsicle Case


Add this to the awesome-stuff-we-need-asap list that’s been building for quite some time (cue: Hello Kitty Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and bear cubs wrapped in donuts). This unique iPhone case features your choice of a  “soda” or “crunchy” popsicle on the back, with a tantalizing bite taken out of each. The soda variation comes in an icy blue, while the crunchy version comes decked out in a chocolate coating over vanilla ice cream.

However, try and remember that despite the icePhone’s striking resemblance to the real thing, it’s sadly inedible. The 5 and 5s icePhone cases are made in Japan and available online for 3,990 yen (US$40.48).

H/T + Picthx RocketNews24


Get Fair & Accurate Slices with the Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter


If you’re tired of ending up with the smallest pizza slice, you’re in luck. This precision pizza cutter might be the answer.

The Tactical Laser Pizza Cutter attaches to the top of your average pizza wheel and projects a straight red line onto the pie. It’s up to you to maintain a steady hand, but once you have that down, the laser cutter promises perfect slices every time. That means less time spent arguing over who got more pepperoni or why one piece is missing a corner of crust. Everyone can have a perfect piece, or you can just hog all the slices to yourself.

Don’t worry, we aren’t ones to judge.

Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter, $30 @ThinkGeek

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious


Roll-On Olive Oil Prevents Soggy Bread


This clever invention takes a cue from the roll-on glitter bottles of the 90’s and swaps the sparkles for olive oil. Created by design group Oaza, the Oil-On dispenser is made from a glass container topped with a hollow cork stopper that’s sealed with a rolling wooden ball. The ball soaks up the oil, then dispenses it evenly as you roll it across your bread.

Oil-On focuses on subtly — playing off the idea that we oh-too often overpower bread’s flavor and texture by dunking it in olive oil. The ballpoint pen-like dispenser enables us to get a thin layer of oil, as opposed to a piece of bread soaked in the stuff. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on this item, as the firm is still considering plans to move the unique dispenser into production.

‘Til then, we foresee Nutella roll-on bottles ahead. Goodness knows we need something to deter us from slathering ungodly amounts on our morning toast.

H/T + Picthx Vizkultura


Get Caught with Your Hand in a Death Star Cookie Jar


Have you ever needed a way around feeling guilty about how many cookies you’re eating? Thanks to this Death Star Cookie Jar, a self-indulgent midnight journey to appease your gluttony and fuel your own self-loathing can now be turned into an adventurous journey through the galaxy.

What? No? You’re not able to fool yourself  into thinking that opening a cookie jar is basically the same thing as using The Force to guide you into destroying the Death Star? Well, either way it’s a cool decoration for your house. Couple that with the Deathstar Grinder and you just planned your entire Saturday. Boom, progress.

Death Star Cookie Jar, $56 @Firebox

H/T Incredible Things + Picthx Firebox


Skull-Shaped Spoon is a Macabre Way to Count Calories


Skull-shaped Pancakes? Sure. Skull-shaped eggs? Definitely. Skull-shaped spoon? Take. My. Money. Right. Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the utensil that finally has me pulling out my wallet is here. I present to you, the Sugar Skull Spoon. Created by design company Hundred Million, this morbid item on Kickstarter is meant to “gently remind you sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee.” Not to mention that it trumps all the other boring spoons in your kitchen.

Despite the holes for the skull’s eyes and nose, the spoon’s concave design allows you to take big scoops. This will no doubt cause your friends to be both impressed by your seeming defiance of physics and jealous for looking so damn stylish.

H/T+Picthx Cool Material


Skull-Shaped Egg Mold Makes for Macabre Mornings


We’re you in the market for something to match that spooky skull-shaped pancake mold? Well, we may have a winner, folks. This neat little frame allows you to mold your eggs to look like an adorable little skull so that way you can munch on eggs and symbolically conquer your fear of death at the same time!

Simply crack open two eggs into the the rings and soon you’ll be feasting on the most macabre of breakfasts. Just make sure to serve it with a side of bacon. Mmm, death never tasted so delicious.

Skull Egg Coral @Fred and Friends