Harry Potter Cookie with Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Hidden Inside


During the height of the Potter craze, most of us wanted nothing more than to receive that Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail. We would’ve chosen that over our top college pick any day and taken a chance to leave our muggle lives behind in a heartbeat. While those days are now past, this Hogwarts cookie with a letter awaiting inside offers tasty consolation.

Made by Tina of Sugar Bean Bakers for a friend’s birthday, the recipe calls for just a few easy steps. The cookie itself consist of a simple sugar cookie recipe, then gets topped with marshmallow fondant. The “official” Hogwarts acceptance letter is folded and placed inside beforehand, making a delightful surprise for any Potter fan.

For those of you still waiting by the mailbox for that fateful day, these Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Cookies will hold you over ’til then.

H/T + PicThx Sugar Bean Bakers