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This Is How We Learned What An ‘Abortion Shot’ Was

I recently attended my cousin’s 21st birthday, and this little asshole casserole was being fed froofy ass shots like a Buttery Nipple and a Redheaded Slut, and he was loving it. I stepped in to rock that little slut’s face off with some manly man shots, and that’s when I realized that the only two shitty shots I knew were the Gorilla Fart and the Four Horsemen. Right in that moment is when I decided to travel from bar to bar, trying to learn what exactly were…

The Worst Shots Ever

At this point in the day, Hayley and I are already five shots and a couple of beers deep. We make our way over to Rudy’s Pub & Grill to keep the dream alive, and continue seeking out the worst shot of all time. So far we’ve found some pretty horrible shots, but this next shot might actually take the cake, considering it’s called the “Abortion Shot.”

Jen, our lively and enthusiastic bartender, made sure to make our lives hell to the greatest extent of her ability. She knew three horrible shots, so the Abortion Shot was the first of the trio. Although it only tasted marginally awful, the texture in my mouth combined with my pondering the name was enough to bring me ridiculously close to puking.