Today I Learned: Oreo O’s Vanished Everywhere Except for South Korea


Ah, the 90’s. A time when slap bracelets, Daria, world peace, and Oreo O’s existed. Who could forget those sugary bits of cereal that tricked our parents into thinking cookies were part of a balanced breakfast? Oreo O’s were the perfect sugar rush before school. The black O’s were the sweeter, crispy version of the original biscuit and the white “creme” speckles dissolved into your bowl of milk, making it extra sugary.

Sadly, after 2007, Post and Kraft ceased their co-branded partnership. Since Post owned the recipe and Kraft owned the rights to the Oreo name, the beloved cereal was pulled from shelves, never to be seen again. . .

Welp, turns out you can still get ’em in South Korea. Korean food company Dongsuh foods began as a joint venture with General Foods, the latter which was then acquired by Kraft Foods — which in turn made half of Dongsuh Foods’ stock property of Kraft. This allowed Dongsuh Foods to continue producing Oreo O’s, since the company had both licenses required to make the cereal.

Thanks to this fortunate series of events, die-hard Oreo O’s fans can relive the 90’s on eBay for around $10 a box. Now wake up at 8am on a Saturday, throw on an episode of Animaniacs and you’ve got yourself the perfect morning.

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MMMHops! – Hanson’s Got Its Own Craft Beer Now – Ba Duba Dop Ba Du, Yeah Yeah


It’s only slightly less useless than the “You Must Be 21 or Over” splash on alcohol websites, but it seems the Hanson brothers (yes, those Hanson brothers) now have their very own brand of beer, with what could be either the worst or the most brilliant brand name ever.

Fellow Tiger Beat readers, meet Mmmhops.

The result of a joint venture with the craft beer Mustang Brewing company in Oklahoma, Hanson’s new Mmmhops Pale Ale is part celebration of the band’s 21st anniversary, part promotion for its upcoming studio album, part disaster relief for victims of the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, and part perfect new excuse for butchering the song lyrics. The brew is currently in its final recipe testing stages and will be hitting the market soon, though you can catch a glimpse of it in The Hangover Part III.


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Your 90’s Heart Will Melt: Reptar Bars with Proper Packaging

reptar bars

Back in January we featured a Reptar Bar recipe so 90’s kids could make these nostalgic treats at home. But I got to thinking, besides taking a chomp into the chocolate, how would you KNOW it was a Reptar Bar?

I made these throwback candy bars over the weekend and decided to be an over achiever and designed a wrapper for these candy bar supremes. Because let’s be real, any 90’s kid worth their weight in pogs would seriously nerd out if they saw a real life Reptar Bar.

Thanks to the powers of Google I was able to get a screenshot of these ancient candies from an episode of Rugrats. After two hours of photoshopping, this 90’s fictional cartoon candy bar was born into the reality of the 21st Century.

I made my Reptar Bars with green caramel and nuts instead of green marshmallow fluff, to ensure ultimate green mouth-age.

I’d say I successfully made some childhood dreams come true this weekend.


Someone Opened a Real-Life ‘Friends’ Central Perks Cafe in Beijing


Friends fans, rejoice! While the sitcom that pretty much ran the 90s may have fallen from prime time grace in America, it’s apparently still all the rage in China. So much so that one super-fan, Du Xin, recreated the show’s famous Central Perk Cafe in Beijing (originally located in Central Park in New York, but not really, which is news to me). It’s got the same giant window logo, same entry way, and even the couch where Ross, Rachel and company shared witticisms. But this is 2013. You don’t have to share witticisms any more. Instead, you can sit on that orange couch and watch reruns while sipping your latte.

“I’m crazy about Friends,” Xin said in an interview with NPR. “For me, it’s a religion. It’s my life.”

Don’t worry. This isn’t creepy or crazy. Xin managed to turn his obsession into a business, opening a second cafe in Shanghai. The menus serve snacks (and lulz) from the show, so prepare for lots of Joey-esque references over the pastry you’re nibbling.

This gives me hope. Maybe someone will do this for Boy Meets World. Hint, hint, readers. Hint, hint.

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FYI: The Rugrats’ Reptar Bars Aren’t Extinct

reptar bars

’90s kids unite on this throwback recipe. Yes, the Rugrats’ Reptar bars are a real thing, thanks to Adventures in Cooking. Chocolate outside, green goodness inside. You’re welcome.


Time Traveler Tries to Use Pizza Hut Coupon from the 90s


On the left is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “radically sealed VHS” from the 1990s. On the right is a time traveler who is, coincidentally, also from the 90s — you can tell from the bodacious lime green hat, zebra lenses, awesome American Flag pants and the profuse use of neon in general. 90s Ninja Turtles VHS and time traveler? Check.

The Saved by the Bell extra above apparently traveled forward a few decades in the hopes of using a Pizza Hut coupon found within the sealed VHS. While the coupon expired on December 31, 1991, the Pizza Hut manager honored the coupon, understanding that the weary time traveler was hungry after a long day of wormhole hopping.

Watch the blast from the past below: