Dunkaroos Are Making A Comeback This Summer

90s kids have another reason to rejoice because the popular childhood snack, Dunkaroos will indeed be making a sudden comeback in the Summer of 2020!  The Betty Crocker branded bites just created a less than cryptic account dedicated to the creamy cookies with one post simply captioned with the “looking eyes” emoji.


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Dunkaroos distribution was halted in 2012 in the United States, and 2018 in Canada.  The snack has garnered a cult following since the years of its discontinuation, with many fans urging a comeback, and few even attempting a homemade recreation.

The reintroduction to the market will begin with its original cookies, with vanilla frosting and sprinkles flavor.

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90s Kids Rejoice, Cheez Balls are Back and Better Than Ever

Ahh, yes!  Who would have thought that the sweet scent of nostalgia would also be so Cheez-y!  All you 90s babies asked for it, and finally Mr. Peanut is ready to give it to you — Cheez Balls are back, and this time it’s here to stay!  

The limited release of Cheez Balls in 2018 sent nostalgic hopefuls into a frenzy when it didn’t last long, so PLANTERS put the work in to bring the neon orange snack to this decade.  Fortunately for the hordes of cheese lovers out there, Cheez Balls didn’t return alone. Also available now are pocket-sized shakers of Cheez Powder to use on just about anything you want!  

To celebrate, 350 lucky fans can win their own bottle of Cheez Balls Cheez Powder by commenting or tweeting @MRPEANUT what food they would top off with the new powder using #CheezBallContest starting today, August 20, until September 1st.  

If you’re also lucky enough to be in New York City on Wednesday, August 21st, you are invited to indulge in a Cheez-y one-of-a-kind pop-up by food truck Made From Scratch and Chef Richard Blais.  Stroll over to Astor Place between 11am-7pm to try tenders, lobster rolls, tots, and many more — dusted in all the Cheez Powder your heart can take.