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7-11 Coffee Is Surprisingly One Of The Strongest In Fast Food

We’ve all had those mornings where we just NEED that last minute cup of coffee while on the road. Not all brews are all created equal, though, so popping into one chain restaurant for a steaming mug of joe may mean you get less wired than if you ordered somewhere else.

Take the below infographic from Sleepopolis, for example. By looking at the caffeine content of different chain restaurant coffees, they were able to figure out which spots will get you the biggest wake-up boost. When it comes to some of the big names, like Dunkin’ and McDonald’s, their coffee just seems to fall short while some surprise names like 7-11 are relatively strong.

At 17.5 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, 7-11 easily trounces some of the biggest names in coffee in terms of strength, including Dunkin’ (15 mg/fl oz), Panera Bread (11.8), and McDonald’s (9.1).

You can view the whole infographic below, with the data related to chain restaurant coffee appearing on the right-hand side.

Photo courtesy of Sleepopolis

Only Caribou, Starbucks, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have more caffeine per fluid ounce than 7-11’s brew, making the ubiquitous convenient store a prime choice if you need to get wired without dishing out a ton of cash.

In comparison, an average cup of coffee has 12 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. That puts Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s, two of the most ubiquitous coffee spots out there, below average in terms of caffeine content. Why that is, only one can guess.

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Mandarin Jarritos Slurpees Lowkey Dropped At 7-11 And Folks LOVE Them

Jarritos are one of the most recognizable Mexican sodas out there and are a fixture at nearly every taqueria you can find in the country. They’re about to become even more widespread, though, because 7-11 has been quietly dropping Jarritos Slurpees in some of their locations.

The sole current flavor spotted by folks on social media so far has been Mandarin, one of the more popular Jarritos offerings. Users on Twitter and Reddit have been spotting them and sharing photos since about mid-May, with locations carrying the Slurpee ranging from Denver to Texas.

Judging by their reactions, people have been loving the Jarritos Slurpees so far.

While the drink has been around for a couple of months at least, Jarritos just got around to announcing the flavor on their social media feeds. They’re saying that it’s only available in select locations of 7-11, so you’ll need to hunt around your area to track one down.

It would definitely be cool to see more Jarritos Slurpees flavors in the future, too. I’d personally be down to guzzle a Tamarindo or Limon version.

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New 7-Eleven Drinks Come In Self-Chilling Cans That Cool Your Beverage Instantly

The future of drinks is here, folks, and it means that you can now crack open a cold one anywhere you want, even if your drink has been toasting in the sun.

self-chilling cans

Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is testing out some new packaging tech that involves self-chilling cans. The on-demand cooling vessels already have some serious cred, with recognition from NASA, the US Army, and the EPA for the system behind it.

Made in partnership with Joseph Company International, the “Chill-Cans” contain reclaimed carbon dioxide that turns things frigid instantly. At 7-Eleven, they’ll contain “Fizzics” sparkling cold brew coffees in regular, French vanilla, and caramel flavors.

Getting the beverages to go cold is pretty easy. You turn the can over on a flat surface, and twist the base until you hear a hissing sound. Let it be for about a minute and a half, invert it back to its normal position, and it’s ready to drink. Just make sure not to touch the packaging while it’s cooling, since the body heat from your hand can mess with the system and make your drink less chilly.

The technology works just about anywhere, so if you’re on a road trip and need some cold coffee, having one of these cans on hand would be clutch.

If you’re looking to try some of these instant-cooling cans yourself, 7-Eleven is currently testing them in 15 different locations across the Los Angeles area.

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7-11 Locally Made Meals Aim To Bring Chef-Quality Food To Convenience Stores

7-11 Locally Made Meals

Photo courtesy of 7-11

7-11 Locally Made Meals are the convenience store chain’s attempt to jump into the ready-to-heat meal business. As consumers look for higher quality on-the-go options, these meals serve as a new choice that you can grab out of a convenience store.

In total, 14 locally made meals are available, ranging between five different categories: Italian, Asian, Homestyle, Mexican, and Breakfast. They include Spaghetti Bolognese, Macaroni and Cheese, and Chipotle Chicken bowls. Each of the meals can be heated in-store or can be taken on the go, needing under 3 minutes to cook in a microwave.

With the exception of breakfast, which launches on the 25th, all of the meals are already available in the refrigerated case of participating 7-11 stores. Currently, nearly 200 total locations are offering the meals, all of which are in either the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, New York, D.C., or Los Angeles.

If you’re interested in trying one out for yourself, 7-11 is offering coupons for free meals. Otherwise, the price on these entrees ranges from $3.99 to $4.99 where sold.

They all definitely sound like tasty and interesting additions to the prepared meal space, and we can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.

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7-Eleven Giving Out Free Slurpees For 7-Eleven Day

Slurpees are a national treasure, and anytime you can get one for free, it’s not a bad idea to jump on it.

Every July 11, 7-Eleven celebrates its birthday, handing out free Slurpees to customers, and this year, they’ve even released a new Cotton Candy flavor for the momentous occasion.

Playing with the numbers, the convenience store set a time frame of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for customers to walk in and get their free small Slurpee. After the Tuesday promotion, they expect you to go Slurpee crazy, offering 11 free Slurpees if you buy seven using their mobile app between July 12-18.

That’s a lot of Slurpees, but if people are willing to fill fish bowls with them, there’s a good chance they’ll go nuts over this offer.

Who: 7-Eleven

What: Free small slurpee

When: Tuesday, July 11 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m

Where: All participating 7-eleven stores in the U.S.

Why: Because it’s their birthday, apparently

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An Intimate Look Inside A Danish 7-Eleven


After more than 12 hours flying, fellow writer Sean and I landed in the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark for a recent press trip. As Sean beelined straight towards the nearest restroom, I wandered around the terminal.

Wide-eyed and in a brand new country for the first time, I spotted an entire 7-Eleven condensed into a corner of the airport.


While the 7-Eleven did have many recognizable snacks for us to feast on, there were many things we’ve never seen before that we’d never see back home. At least not inside a US location.

My stomach rumbling and my phone just as eager to capture these treats, I capture some of the most delicious looking convenience store bites.

Here’s what I spotted:

Kyllingespyd (kebabs)




A slice of Mexican pizza with beef.


A slice of pepperoni pizza.

Frosted Pastries


Raw balls with goji berries





Kellogg’s Employee Pees On Cereal And Cherry Blossom Fraps Hit Starbucks [The Katchup]

Another week as flown by and if you’re overwhelmed with all the food news that’s coming at you, fear not. The Katchup is here.

This week, the West Coast finally gets rainbow bagels that have become famous on the east coast, convenience store Goliath 7-Eleven is bringing back their any-cup-you-want Slurpee promotion, and Starbucks released these dope Cherry Blossom Frappuccinos that taste pretty sweet.

In some NFSW news, someone took a leak on a Kellogg’s cereal production line and the company is PISSED, plus Macklemore has a painting of Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber with a pancake in his house.

Guess where it’s hanging?

Unicorn Bagels


While some are more than happy to hop on a plane to try this multi-colored novelty, others can probably hold off a bit until a similar version comes out in the West Coast…Read more here.

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Frap

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.18.04 AM

As most people know, the people of Japan are all super into cherry blossom trees, or “sakura.” The budding flowers on the branches are sticklers for timing, blooming only as soon as the Japanese springtime makes its way into the country. And when the tide of pink flowers rolls in, so do their Starbucks…Read more here.

Kellogg’s Employee Urinates on Cereal


The second World Star-hosted video involving food and male genitalia in one week has surfaced, featuring what appears to be a Kellogg’s worker filming himself urinating on…Read more here.

7-Eleven #BYOCupDay


7-11 wants you to indulge yourself with Slurpees by letting you bring and use pretty much anything you want as a Slurpee cup. Read more here.

Macklemore’s Nude Justin Bieber Painting


It’s a lot easier being a Belieber since his last album was filled with fire, from start to finish, but there’s a Grammy Award-winning rapper who took his Justin Bieber obsession to a higher… Read More here.


These Are The Jones Sodas You Can ONLY Get At 7-Eleven


Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has partnered with Jones soda to create an exclusive line for the beverage brand.

The five new flavors are Twisted Citrus (lemon, orange and lime), Fruit Loose (cherry, orange, pineapple and lemon), Cocolocolilinut (Coconut, pineapple, mango and Hawaiian lilikoi), Tropical Slam Rambutan (passionfruit, pineapple, guava and tropical rambutan) and Bluesberry Smash (raspberry, cherry and strawberry).

Made with natural flavors and a light amount of cane sugar, the Jones soda boasts that it’s no ordinary soda.

Jones’ 7-Select premium sodas are only available at participating 7-Eleven locations in the United States. It seems the five flavors will be the first of many as customers can hashtag #7SelectxJones and throw out suggestions for new flavors.

Might we suggest Chili Cheese Caramel?