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Chipotle Tweeted About Sex And Weed In The Corniest Way Possible

With lawsuits and e. Coli outbreaks ruining Chipotle’s mood over the last year, at least their social media team is still given room to have a good time.

Chipotle Tweeted out a question Tuesday, asking its fans, “How many burritos?” in a poll question. The two options were 69, or 420. The 69, of course refers to the sexual act, while 420 refers to the marijuana-based holiday observed by, well, anyone who smokes.

Clever? Not even a little bit.

Childish? Sure. This makes it look like their interns are 12-year-old stoners who draw that weird, pointy “s” on their notebooks.

But if Chipotle can’t be chill and fun on Twitter, then they’ve admitted defeat, and they’ve taken enough “L’s” lately.

It was an incredibly corny Tweet, but at least no one got food poisoning from it.

h/t fwf