Woman Overdoses On Kelp & Edible 6-Pack Rings May Save Sea Life [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, a woman in China really wanted a boy so she decided to eat a ton of kelp to make sure that happened… causing her to overdose. Ever try to sit down and enjoy a pizza when a fight breaks out in front of you? You could try to break it up … or just relax and finish your slice.

Someone created edible six-pack rings that actually FEEDS marine life if they ever ended up in the ocean. Pretty cool, right? What’s not cool is ordering a plate of chicken wings and finding a deep-fried chicken head inside. Sick.

Finally, a vegan professor tried to disprove the notion that vegans are weak and malnourished. She decides to climb Mt. Everest, but meets an unfortunate end.

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Woman overdoses on kelp


In the hopes of improving her chances of having a boy, a Chinese woman from the sub-provincial city of Wuhan overdosed on kelp, a seaweed known for its high concentration of iodine. READ MORE.

Vegan dies while climbing Mt. Everest

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.40.25 PM

Vegans have this incessant need to prove to everybody that their way of life is the best. It’s understandable, especially since the entire premise of being a vegan relies on saving animal lives, theoretically. So why wouldn’t they try to convince everyone that their way is the right way? Hell, I know I would.

That’s partially what led to the unfortunate demise of Dr. Maria Strydom, lecturer at Melbourne University. READ MORE

Guy enjoys his pizza in the middle of a fight

chill ass pizza eater

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where a couple starts fighting and you don’t really know what to do? If you had a slice of pizza in hand during those situations, everything would have so much better. READ MORE

Customer finds chicken head in plate of wings

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.18.21 PM

A fly in your soup sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it? A fast food restaurant in France called Quick recently became famous after serving a man his chicken wings meal, only for the man to discover that he was given much more than he paid for. After inspecting one particularly odd-shaped wing a bit closer, he realized that this was actually the fried head of a chicken. READ MORE

Brewery invents edible 6-pack rings


Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer company, wants consumers to toast to saving the ocean with their innovative edible six-pack rings.

The company, based in Delray Beach, Florida, is responsible for creating 100% biodegradable six-pack rings that will feed marine animals rather than harm them if it ends up in the ocean. The rings are made of material consisting of barley and wheat left over from the brewing process. READ MORE